Race: Pierre Van Den Berghe Essay, Research PaperWhen we look at physical features such as skin colour from the societal definition position, there is no clear significance, but these features do hold what is referred to as societal significance.

Pierre van den Berghe defined a racial group as a & # 8220 ; human group that defines itself and/or is defined by other groups as different from other groups by virtuousness of innate and changeless physical features & # 8221 ; ( 8 ) . Racial group differentiations are based upon ideological racism, which links physical qualities to the lesser or greater cultural and rational features.Originating more than one hundred old ages ago, people with lone one-eighth African lineage, but even without any physical features usually associated with African Americans, is still considered black by today & # 8217 ; s society. Peoples refer to this as the & # 8220 ; one bead of blood & # 8221 ; regulation, which fundamentally is stating that if you have any African blood in you, you will most likely still be considered black no affair how much of any other blood you have in you. This is really unjust to assorted people around the universe because people want to be considered whatever they feel they should be, non what society classifies them as.

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If this were true for all races, so how come person who is merely one-eighth white International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t considered white by society? Probably because society considers African Americans as the minority, so this became a cultural universal on how to judge if person should be considered black or white.Ethnicity comes from the Greek word & # 8220 ; Ethnos & # 8221 ; , which means & # 8220 ; nation. & # 8221 ; Its earliest English use referred to states or states that weren & # 8217 ; t Judaic or Christian. There are two different definitions of ethnicity, one wide and one narrow. The wide definition refers to an cultural group as being a societal group distinguished by race, religioN, or national beginning. If we look nearer, we will see that these features are both physical and cultural, that’s why this is referred to as the wide definition.

The narrow definition refers to groups that are distinguished chiefly on the footing of cultural or national-origin features. The cultural features being linguistic communication, and the national-original features being the state from which a individual or his/her ascendants came. Today, the narrower definition is more preferable by societal scientists because it matches up more exactly with the original Greek significance of nationality. Ethnocentrism should besides be mentioned here because this is a large cause of racism today.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that your group or state believes that they are better than all the other groups and states in the universe. These groups ever compare everything about other groups to their ain group and attempt to pick out that groups failings or differences.With all this, we get the words bias and favoritism. Prejudice can be defined as & # 8220 ; an aversion based on a faulty generalisation. It may be felt or expressed. It may be directed toward a group as a whole, or toward an person because he or she is a member of that group & # 8221 ; ( 16 ) . With bias being the feelings people have against specific people or groups, favoritism is really the actions one carries out upon these people or groups.

There are specific stairss that have been used to demo how favoritism is formed, and they are broken down in to the followers: Motivation, prejudiced actions, effects, the relation between motive and actions, the relation between actions and effects, the immediate institutional context, and the larger social context ( 18 ) . Even today, racial favoritism continues to be a multi-dimensional job environing all institutional countries of our society.