Pythagoras Of Samos Essay, Research Paper

Pythagorean Theorem

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The Greek philosopher Pythagoras of Samos is responsible of great progresss in the survey of uranology, mathematics and the theory of music. A autocrat ruled Samos at the clip and Pythagoras fled to southern Italy at approximately 532 BC. In Croton, Pythagoras founded a spiritual school that besides specialized in doctrine. Pythagoras & # 8217 ; s school made outstanding progresss and parts to the survey of mathematics. His school was really private and close which made it difficult for research workers to separate between his work and those of his followings and co-workers

Even though the theorem now known as Pythagoras & # 8217 ; s theorem, he was the first to understand and turn out it. Pythagoras believed that all dealingss could be reduced to figure dealingss. He generalized this from detecting music, mathematics and uranology. He foremost noticed that different harmoniousnesss were made from different lengths in the ratio of whole Numberss, and that this observation could be extended to different instruments. He farther realized that if a twine with the same grade of tenseness was reduced to half, when plucked the pitch of the shorter twine was precisely one octave higher than that of the original twine.

The most of import find was found in detecting that a square is non a rational multiple of its side and from this fact, the being of irrational Numberss were discovered. Pythagoreans & # 8217 ; belief that whole Numberss and their ratios could account for geometric belongingss and Grecian mathematics in general was disturbed by the new findings.

Pythagoras had proven the theorem ; now

known as his, that Babylonians 1000 old ages ago knew existed but could ne’er turn out themselves. His theorem described that all things consisted of a figure, even organic structures were consisted of Numberss. His theorem besides explains that units posses magnitude, he spoke of Numberss as if they were the existent affair in which things were composed and he regarded integrity and bound or eternity as the substances which form the basic component of everything else. Pythagoras had figured out a great enigma the Babylonians could non calculate out 1000 old ages before, with the aid of his passion of mathematics, music and uranology and the school in which he taught all of these topics.

In mathematics he found that units possessed magnitude. In astronomy nevertheless, he taught that the Earth was a domain at the centre of the existence. He was one of the number ones to recognize that Venus was both the eventide star and the forenoon star. He observed that the orbit of the Moon was inclined to the equator of the Earth.

Pythagoras in his wisdom built a school with faithful followings. This establishment was the fuel that Pythagoras needed in order to prove his theories and eventually turn out the theorem that everyone earlier could non understand. Through music, mathematics and uranology he found that all thing were consisted of Numberss and these Numberss were the really affair in which things were composed. He regarded integrity and bound as the substances that form the basic elements of everything and through music he found that units posses magnitude. Pythagoras was a superb philosopher that helped the universe and coevalss after him understand a theorem that was a enigma until he unlocked it.