Raymond shows signs of Autism through social characteristics. Firstly, Raymond rarely ever produces facial expression that match a situation. Charlie tells Raymond that their father has passed away, Raymond shows no sign of emotion. Most people would be either really angry or very sad; unlike Raymond who shows no signs of either of these emotions or any at all. Secondly, Raymond avoids eye contact of any kind.

Near the end of the movie, Raymond is being interviewed and he shows no eye contacts to the person who is asking him questions, when a person looks you straight in the eyes, you most likely think that the person is very interested in the topic you are discussing about and not only that, but eye contact shows how confident you are, this definitely shows that Raymond is lacking social characteristics and has autism. Lastly, Raymond does not deal well with a change of routine.

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The first night Raymond and Charlie spend together in a motel, Raymond starts to panic because his bed is not beside a window. A lot of people who’s routines are changed feel that their day is ruined because it has been altered in a way that make them feel sad, but Raymond starts to panic, scream and become very depressed because he cannot deal very well with a change of routine and that’s a sign that Raymond has autism. Also, it takes him a long time to become adjusted to his new routine, and sometimes he does not adept at all. Raymond shows a lack of social characteristic because he has autism.