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For our life, punishment is happened every areas such as our workplace, like the boss punish the worker. It is specific for families, such as parents punish their own children. Introduced by B. F. Skinner, punishment has a more restrictive and technical definition. It is referred to as response-stimulus conditioning. In psychology, punishment is the reduction of a behavior via application of an adverse stimulus (“positive punishment”) or removal of a pleasant stimulus (“negative punishment”). In our short sketch, we have tow parts to introduce each positive punishment and negative punishment.

For the two parts, we describe children fall in love with someone. This situation influences parents. As a result, the parents choose to punish their children. However, there are different ways to get the same result, breaking up. One is adding stimulus that children dislike. Another punishment is removing stimulus that children like. Reinforcement is the process by which a stimulus increases the preceding behavior will be repeated. A reinforcer is any stimulus that increases the probability that a [receding behavior will occur again. Bonuses, toys, and good grades can serve as reinforcers.

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There are two major types of reinforcers. A primary reinforce satisfies some biological need and works naturally, regardless of a person’s prior experience. A positive reinforce is a stimulus added to the environment that brings about an increase in a preceding response. A negative reinforce refers to an unpleasant stimulus whose removal leads to an increase in the probability that a preceding response will be repeated in the future. Positive renforcers and negative reinforcers increase the likelihood that preceding behaviors will be repeated.

There are two parts in our presentation for introducing each positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. In school, children get the rewards and supports from teachers. At home, parents are proud of their children and give the encouragement, like a cup of milk, fruits, money and so on. As a result, children get high mark from studying. This is as a positive reinforcement. For negative reinforcement, parents stop their children to play computer games. The parents remove the computer away form children which lets children can stop playing games. Over time, children can leave computer games.