Achievement has no color”, a very true statement made by Abraham Lincoln.

Americans should not be Judged based upon their skin color, but Judged upon accomplishments. America has come a long way with equality and freedom but room for improvement is here. What’s in a name? Written by Henry Louis Gates JAR. And Finishing School by Maya Angelo show how much America has changed. The response to racism is what makes all the difference. The different reactions to racism can be found in Gate and Angelinos work by examining setting, plot, and characters.Gates story took place during the sass’s in West Virginia; a hardworking man took his son out for ice cream. At this cut-rate drug store the dad and his son experience racism.

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Not all African Americans were allowed to enter the drug store. The family was better off financially than other African American families. The families financial status granted them access to the store in this small western state. The son and dad come into contact with a man by the name of Mr.. Wilson. Mr..

Wilson greets the father by George. George was not the father’s name, but George was the name all African American males were referred to.Angelinos story took place further south than Gates story. Angelinos story took place in the southern city of Stamps, Arkansas. Angelinos story happened in the sass’s. The Story takes place a behind a post office in a small three bedroom house. A young African American girl by the name of Margaret was hired as a servant.

Her duties included cooking, cleaning and running errands for a white woman. There was another older servant named Hallelujah The characters in the Gate’s story are Mr.. Wilson, George or Dad and the young boy. Mr.

. Wilson is the worker or the owner of the cut-rate drug store.He is the character in the story that discrimination. Dad is the character who is actually discriminated against.

Dad is called George, a generic name for an African Americans. The father’s real name is not George, although the author actually never reveals the father’s real name. The characters in Angel’s story are Mrs.. Culling was an older white woman. She was born from a wealthy family. Hallelujah and Margaret were servants of Mrs.

. Culling. Mrs.

. Culling took it upon herself to rename Hallelujah and Margaret at her convenience. Mrs.

. Culling renamed Hallelujah to Miss Glory.Hallelujah had no problem being called Miss Glory, to her the name was shorter and she liked the name. Margaret on the other hand, took offense to Mrs.

. Culling renaming her. Mrs.

. Culling thought Margaret was too long and renamed her to only Mary. The next day Margaret came up with a plan to get fired. She took Mrs.. Culling favorite dishes and broke them on purpose.

Mrs.. Culling was upset about the dishes and threw some of the broken dishes at Margaret. Margaret quit the Job and left the house. Gates and Angelo both shared experiences with racism.

Gate’s characters respond without any motion but Angelinos main character takes a stand against racism and retaliates. The deterrent reactions to racism can be toned in Gate and examining setting, plot, and characters.