This book is about an updated report of the information on the “negative and positive developments related to the fight against corruption in the Philippines. It is however stressed out in the book that “It is not an analytical piece that assesses progress on anticorruption activities but rather a review of such activities in the Philippines during 2000-2001.

” The current president obviously when this report took place was Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.According also to the book the war against corruption in the Philippines has taken a fresh turn with her and the subsequent installation of the new Government. The book also noted that “corruption in the Philippines is systemic and deep-rooted.

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It will take many years to overcome it. However, the experience of the last 15 years has shown that progress can be made by reducing the discretion in government decision making and increasing competition, transparency, and civil society monitoring of public and private sector governance. When Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took over the presidency from Joseph Estrada, I was only in my elementary years. That was the time I started to care about present issues and politics. I was glued on TV, astonished by the so-called People Power, while my fathers unwearyingly elucidated the events unfolding right before my eyes. Back then, GMA was EDSA Dos’ spare for despair. Take from that moment up to the time I went to college, I literally grew up with the Arroyo administration.After almost a decade, her well-liked support has all but gone—most polls have given her a dejectedly negative rating.

According to her many critics, her reputation is tarnished beyond repair. Her term has been contaminated with several graft and corruption charges, add to that, the alleged injustices. Two EDSA Revolts have passed, yet we are still plagued by corruption and defective governance. This condition only worsens the endless cycle of poverty. We are doomed to be always on top of the corruption list—which primarily weakens our institutions.Another problem that I always see on news is that that government officials are spending their whole time accusing their co-officials of corruption, they are not doing anything to solve the real problems here in our country instead they’re just dragging their names for the next election.

What would happen after the next election? Definitely the same thing and the real problems of the country would be neglected again; it’s like an endless cycle. That’s the reason why many Filipinos can’t help being pessimistic about the future of our country as far as progress and development is concerned.Many fear that our country is not making any improvement, contrary to the proclamations of government. The rich are getting wealthier while the poor are getting deeper and deeper into the mud. Until now, I still believe that the sincerity and integrity of our leaders could play a significant role in to uplift our country.

If our officials will still focus their attention on self interest, our country will never attain the progress and development we’ve been longing for. Question: What can we do to eliminate, or at least, avoid corruption especially now that we cannot just trust these officials?