Ray Lewis- Royalties Essay, Research PaperAs the crowd roars like an angry ocean, 245 lbs of flesh casts itself over the finish line, hiting the winning touchdown of the game. Suddenly, the crowd is overruning from the bases and into the field, as newsmans and lensmans rush toward the star of the game. ? Ray Lewis, where are you traveling now that you? ve won the Superbowl? ? , exclaims one newsman. Although the 1000000s of viewing audiences watching the game know of the hackneyed reply, they await his answer, ? I? m traveling to Disneyland! ? All participants who are prompted that celebrated inquiry at the terminal of a large athleticss game are ever compensated for the promotion.

However, most of corporate America has justifiably scorned Lewis for his disgraceful association in a slaying. This in bend has created argument over whether Ray Lewis, the MVP of the National Football Association, should be remunerated for his accomplishments in football, or spurned for his guilt by association.Lewis was charged last twelvemonth with lying under curse about his connexion in a homicide. Last twelvemonth at a Superbowl after-party in Atlanta, Lewis and two other friends were suspected of slaying two persons. Eyewitnesss and grounds suggest that the three had connexions to the slayings, nevertheless merely Lewis was charged with a misdemeanour ( and subsequently exonerated ) . This is due to the fact that Lewis denied all allegations one time questioned by constabulary, but subsequently changed his narrative when he realized his troublesome state of affairs.

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Although Lewis? state of affairs was merely a mere guilt by association, his perversion of the truth has left him with a ill-famed public image.Similarly, many other outstanding figures in American civilization have been in problem with the jurisprudence, which has besides affected their position as icons in society. Take for illustration Sean? Bad-Boy Puffy? Combs, a popular rapper in the music industry. Combs was charged with ownership of a piece and linked to a offense of assault with a deathly arm. Although thrown in gaol and placed on test, Combs? ? bad-boy? image is accepted and creates popularity among the American populace. This illustration inquiries whether corporate America scorns an person for his/her personal actions, or if it allows forgiveness with excellence in one? s professional public presentation.Some argue that Ray Lewis can non be held responsible for the actions of others and his mere presence was non a offense.

If this is the instance, should Americans use this mentality to all persons? If one were to use for a schoolteacher place, but had a condemnable yesteryear of kid maltreatment, he/she would non be hired, despite the fact that the person may hold first-class certificates or learning accomplishments. This is a perfect illustration of why Lewis? high quality in football can non be viewed individually from his overall character. Corporate America is right for contemning Lewis as a threat to society, and non being deceived into honouring him for his esteemed rubric of MVP. If Lewis were to have royalties or wagess for his excellence in football, corporate America would be directing a really unsafe message to the American populace. It would be connoting that every bit long as an person can get the better of his/her defects in a positive manner, the populace would respect those accomplishments and overlook the character? s personal defects. In this instance, Lewis? defect is beyond the extent of an accident or bad gustatory sensation, therefore he should populate with the effects.

BibliographyRay Lewis, MVP of Superbowl 35, is non being treated like many past MVPs. This is because he was involved in a dirt last twelvemonth. Should corporate American shun him for his personal actions?