Advantages: If we be punctual. we can complete up our work at right clip.

Punctuality cheques unneeded wastage of clip. Time is really valuable for us. We can salvage it merely by promptness. Time and surge delay for none.

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Seconds. proceedingss. hours and yearss base on balls by in right order. There is a maxim “We should keep the clip by the forelock” . If we be punctual. a individual second of us will ne’er travel waste. The English work forces are really punctual.They put on wrist-watches to exert promptness.

But we. the Indian put on wrist-watches merely as decorations for show. We can non come on. If we do non be punctual. Punctuality helps us in our advancement. It besides saves money in other ways. There is a stating.

“A stitch in clip saves nine” . So. if we take our nutrient duly. we will ne’er be ill and so we will ne’er hold to pass money on medical specialties and physicians or to worry our near and beloved 1s in this connexion.And this rule applies good in all other instances. Decision: Everybody should be punctual in his mundane life. Every pupils should do a wont of promptness.

The people who have become great in their lives are really punctual. Punctuality is the first status for going great in life. So. promptness should be the slogan in our life. We should non merely be punctual ourselves but besides advise others to be punctual. Related Articles.