Last updated: July 17, 2019
Topic: HealthTherapy
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Raindrop Therapy Massage ?? ? soothing healing technique th?t implements pure essential oils. Raindrop Therapy combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, ?nd moist heat t? create healing ?nd cleansing thr?ugh structural ?nd electrical alignment ?f th? body. Th? purpose ?f th? treatment ?? t? bring ?b?ut complete relaxation, harmony, ?nd wellness t? th? mental, emotional, and physical body.Th? philosophy b?h?nd raindrop therapy massage ?? th?t th? u?? ?f specific antimicrobial oils applied ?n ? ??rt??ul?r sequence f?ll?w?d b? massage ?nd reflexology techniques w?ll reduce th? inflammation ?n th? body ?nd destroy ?n? viral presence. A hot compress ?? th?n applied t? facilitate absorption ?f th? oils ?nd t? relax th? muscles.Th? Health Benefits Raindrop Therapy: Pain Relief: In ? study published ?n th? August 2000 issue ?f th? Journal ?f th? American Academy ?f Nurse Practitioners, 60 fibromyalgia patients w?r? surveyed. Aromatherapy, heat, ?nd massage w?r? rated m??t effective. Reduction ?f Inflammation: S?v?r?l studies h?v? identified m?n? essential oils ?? b??ng powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Thyme, wintergreen, ?nd peppermint ?r? thr?? anti-inflammatory oils u??d dur?ng ? Raindrop session. F?r example, wintergreen essential oil ??nt??n? ? high content ?f natural methyl salicylate wh??h ?? shown t? inhibit inflammation. Improvement ?f Circulation: Muscle stimulation and heat are well known at increasing blood flow into the target area. Improvement ?f Immune System Function: Clinical studies have even shown that regular massages increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity, which is the body’s “killer cells” that attack threats to the immune system. Release ?f Repressed Negative Emotions: Inhalation ?f essential oils ??n h?l? activate ?nd release subconscious emotional stress.Th? benefits ?f th? Raindrop therapy message ??n h?l? improve ?v?r? aspect ?f health f?r b?tt?r quality ?f life, physically, mentally, ?nd emotionally. A variety ?f chronic pain issues m?? b? relieved w?th ?n? Raindrop therapy massage.