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Composers who choose to explore some aspects of the concept of “Belonging” shape their perspectives to engage our attention. How have the composers of the set text and at least one other text shaped their perspectives on belonging to engage our attention? The definition of belonging can be twisted and shaped into numerous forms through various texts that exist. These tend to portray different perspectives of belonging. Rainbows End’ and the movie ‘The blind side’; have composed a series of different situation, which emphasises the sense of belonging by exploring the importance of family relationships and the environment they foster. Rainbows end, explores, an isolated indigenous family, determined to improve their relationship around the environment they foster.

Nan Dear, known as one of the main characters tends to retain the family from positive and negative encounters by giving wisdom and positive advice to her family. “A black contestant? I’d like to see that! The use of the rhetorical question aided with the use of exclamation displays Nans hatred towards the white society due to the mockery of her people. attitude towards white society due to the bad experiences they’ve suffered. This trails a sense of belonging by dignifying the protection of family relationship. Blind side has also explore the concept of belonging, the main character Michael oar is depicted as an isolated human being with no reliable relationships with family or friends, walking down an isle of darkness, the close up shot between his physical appearance symbolises his lifestyle.

In one scene displays an vital aspect of belonging and the sense of acceptance in a family relationship. Leanne: Michael this is your family you have to protect them for those guys! , the use of camera angles focuses of Michaels and Leanne body language whilst the background display the football players surrounding the two characters showing the significance of belonging in a family relationship. Paragraph 2 Feeling accepted by being included Rainbows end: Nan Dear: Everything will be fine you’ll see Dolly: Yes Nan yes Nan

Dolly leans against NAN and closes her eyes (Belonging doesn’t need to be in dialogue but can be contrasted through stage direction use of repetition emphasises the loving of Dolly Blind Side Moment when they are taking a Christmas picture together and Leanne includes big Mike to the family. (hes black they’re white) Leanne: Dont worry I wont put this on the christmas card Phone rings Uncle: Did you know that you got a coloured boy on your Christmas card) (Family laughs including big Mike) (Making him feel accepted in a family.