Last updated: June 23, 2019
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Will the Philippines ever capture the elusive Olympic gold medal? For decades now, it has been the battle cry of the country’s contingents to the Olympic Games to bring home a gold medal. Time and again, they were frustrated. Where lies the problem? Are Filipinos destined not to win an Olympic gold medal? These and other questions continue to haunt our government and the country’s sports leaders and athletes. But the glaring reality is that they are the very answer to these nagging questions.

Conflicts and controversies continue to dominate Philippine sports. These conflicts and controversies arose not because of the intention to help Philippine sports but to satisfy and advance vested interests. As a result, what needed to be done to improve our sports facilities, discover potential athletes, and gather support for Philippine sports was neglected and relegated to the sidelines. These are the sad realities. And what did our country get? Half-trained and uninspired athletes, unable to bring home the bacon.

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Where does a Philippine sport go from here? What we need is a true, sincere, and undying commitment of every Filipino to give his share, no matter how small, for Philippine sports. They should discard personal differences and work harmoniously to achieve a common goal. The athletes must have all the grit and determination to be the best. For flag and country, they should be willing to sacrifice. To them, winning should not be everything. Winning should be the only thing. In all these, the government should give its all out support, if not take the lead.

The full realization and success of any endeavour will not and cannot be achieved without government participation and intervention. In the Filipinos’ march towards sports glory, the government cannot and must not dilly-dally. It is never too late for all the country’s sports personalities to take a renewal and make an unequivocal and sincere commitment to bring Philippine sports to greater heights. In due time, the quest for the elusive Olympic gold medal will be a reality.