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Lately, you have been receiving lots of memos that you appear to have forgotten your instruction to purchase a TV set. This memo reminds you of your said instruction and recommends a TV set that meets your requirements—a 60” flat panel Sony Grand Wega XBR KDF-60XBR950 60 in LCD Rear-Projection TV with a price of $2,350.00.


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• Sony Grand Wega XBR KDF-60XBR950 60 in LCD Rear-Projection TV: A Grand WEGA™ LCD Rear Projection TV. Entranced by vivid images and amazing sound effects as you reap the benefits our unique features offer you. The WEGA Engine™ system maintains the picture in the digital domain, while the Optical Engine delivers high-resolution picture corner-to-corner. Enjoy the stunning detail and clarity enabled by this television’s 3.28 million dots resolution. Fixed pixel display and constant light eliminate flicker, Enhanced Memory Stick® Media make images and MP3s come to life on screen, and the HDTV monitor produces outstanding picture quality. Visual excellence and surreal sound meet in the perfect size — large (see

• Zenith D60WLCD 60 in Flat Panel LCD TV:  HDTV – Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (16:9) – Resolution: 1280 x 720 Pixels (see



• Sony Grand Wega XBR KDF-60XBR950 60 in LCD Rear-Projection TV has earned favorable independent reviews and comments of three sources: (a) “Great tv for the money” by mmoore, Dec. 30 2004 (11 out of 11 people found this review helpful); (b) “Best of the LCD Projections IMHO” by SWC, Apr. 22 2004 (78 out of 80 people found this review helpful); (c) “A must buy” by goofy, Feb. 9 2004 (27 out of 38 people found this review helpful).

• Zenith D60WLCD 60 in Flat Panel LCD TV has these professional review results from three sources: (a) If you”re after a big, bright, rear-projection LCD HDTV monitor, Zenith”s 60-inch D60WLCD is optimized for widescreen (16:9 aspect-ratio) high-definition images. Being no deeper than most 19-inch CRT sets, the D60WLCD is ideal for home theaters and anywhere where space is a concern. The set features integrated dual NTSC tuners and extensive connection panels and accepts HDTV, SD, and NTSC video sources from external devices. By; (b) In every Face Off, someone has to come in last. In this case, the dubious honor falls to the RCA HDLP61W151. Pigeonholing it as a last-place performer isn t entirely fair, as it does a number of things right. However, it has two issues that prevented it from placing any higher. By Home Theater Mag; (c) LCD monitors are undergoing something of a resurgence, buoyed by the popularity of LCD computer screens and the rush to ever-bigger plasma displays. From the front, big LCDs like this one look something like a plasma sitting happily on a table, though a peek around back reveals that they re not hang-on-the-wall thin. They re also quite a bit cheaper than plasmas. This one costs $5999 and is just 171/2 inches deep, compared to roughly $15,000 or more for a 60-inch, high-definition-capable plasma that is typically between 3 and 4 inches deep. So while buyers can get something like the feel of a plasma for about a third the price, they have to live with the technical limitations of LCD, just as plasma buyers live with the limitations of that technology. By Guide to Home Theater (see link above under the prices heading).



• Camera Addict (Sonny, $2,350.00)

• (Sonny, $3,825.00)

• HomeTheaterphiles (Sonny, $4,999.99)

• 800 (Sonny, $5,499.99)

• Home Theater Plus (Sonny, $5,499.99)

• 800 (Zenith, $3,748.00)

• MacMall (Zenith, $4,999.95)

• PC Mall (Zenith, $4,999.99)

• OnSale (Zenith, $4,999.95)



The purchase of “Sony Grand Wega XBR KDF-60XBR950 60 in LCD Rear-Projection TV” from the store named Camera Addict is recommended as the most cost-effective and most compliant with our requirements—60” flat panel TV, less than the budget of $4,000,  for viewing (especially sports), for PowerPoint presentations, and for video gaming based on the following reasons.

• The unit price of US$2,3500 is within your budget of US$4,000.

• The resolution of the recommend brand (1386 x 788 Pixels) is higher and is therefore better than the other brand’s (1280 x 720 Pixels).

• The recommended brand is “Wall Mountable” while the alternative is not—this feature is very much needed as the ideal place to mount or place the planned TV to be bought is on a wall so that more viewers can watch compared to when the TV set is placed on a TV stand or table.

• The weight of 100 lbs is just ideal to be mounted on a wall compared to the alternative’s which is 132.2 lbs.

• The recommended model has a V-Chip—this gives “parental control” over the TV set that enables the TV administrator to use passwords to regulate TV programs available to predetermined viewers.

• The recommended brand has the most features that meet our requirements compared to other brands.




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