Rare metals are used worldwide, they are one of the most important substances found in objects that we use in our daily life. Many industrialized objects are made out of rare metals and metals; computers, phones, steam iron and many other things like the poles we use for building, chains, handcuffs… However like any other natural substance, we will soon run out of metal if it is not recycled. Rare metals are mostly used in industries all around the world. They are getting used up too quickly leading the world to shortage of metals. These rare metals are used in many devices and when devices get ruined they get thrown out and these rare metals become useless. Therefore if we recycle devices the rare substances in it will be used over and over again until they reach their limit. Rare metals are titled as that since there are very hard to extracted and find. 

Shortage of metal has been a condition for a while, since if rare metals can not be retrieved anymore, it is likely to threaten high-tech innovations and will interfere in the development of our understanding of medicines, viruses and will slow our discoveries as we develop. Phones have been a big condition since almost every person on earth has a phone. Around 350,000 get disposed each day and 40 million electronic devices get thrown away per year, estimated to be like throwing 800 laptops per second a year. When the electronic device gets disposed, the rare metals in the phone cannot be used anymore. For example the silver/grey metal, tantalum is a vital metal to help develop phones. They help make them smaller in size so that it could be easier to carry around. Phones are made up of 40% metals such as; predominantly copper, gold, platinum, silver and tungsten. 40% plastic and 20% ceramics. For example 95% of copper, comes from China. However  it has been an issue lately, miners have been struggling to find copper and it is estimated that it needs around 20 years to reach it’s number of demands by reasons of not having many land sites to work on and the governments of China not allowing miners to dig in some places. 

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Recycling of metal should be a must. People have been applying effort into recycling rare metals