Last updated: July 11, 2019
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In American society, there is always this perception that society has over what is typical behavior for certain races. From these perceptions, which usually come from parents and maybe a bad personal experience, views are created, and thus racial profiling is formed. When young, people have no real perceptions on other races, but with age and listening to others on racial topics, a nurturing process begins. With this nurturing process, that is growing every day, the races of this American society are slowly growing apart. Racial profiling has been around for many years.It is a concept in which we are nurtured into Many take racial profiling as a negative thing for it is perceived as a hate crime in most cases.

However, racial profiling, when it comes to serious matters, can actually help in saving the lives of others. When some crime occurs in which the perpetrator happens to get away, it’s up to our law enforcement to catch him or her as quick as possible to prevent others from getting hurt or worse. Police usually have a set mind on the racial ethnicity of this person based on what the crime is and how the crime is carried out.For instance, when it comes to serial killings police are going to be searching for a white person, while if there is a murder in a city they will most likely be looking for an African American. This racial profiling is justified through the continuing occurrences that each race has shown when it comes to these acts. Though in most cases this is usually effective, there are a few exceptions in which because they were basing their suspects on racial profiling many others had to suffer.

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A prime example of this is the sniper shootings that occurred in Washington D. C. Because the police and others working on this case believed that since it was considered a serial killer that the person had to be Caucasian, they completely blocked out the possibility that an African American could be responsible for the murders. With their suspect list consisting of only Caucasians, and none of them being the serial killer, more and more people died due to being blinded by racial factors.