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Matriculation Assessment and Budget Projection Tool for an Academic Institution Project consists of three modules namely, Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Projection Module, Asset Evaluation Module, and the Trimestral/ Semestral/ Quarter and Facilities Utilization Monitoring Module. This modules work together in order to provide needed information such as tuition and miscellaneous fee breakdown and computation. The first module of the project is “Asset Evaluation Module” where the value of a school asset is determined. This is done in order to confirm that the value is reported accurately.

If assets are not valued properly, it can create a skewed value in accounting documents which can in turn lead to failure on an accounting audit, problems with tax liability, and other issues. Also, asset evaluation will help the management in decision making by giving the required information and evaluate all the form of asset of the academic institution for a particular period and its depreciation value and the like. Another module of the project is the “Trimestral / Semestral / Quarter and Facilities Utilization Monitoring Module. The purpose of this module is to complete the computation for the matriculation of a student in a small college for a term or semester while the two other groups were assigned with the tuition breakdown and the miscellaneous fees. Combining all the modules should result to a projection tool that generates the breakdown of the amount students pay in their matriculation. This module evaluates and then shows the computations of the school’s facilities that students pay because there is a charge for the use of a particular facility.

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The last module is “Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Projection Module” which collates and gets data from the other modules which need to be listed under the tuition and miscellaneous fees. The tuition fee includes the amount to be paid per unit while the miscellaneous fees include the amount paid by students to avail several services offered in the school such as medical fees, internet fees and power fees. The main objective of this project is to show the breakdown of the charge for each facility that students use and pay for.

The specific objectives of the project include: • List all facilities charged by the school. • Evaluate the cost of the facilities utilization fees. • Show the accurate computation. • Use facilities utilization computations in the module that will be developed using JavaEE. • Keep track of all the assets. • Evaluate value of a particular asset in a particular period (since assets depreciate). • Integrate the three modules of the project “Matriculation Assessment and Budget Projection Tool for an Academic Institution”.