You want to know about the political crisis which is on the top of the list in the newspapers around the globe. You want to know about the reason behind this crisis and which were those factors that cause this crisis. You know the first and foremost cause of the different political crises arise time to time is the political instability in Pakistan.

The others factors should also not be neglected. Now we should discuss the current political situation in Pakistan. In fact, the current president of Pakistan is basically a dictator and he is ruling on the country for almost 7 years.But it has come out with no or very minor development. The situation of law and order in the country became worse than before.

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Some strange decisions were taken by the government and those decisions were not at all in the national interest of Pakistani nation. So this thing disheartened Pakistani nation. But there is a good thing in that government he appointed the chief justice of the supreme court of Pakistan, who was an active man. He started to solve different cases with a very high speed.He also stopped government from taking some bad steps. As a result the corrupted government went against the chief justice, and then the government filed a reference and fired the chief justice of the Pakistan.

And this thing caused the political unrest all over the country. People came out from their houses protesting. Especially lawyers are on the front line because of the relief the expelled chief justice provided to the lawyers and ordinary people. This is the reason of current political crisis in Pakistan.