Practical preparation is an of import portion of direction classs. Theoretical surveies are non sufficient to acquire into corporate universe and understand the complexnesss of large-scale organisations.Practical preparation exposes us to existent patterns of direction in the organisation. It besides exposes pupils to the hoarded wealths of experience, cognition and tilting which prerequisites of doing a successful calling are.I deem it privilege to hold undergone this undertaking.

I acknowledge that the practical preparation that I got from this can non be gained otherwise. I found my project really interesting and challenging.

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( Anand mishra )


I hereby declare that survey of “ procedure of enlisting and choice of life insurance agent ” has been entirely done by me for the Diploma of Post graduation of Business and non for any other grade, Diploma or family. This is my ain survey done under the counsel of usher and Directors of the company.I hereby declare that the contents of this study are true and best to my cognition.( Anand mishra )


This is to attest that the undertaking study entitled “ the procedure of enlisting and choice of Life insurance agent ” submitted for the grade of PGDM for Sri sharda institute of direction & A ; Technology Lucknow Affiliated to AICTE – from ( st July, 2012 to st August, 2012 ) ” is a bonafied research work carried by Anand mishra, pupil of. Sri sharda institute of direction & A ; TechnologyThis aid and aid received during the class of probe have been to the full acknowledged.





Sachin tiwari

Undertaking Co-coordinator

Brief drumhead


A general term ‘insurance ‘ is related to service sector. Insurance is concerned with the protection of economic value of assets. For illustration in instance of a mill or a cow, the merchandise generated by it is sold and income is generated. In this undertaking the Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company is undertaken which is one of the popular sector insurance sectors. The analysis of “ Bharti AXA Life Insurance ” is taken from different sectors.For making strong relationship and for a success full concern every insurance company required fiscal contriver.

Aim of the survey:

How to enroll agents for Bharti-AXA life insurance.

To understand the procedure of enlisting and choice of agent in life insurance.Why people are non willing to work as an agent in life insurance sector particularly with private companies.

Need of the survey:

The survey is undertaken to cognize how many people are interested to work as life insurance agent in Bharti AXA and their thought about the Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company or approximately private insurance company.


In India, there is throat cut competition in the market of life insurance that trade name service which adopt new schemes for gross revenues. I reasoning the whole narrative it can be said that people are much more cognizant about the facets of life insurance and besides have knowledge about the function and act of agent but largely people unwilling to work as life insurance agent and largely people prefer to work with LIC because it is a semi authorities corporation.

Table of Contentss

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The concern of insurance is related to the protection of the ECONOMIC VALUES OF ASSETS.

Every plus has a value. The plus would hold been created through the attempts of the proprietor. The plus would hold been created through the attempts of the proprietor. The plus is valuable to the proprietor, because he expects to acquire some benefits form it. It is a benefit because it meets some of his demands. The benefit may be an income or in some other signifier. In the instance of a mill or a cow, the merchandise generated by it is sold and income is generated.

In the instance of a motor auto, it provides comfort and convenience in transit. There is no direct income. Both are assets and supply benefits.Every plus is expected to last for a certain period of clip during which it will supply the benefits. After that, the benefit may non be available.There is a life-time for a machine in mill or a cow or a motor auto. None of them will last everlastingly.

The proprietor is cognizant of this and he can so pull off his personal businesss that by the terminal of that period or lifetime, a replacement is made available. Therefore he makes certain that the benefit is non lost. However, the plus may acquire lost before. An accident or some other unfortunate event may destruct it or do it incapable of giving the benefits. An epidemic may kill the cow all of a sudden.

In that instance, the proprietor and those basking the benefits hence, would be deprived of the benefits. The planned replacement would non hold been ready. There is an inauspicious or unpleasant state of affairs. Insurance is a mechanism that helps to cut down the effects of such inauspicious state of affairss. It promises to pay to the proprietor or donee of the plus, a certain amount if the loss occurs.


Insurance has been known to be in some signifier or other since 3000 BC. The Chinese bargainers, going unreliable river rapids would administer their goods among several vass, so that the loss from any one vas being lost, would be partial and shared, and non entire. The Babylonian bargainers would hold to pay extra amounts to loaners, as the monetary value for composing off the loans, in instance of the cargo being stolen.

The dwellers of Rhodes adopted the rule of general norm of ‘general norm ‘ , whereby, if goods are shipped together, the proprietors would bear the losingss in proportion, if loss occurs, due to jettisoning during hurt. { Captains of ships caught in storms, would throw off some of the lading to cut down the weight and reconstruct balance. Such throwing off is called jettisoning } The Greeks had started benevolent societies in the late 7 th century AD, to take attention of the funeral and households of members who died. The great fire of London in 1666, in which more than 13000 house were lost, gave a encouragement to insurance and the first fire insurance company, called the fire office, was started in 1680.

The beginnings of insurance concern as in trend at present, is traced to the Lloyd ‘s Coffee House in London. Traders, who used to garner in the Lloyd ‘s java house in London, agreed to portion the losingss to their goods while being carried by ships. The losingss used to happen because of plagiarists who robbed on the high seas off because of bad conditions botching the goods or droping the ship. In India, insurance began in 1818 with life insurance being transacted by an English company, the Oriental Life Insurance Co. in 1870 in Mumbai. This was followed by the Bharat Insurance co. in 1896 in Delhi, the Empire of India in 1897 in Mumbai, The United India in Chennai, the National, the National Indian and Hindustan Cooperative in Kolkata.

Subsequently, were established the concerted Assurance in Lahore, the Bombay Life ( originally called the swadeshi life ) , the India Mercantile, the new India and the Jupiter in Mumbai and the Lakshmi in New Delhi. These were all Indian companies started as a consequence of the swadeshi motion in the early 1900s. By the twelvemonth 1956, when life insurance concern was nationalized and the life Insurance Corporation of India ( LIC ) was formed on1st September 1956, there were 170 companies and 75 provident fund societies transacting life concern in India. After the amendments to the relevant Torahs in 1999, the L.I.C. did non hold the sole privilege of making life insurance concern in India.

By 31.8.2007, 16 new life insurance companies had been registered and were transacting life insurance concern in India.

The History of Insurance in India

Some of the of import mileposts in the life insurance concern in India are:

1912 – The Indian Life Assurance Companies Act enacted as the first legislative act to modulate the life insurance concern.1928 – The Indian Insurance Companies Act enacted to enable the authorities to roll up statistical information about both life and non-life insurance concerns.1938 – Earlier statute law consolidated and amended to by the Insurance Act with the aim of protecting the involvements of the sing populace.

1956 – 245 Indian and foreign insurance companies and provident societies taken over by the cardinal authorities and nationalized. LIC formed by an Act of Parliament, viz. LIC Act, 1956, with a capital part of Rs. 5 crore from the Government of India.

The General insurance concern in India, on the other manus, can follow its roots to the Triton Insurance Company Ltd. , the first general insurance company established in the twelvemonth 1850 in Calcutta by the British.

Life Insurance a Basic Need

Life insurance is a contract supplying for payment of a amount of money to the individual assured or, neglecting him, to the individual entitled to have the same, on the occurrence of certain event.A household is by and large dependent for its nutrient, vesture and shelter on the income brought in at regular intervals by the bread victor of the household. So long as the he lives and the income is received steadily, that household is unafraid ; but should decease all of a sudden intervene the household may be left in a really hard state of affairs and sometimes, in blunt poorness.

Uncertainty of decease is built-in in human life. It is this uncertainness that is hazard, which gives rise to the necessity for some signifier of protection against the fiscal loss originating from decease ; insurance substitutes this uncertainness by certainty.

Few Advantages of Life Insurance.

1. It is superior to an ordinary nest eggs programs:This is so because unlike other salvaging programs, it affords full protection against hazard of decease. In instance of decease, the full amount assured is made available under a life confidence policy ; whereas under other nest eggs schemes the sum accumulated nest eggs entirely will be available.

The latter will be well less than the amount assured, if decease occurs during early old ages.2. Insurance encourages and forces thrift:A nest eggs sedimentation can be excessively easy withdrawn. Many may non be able to defy the enticement of utilizing the balance for some less worthy intent.

On the other manus, the payment of life insurance premiums becomes a wont and comes to be viewed with the same earnestness as the payment of involvement on a mortgage. Thus insurance, in consequence brings about compulsory economy.3. Easy colony and protection against creditors:The life assured can call a individual or individuals to whom the policy moneys would be collectible in the event of his decease. The returns of a life insurance policy can be protected against.

The claims of the creditors of the life assured by set uping a valid assignment of the policy. A married adult females ‘s belongings act policy constitutes a trust in favour of the married woman and kids and no separate assignment is necessary. The donees are to the full protected from creditors except to the extent of any involvement in the policy retained by the assured.


4. Administering the bequest for donees:It frequently happens that a proviso which a hubby or male parent has made through insurance is rapidly lost through bad or unwise investing or by unneeded outgo on luxuries. These eventualities can be provided against in the instance of insurance.

The policyholder can set up that in the in the event of his decease the donee should have, alternatively of a individual amount ( a ) . payment of the net claim sum by equal installments over a specified period of old ages, or ( B ) .payment of the claim sum by smaller monthly installments over the selected period followed by a ball amount at the terminal thereof.5.

Ready marketability and suitableness for speedy adoptions:After an initial period, if the policy holder finds himself unable to go on payment of premiums he can give up the policy for a hard currency amount. Alternatively he can surge over a impermanent trouble by taking loan on the exclusive security of the policy without hold. Further a life insurance policy is sometimes acceptable as security for a commercial loan.

6. Tax alleviation:For calculating income revenue enhancement ( particularly in India the Indian income revenue enhancement act ) follows tax write-off from income revenue enhancement collectible, a certain per centum of a part of the nonexempt income of persons which is diverted to payment of insurance premiums. When this revenue enhancement alleviation is taken into history it will be found that the assured is n consequence paying a lower premium for his insurance.

How Insurance Works

The mechanism of insurance is really simple. Peoples who are exposed to the same hazards come together and hold that, if any one of the members suffers a loss, the others will portion the loss and do good to the individual who lost. All people who send goods by ship are exposed to the same hazard related to H2O harm, ship sinking, buccaneering, etc.

those having mills are non exposed to these hazards, but they are exposed to different sorts of hazards like, fire, hailstorms, temblors, buoy uping, burglary, etc. like this, different sorts of hazards can be identified and separate groups, made including those exposed to such hazards. By this method, the hazard is spread among the community and the likely large impact on one is reduced to smaller manageable impacts on all.If a Jumbo Jet with more than 350 rider ‘s clangs, the loss would run into several crores of rupees. No air hose would be able to bear such a loss. It is improbable that many Jumbo Jets will crash at the same clip. If 100 air hose companies winging Jumbo Jets, come together into an insurance pool, whenever one of the elephantine jets in the pool clangs, the loss to be borne by each air hose would come down to a few lakes of rupees. Therefore, insurance is a concern ‘sharing ‘ .

Role of Insurance in Economic Development

For economic development, investings are necessary. Investings are made out of nest eggs. A life insurance company is a major instrument for the mobilisation of nest eggs of people, peculiarly from the center and lower income groups. These nest eggs are channeled into investings for economic growing.

An insurance company ‘s strength lies in the fact that immense sums come by manner of premiums. Every premium represents a hazard that is covered by that premium. In consequence, hence, these huge sums represent pooling of hazards. The financess are collected and held in trust for the benefit of the policyholders.The direction of insurance companies is required to maintain this facet in head and do all its determinations in ways that benefit the community. This applies besides to its investings.

This is why successful insurance companies would non be found puting in bad ventures. Their investings profit the society at big.The system of insurance provides legion direct and indirect benefits to the person and his household every bit good as to industry and commercialism and to the community and the state as a whole. Those who insure, both persons and corporate, are straight benefited because they are protected from the effects of the loss that may be caused by the accident or causeless event. Insurance, therefore, in a sense protects the capital in industry and releases the capital for farther enlargement and development of concern and industry.The really being of hazard that is, uncertainness refering the hereafter, is a terrible disability in economic activities. Insurance removes the fright, concern and anxiousness associated with this future uncertainness and therefore encourages free investing of capital in concern endeavors and promotes efficient usage of bing resources.

Therefore insurance encourages commercial and industrial development and at that place by contributes to a vigorous economic system and increased national productiveness.Present twenty-four hours organisation of industry, commercialism and trade depend wholly on insurance for their operation, Bankss and fiscal establishments lend money to industrial and commercial projects merely on the footing of the indirect security of insurance. No bank or fiscal establishment would progress loans on belongings unless it is insured against loss or harm by insurable hazards.Insurance companies are closely associated with several bureaus and establishments engaged in fire loss bar, cargo loss bar, cargo loss bar, industrial safety and route safety. Before credence of a hazard, insurance companies arrange study and review of the belongings to be insured, by qualified applied scientists and other experts.The object of these studies is non merely to measure the hazard for evaluation intents but besides to propose and urge to the insured, assorted betterments in the hazard, which will pull lower rates of premium and what is more of import, cut down the loss potency. For illustration, burglary surveyors make recommendation in respect to security steps such as better lockup system, assignment of Watchman, etc. Engineering studies play a most utile portion in accident bar as valuable proficient advice is provided in regard of works and machinery.

Insurance ranks with export trade, transportation and banking services as earner of foreign exchange to the state. It helps to gain foreign exchange and represent unseeable exports.List of Insurance Companies Listed in Different Old agesList of Life Insurance CompaniesS.No.RegistrationNumberDate of Reg.Name of the Company110123.10.

2000HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.210415.11.2000Max New York Life Insurance Co.

Ltd.310524.11.2000ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.410710.01.2001Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited510931.01.

2001Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Ltd.611012.02.2001Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd.711130.03.2001SBI Life Insurance Company Limited.811402.

08.2001ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Private Limited911603.08.2001Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited1011706.08.2001Metlife India Insurance Company Ltd.1113304.

09.2007Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited1213519.12.2007IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Company Ltd.1310223.

10.2000Royal Sundaram Alliance Insurance Company Limited1410323.10.2000Reliance General Insurance Company Limited.1510604.12.

2000IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd1610822.01.2001TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.1711302.

05.2001Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited1811503.08.2001ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited.

1913103.08.2007Apollo DKV Insurance Company Limited2013204.09.2007Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited2113416.11.2007Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Ltd.

2212103.01.2002Reliance Life Insurance company Ltd.2312214.05.

2002Aviva Life Insurance Co. India Pvt. Ltd.2412706.02.2004Sahara India Insurance Company Ltd.

2512817.11.2005Shriram Life Insurance Company Ltd.2613014.07.2006ABharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd.2713304.

09.2007Future general Indai life Insurance Co.Ltd2813519.12.2007IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Company Ltd.2913608.05.2008Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce LifeInsurance Company Ltd.

3013827.06.2008Aegon Religare Life Insurance Company Ltd.3114027.06.2008DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd.

List of General Insurance Companies112315.07.2002Cholamandalam General Insurance Company Ltd.2.12427.08.2002Export Credit Guarantee Corporation Ltd.3.

12527.08.2002HDFC-Chubb General Insurance Co.

Ltd.113927.06.2008Bharti Axa General Insurance Company Ltd.214115.12.2008Raheja QBE General Insurance Co. Ltd



History of Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti AXA Life Insurance is a joint venture between Bharti, one of India ‘s prima concern groups with involvements in telecom, agri concern and retail, and AXA, universe leader in fiscal protection and wealth direction.

The joint venture company has a 74 % interest from Bharti and 26 % interest of AXA.The company launched national operations in December 2006. Today, company have over 8000 employees across over 12 provinces in the state and a national footmark of distributers trained to supply quality fiscal advice and insurance solutions to the big Indian client base. Open foremost subdivision office in Hyderabad.

Introduces 2 unit linked products- “ future confident ‘ and ‘wealth confident ‘As we further spread out our presence across the state with a big web of distributers, we continue to supply advanced merchandise and service offerings to provide to specific insurance and wealth direction demands of clients. Whatever your programs in life, you can be confident that Bharti AXA Life will offer the right fiscal solutions to assist you accomplish them.

Bharti-AXA perform over following metropoliss



To be a leader and the preferable company for fiscal protection and wealth direction in IndiaProfessionalismTeam SpiritInventionValuessIntegrityPragmatism


To accomplish a top 5 market place in India through a multi-distribution, multi-product platformTo accommodate AXA ‘s best pattern designs as a sound platform for profitable growingTo leverage Bharti ‘s local cognition, substructure and client baseTo present high degrees of stockholder returnTo construct long term value with our concern spouses by heightening the proposition to their clientsTo be the employer of pick to pull and retain the best endowment in IndiaTo be recognised as being close and qualified by our clients

Bharti Group

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Bharti Airtel Ltd

Bharti Airtel Ltd is one of Asia ‘s prima telecommunications service suppliers.

The Company is India ‘s largest integrated telecom company in footings of client base and offers Mobile Services, Fixed Line services, Broadband & A ; IPTV, DTH, Long Distance and Enterprise services. Airtel besides offers nomadic services in Sri Lanka on a state-of-the art 3.5 G network.Ahypertext transfer protocol: //

Bharti TeleTech Ltd

Bharti Teletech is India ‘s taking telecom & A ; allied Merchandises Company. It is one of the largest makers of landline telephones in the universe.

With a strong distribution web across the state, the company is besides the primary distributer of IT and Telecom merchandises from international trade names such as Motorola, Blackberry, Thomson, Polycot, Transcend, and Logitech.Ahypertext transfer protocol: //

Telecom Seychelles Ltd

A subordinate of Bharti, Telecom Seychelles Ltd provides comprehensive telecom services including 3G nomadic services in Seychelles, under the ‘Airtel ‘ trade name.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Comviva Technologies Ltd

Comviva is the taking supplier of incorporate VAS solutions for Mobile operators in emerging markets. Among the top 3 planetary suppliers of incorporate VAS solutions in quickly turning markets, Comviva has deployed solutions for over 100 nomadic operator clients in over 80 states worldwide.hypertext transfer protocol: //


FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd.

FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd. , is a venture between Bharti Enterprises and Del Monte Pacific Limited, to offer fresh and processed fruits and veggies in the domestic every bit good as international markets, including Europe and the Middle East.hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

Bharti Retail Pvt Ltd

Bharti Retail is a entirely owned subordinate of Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Retail operates a concatenation of multiple format shops that offer consumers low-cost monetary values, great quality and wider pick. The company ‘s vicinity format shops operate under the “ Easy twenty-four hours ” trade name and the compact hypermarket format under the “ Easy twenty-four hours market ” brand.Ahypertext transfer protocol: //www.

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company

Bharti AXA General Insurance is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA, universe leader in fiscal protection and wealth direction. The company was incorporated in July 2007 and offers a full suite of general insurance solutions to run into the demands of concerns and persons likewise.hypertext transfer protocol: //


Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises and AXA, universe leader in fiscal protection and wealth direction. The company offers a scope of life insurance and wealth direction merchandises with an Enterprise to assist clients take a confident life. Ahypertext transfer protocol: //

Bharti AXA Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

Bharti AXA Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd. , an plus direction company in India, is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, AXA Investment Managers ( AXA IM ) and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings ( AXA APH ) .hypertext transfer protocol: //

Centum Learning Limited

Centum Learning Limited provides end-to-end acquisition and skill-building solutions to several big corporates.

It provides solutions that impact concern public presentation through enhanced employee productiveness, client profitableness and effectual endowment transmutation.hypertext transfer protocol: //


Jersey Airtel Ltd

Jersey Airtel, a subordinate of Bharti, offers world-class Mobile services in Jersey ( Channel Islands ) over its full 2G, 3G and HSDPA enhanced web. The Company brings market-leading merchandises and services to its clients under Airtel-Vodafone trade name.hypertext transfer protocol: //


Bharti Foundation

Bharti Foundation was set up in 2000, with the vision, “ To assist underprivileged kids and immature people of our state recognize their possible ” . It aims to make and back up plans that conveying approximately sustainable alterations through instruction and the usage of engineering and information.hypertext transfer protocol: //

Bharti Realty

Bharti Realty Limited is a immature, vivacious and dynamic real property company with spread outing involvements in commercial, retail and residential existent estate.

Bharti Realty aims to be amongst the most admired existent estate participants in India and aspires to achieve highest grade of client trust through superior merchandise design and keeping an sturdy base towards environmental duty, moralss and safetyhypertext transfer protocol: //


Bharti Infratel

Bharti Infratel, a entirely owned subordinate of Bharti Airtel, provides inactive substructure services on a non-discriminatory footing to all telecom operators in India. Bharti Infratel besides holds about 42 % interest in Indus Towers, a joint venture between Bharti, Vodafone and Idea to offer inactive substructure services.

Bharti Enterprises

Bharti Airtel Ltd:

Bharti Airtel Ltd is India ‘s prima supplier of telecommunications service. The company has 4 distinguishable Business divisions- Mobile and telephone services, broadband services, long distance services and endeavor services,

Bharti Teletech Ltd

Bharti Teletech Ltd industries and exports world-class telecom equipment under the trade name ‘Beetel ‘ .

Telecom Seychelles Ltd

Telecom Seychelles ltd provides telecom services in Seychelles, under the trade name ‘Airtel ‘ .

Bharti AXA Life Insurance

Bharti AXA Life Insurance is a joint venture between Bharti, one of India ‘s prima concern groups with involvements in telecom, agri concern and retail, and AXA, universe leader in fiscal protection and wealth direction. The joint venture company has a 74 % interest from Bharti and 26 % interest of AXA.

Bharti Telesoft Ltd

Bharti Telesoft Ltd delivers best-in-class,Revenue-critical Vas merchandises and service to telecom bearers,

Tele Tech Service Ltd

Tele Tech Service ( India ) Ltd is Joint venture with Tele Tech Inc. , U.S.A.

It offers a scope of Customer Management Services.

Field Fresh Foods Pvt Ltd

Field Fresh Foods Pvt Ltd is Bharti ‘s Venture with EL Rothschild Group owned ELRO keeping India Ltd. , to export fresh Agricultural merchandises entirely to markets in Europe and USA.


AXA Group is a world-wide leader in Financial Protection.

AXA ‘s operations are diverse geographically, with major operations in Western Europe, North America and the Asia/Pacific country. AXA had Euro 1,315 billion in assets under direction as of December 31, 2006. For full twelvemonth 2006, IFRS grosss amounted to Euro 79 billion, IFRS implicit in net incomes amounted to Euro 4,010 million and IFRS adjusted net incomes to Euro 5,140 million.The AXA ordinary portion is listed and trades under the symbol AXA on the Paris Stock Exchange. The AXA American Depository Share is besides listed on the NYSE under the heart symbol AXA.

AXA Asia Pacific Retentions

AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd ( AXA APH ) is listed on the Australian stock exchange and is 52.3 % owned by AXA SA.

AXA APH is responsible for AXA SA ‘s life insurance and wealth direction concerns in the Asia-Pacific part. It has operations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, China, India and Malaysia. AXA APH had A $ 106.4 billion in entire financess under direction and disposal at 30 June 2007 and reported a net income after revenue enhancement before non-recurring points of A $ 374.

0 million for the six months ended 30 June 2007.

Merchandises of Bharti-AXA Life Insurance

Bright stars

This is a regular premium unit-linked insurance policy, which, which offers you the duplicate benefits of protecting your loved 1s and making wealth for them over the coveted period.As a lovingness parent, you want merely the best for your kid.

As your kid grows, his aspirations will turn excessively and so will your duties. Whether it ‘s higher surveies abroad, a expansive nuptials or a comfy place aˆ¦ you can now guarantee that your kid is ever one measure in frontYou can carry through all the dreams you have for your kid, and give him what he deserves. A bright hereafter!The program besides offers the flexibleness to do alterations, depending on the altering demands of your kid. As his dreams grow, the program will turn tooaˆ¦ so fiscal hurdlings will ne’er come in the manner of his turning dreams! With Bharti AXA Life Bright Stars,



Minimal age at entry

18 old ages

Maximal age at entry

70 old ages minus policy benefit period chosen.


G: for policy benefit period of 17 old ages, the maximal age at entry is 53 old ages.

Maximal age at adulthood

70 old ages

Minimal premium

Rs.15,000 p.a. for one-year & amp ; semi-annual manners Rs18,000 p.

a for monthly manner

Premium manners

Annual, semi-annual and monthly

Policy benefit periods available

7 years,10 years,15 old ages, 17 old ages and 20 old ages

Minimal top-up premium

Rs. 2,500

Topographic point suraksha


Topographic point Suraksha is a unit liked insurance merchandise, which offers you an instant insurance protection and benefit of wealth creative activity in the long-run.

Main Advantages of Spot Suraksha

Understand the merchandise: ( Read and understand the merchandise booklet )Answering the simple wellness related inquiries, Sign up the simple application signifier, submit exposure, cogent evidence for individuality, reference and age.A cover note is issued to policy holder and insurance screen starts immediately.100 % allotment of premium- Full allotment of premium to the Investment Fund, harmonizing to policy holder pick from 2nd twelvemonth onwards.A guaranteed particular add-on equal to 130 % of annualized premium in the first policy twelvemonth is added in the policy fund at adulthood or decease, which is earlier.



Minimal age at entry

5 old ages

Maximal age at entry

55 old ages

Maximal age at adulthood

70 old ages

Minimal premium

Rs. 12,000 p.


Premium Modes

Annual, Semi-annual and monthly

Policy term

15 old ages

Minimum top up premium

Rs. 5,000

Dream life pension

Let you populate your retired life king-sizeThis program is made for old individuals and to do them self independent and populate a life of self-respect and dignity. Today you are busy mounting the ladder of success and recognizing your dreams. Today, clip is with you. Just take a minute and think.The bharti AXA Life Dream life pension gives you:A station retirement income for life.Policy holder choose the age at which he/she would wish to retire ( enthroning age ) , which determines your premium paying term.

Alternatively you can choose for individual premium payment.



Minimal age at entry

18 old ages

Maximal age at entry

70 old ages

Minimal age at enthroning

Maximal age at enthroning

45 old ages

80 old ages

Premium manners

Single wage, annually, Half-yearly, Quarterly and monthly

Minimal premium

Annual Regular Premium:

Rs.12, 000p.a.

Minimal policy term

10 old ages

Minimal top-up premium

Rs.2, 500 and no maximal bound on top-up premium and exceed up allowed merely after first policy twelvemonth.


This is a regular premium unit-linked insurance policy which offers you the duplicate benefits of protection against fiscal loss in the unfortunate event of the decease and assisting you to make wealth consistently over the long-run. Hence this merchandise is suited for your long-run aim like retirement planning, kids ‘s hereafter and giving a entire protection to you and your household.



Minimal age at entry

0 twelvemonth

Maximal age at entry

60 old ages ( For decease benefit option A )

55 old ages ( For decease benefit option B )

Maturity age

80 old ages ( for decease benefit option A )

75 old ages ( for decease benefit option B )

Policy benefit period

80 twelvemonth less age at entry ( for decease benefit option A )

75 old ages less age at entry ( For decease benefit option B )

Premium collectible period

Annually, Half-Yearly And Monthly

Minimal premium


Minimal Top-up premium


Benefits of Bharti AXA Life virtue plus

In virtue plus the policy holder must hold to pick one option out of the two.1.

Sum assured ( less all partial backdowns made from the basic policy fund during the 12 months prior to the day of the month of decease of life assured ) or the policy Fund Value as on the day of the month of hint of decease, which is higher, will be paid.2. The amount of amount assured and the policy fund value as on the day of the month of hint of decease will be paid.

Future confident

Future confident is a suited merchandise for you, if your aim is long-run targeted wealth creative activity over 15-20 twelvemonth, either for your ain retirement or for your kids ‘s hereafter, while at the same clip supplying your household heighten fiscal protection.



Minimal age at entry

0 twelvemonth

Maximal age at entry

60 old ages

Maturity age

70 old ages

Policy benefit period

70 twelvemonth less age at entry

Premium collectible period

Annually, Half-Yearly, quarterly and Monthly

Minimal premium

Rs.10,000 for annually, 5,000 for semiannual 2,500 for quarterly and Rs.834 for monthly premium

Minimal Top-up premium


Secure Assurance

Provide complete fiscal protection to your household, even when you are non at that place.Secure confident is suited to you if your aim is to protect your household against any fiscal loss caused due to unfortunate decease, disablement due to an accident or critical unwellnesss which may strip them of a secured hereafter.ParameterEligibilityMinimal age at entry18 old agesMaximal age at entry55 old agesMinimum amount assuredRs.5,00,000Minimal premiumRS.1,500 for annually, Rs.

780 for half-yearly, Rs.405 for quarterly and Rs.135 for monthly premiumPolicy benefit period5,10,15,20 and 25 old agesMaximal age at adulthood.60 old agesPremium paying termEqual to the policy benefit period.On deceaseOn enduranceA amount assured is paid to the policy holder or campaigner and the policy shall be terminated.The policy shall be terminated and no monies shall be collectible to the policy holder.

Introduction of the procedure of enlisting and choice of agent

Aims of the survey

To understand the procedure of enlisting and choice of agent in Bharti AXA life insurance.How to enroll agent for Bharti-AXA life insuranceTo cognize about the position of general public about the occupation of agentWhy people are non willing to work with as an agent, particularly with private participant.

Meaning of Recruitment

Finding the right people is a make-or-break factor for success in concern today. Enrolling the top endowment for a occupation takes clip and you have to pull quality campaigners who have the cognition and accomplishments needed to assist your company grow.The fact is, your success with recruitment depends on how good you prepare your occupation ad, and use beginning of enlisting, and your interviewing accomplishments.Fix a occupation ad that works to get down, you want to be certain that your possible campaigner truly understands the occupation. The clearer you are with the undertaking description, working conditions and advantages, the less clip you will blow analyzing and rejecting applicationsThe necessities of any occupation description are:A brief description of your companyDetailed lineation of the undertakings involvedQualifications and experience requiredEquipment and resources used to make the workSkills required utilizing them.However, you should besides include work benefits ( e.

g. , holiday, travel and fringe benefits ) , general working conditions ( e.g. , programming, outside work ) and the specific traits required ( e.g. ,teambuilding and communications accomplishments ) .

Ultimately, you want to be perceived as an attractive employer in a competitory market.Find the right enlisting vehicle choose the vehicle that best plants for your company, depending on your budget and resources.Word of oral cavity, or merely stating your employees, friends and co-workers about a occupation gap, is a less expensive scheme but generates fewer campaigners. The advantage is that you already cognize something about your recruiters and their accomplishments, cognition and accomplishments. This is a preferable method with companies that have a finder ‘s fee plan for their employees.Ad is a flip of the die. If it goes good, it can assist you happen ideal campaigners in a regional, national, or international pool.A If non, it ‘s aA dearly-won investing giving few consequences.

Make certain to factor in the clip it takes to travel througha big figure of sketchs.Employment bureaus cost more but by and large supply a good scope of campaigners. The employment advisers look at your demands, screen a figure of campaigners, and merely direct you the applications that meet your demands. Bear in head that the largest employment bureaus do non needfully offer the best pick of campaigners. There are legion bureaus that specialize in enlisting in specific sectors.Enrolling onlineA such as,, and jobboom.

com. These can supply cheap, world-wide entree to employees. In fact, 65 % of occupation searchers now have entree to these types of services.Using the Internet for enrolling normally involves regular visits to specialise enlisting sites, fall ining newsgroups, and posting your occupation gaps on enlisting sites, electronic publications and on your ain Web site.

After enlisting the following portion is choice of best campaigners.

Make the interview deliver

Since the intent of an interview is to place and verify the campaigner ‘s possible, it should be structured to convey out all the coveted competences and aptitudes. Remember that you have to make up one’s mind between the campaigners: you could make a point system or analysis grid for comparing their strengths and failings.

Here are a few points to see when structuring an interview:Make a list in progress of the points for treatment and corresponding inquiries.Show the campaigners with a state of affairs they could confront on the occupation and inquire them how they would respond. This will enable you to measure the campaigners ‘ cognition, accomplishments and work methods.Ask the campaigners to depict some hard state of affairss encountered in old occupations and to explicate the manner in which they were resolved. This will give you the opportunity to estimate the campaigners ‘ assurance, creativeness and problem-solving accomplishments.Ask the campaigners to depict a hard state of affairs affecting co-workers and how it was resolved. This will enable you to prove their aptitude for teamwork.

Ask the campaigners about their aspirations and programs to guarantee they suit your company profile.Beware of inquiring inquiries about personal involvements. They can acquire the interview off path or annoy people who want to maintain their work and private lives separate.

Definition of Agent

Harmonizing to subdivision 182 of Indian contracts Act, an “ agent ” is a individual employed to make any act for another or to stand for another in covering with a 3rd individual. In the insurance industry, the term “ agent ” is normally applied to a individual engaged by the insurance company to secure new concern.

The insurance Act definers and insurance agent as one who is licensed under Section 42 of that Act and is paid by manner of committee or otherwise, in consideration of his soliciting of securing insurance concern, including concern associating to the continuation, reclamation or resurgence of policies of insurance. He is, for all intents, an authorised salesman for insurance and needs a licence.An agent is one who acts on behalf of another. The “ another ” on whose behalf the agent Acts of the Apostless, is called the principal in this instance. The insurance company is the principal in this instance. The attorney is the agent of the client, when he argues the instance in tribunal.

An embassador is an agent of his state. The agent represents the principal and Acts of the Apostless on his behalf. Some insurance companies designate their agents as ‘advisers ” , ” advisers ” etc. as if they are independent adviser or adviser would non be appointed by an insurance company. He would be knowing plenty as a individual to be approached for advice or audience. Some insurance agents may get that position. All insurance agents should endeavor to achieve that position.

Procedure for going an Agent

The insurance Act, 1938 lays down that an insurance agent must possess a licence under Section 42 of that Act.

The licence is to be issued by the IRDA. The IRDA has authorized designated individuals, in each insurance company, to publish the licences on behalf of the IRDA.In footings of the Insurance Act, licences will non be given if the individual ischild,found to be of unsound head,found guilty of condemnable embezzlement or condemnable embezzlement or condemnable breach of trust or cheating or counterfeit or an abettal of or try to perpetrate any such offensefound guilty of or knowingly engagement in or conniving at any fraud, dishonesty or deceit against an insurance company or an insured,non possessing the needed makings and specified preparation,Found go againsting the codification of behavior as specified in the ordinances.The fee for a licence is Rs.825 for single. A licence is granted for 3 old ages. It may be renewed after 3 old ages and once more valid for 3 old ages.A license issued by the IRDA may be to move as an agent for a life insurance company, for a general insurance company or as a composite insurance agent working for a life insurance company every bit sell as a general insurance company.

No agent is allowed to work for more than one life insurance company or more than one general insurance company.The Qualifications necessary before a license can be given are that the individual must beNot a child.Have passed at least the 12th criterion or tantamount scrutiny, if he is to be appointed in a topographic point with a population of 5,000 or more. ( tenth criterion otherwise.

)Have undergone practical preparation for at least 50 hours in life or general insurance concern, as the instance may be, organize an establishment, approved and notified by the IRDA. IN the instance of a individual desiring to go a composite insurance agent, the applier should hold completed at least 75 hours practical preparation in life and general insurance concern, which may be spread over six to eight hebdomads.vitamin D ) Have passed the pre-recruitment scrutiny conducted by the insurance institute of India or any other scrutiny organic structure authorized by the IRDA.The license one time issued, can be cancelled whenever the individual acquires a disqualification.

Applications for reclamation have to do at least 30 yearss before the termination of the license, along either the reclamation fee of Rs.250. If the application is non made at least 30 yearss before the termination, but is made before the day of the month of termination of license, an extra fee of Rs.100 is collectible. If the application is made after the day of the month of termination, it would be usually being refused.

Prior to renewal of the license, the agent should hold completed at least 25 hours practical preparation in life or general insurance concern or at least 50 hours practical preparation in life and general insurance concern in the instance of a composite insurance agent.Insures who select agents for assignment, make agreements for preparation, for looking in the prescribed scrutinies, and obtaining the license.


The insurance Act provides, In Section 44, for payment of committee on reclamation premium even after expiration of the bureau.

The committee will be limited to a rate non transcending 4 % , to be eligible for this ; the agent should hold been an agent with that insurance company for at leastfive old ages and policies for at least Rs50,000 are in force one twelvemonth before expiration of bureau or,10 twelvemonth.This committee will be collectible to the inheritors of the agent after the agent ‘s decease.


Understanding the chance ‘s demands and persuade him to purchase a program of life insurance that suits his involvements best.Complete the formalities: – paper work, medical scrutiny, which are necessary to acquire the policy efficiently.Keep in touch to guarantee that altering fortunes are reflected in the agreements associating to premium payments, nomination and other necessary changes.

Facilitate speedy colony of claims.Be wholly honorable with both the chance and the insurance company.Not to bring on chances to subject incorrect information.

Career with Bharti AXA

Opportunity to gain limitless income.Career Growth.Be your ain foreman.High quality preparation & A ; Support to better productiveness.Compensation amongst the best.

Club member benefits.Payout structured to ease your hard currency flows better.Best in category & A ; competitory merchandises.Pension for life.

Recruitment Procedure

Develop a ProfileDevelop beginnings of enlistingApproaching theTargeted recruitsInitial showing and InterviewsReality cheque

Beginnings of Recruitment

UncontrolledControlledJob Ads/InsertsNatural MarketPlacement AdvisersCentral of InfluencePresentation / SeminarAgent gets AgentsCold ProspectingData BaseSecondaryPrimary

Controlled Market

Natural market

Your householdYour friendsPeoples at job/businessNeighbors

Drawn-out Natural market

The followers are beginnings of names:Peoples know through kids.Peoples know through partner.Peoples know through hobbies/ games.Peoples known through societal groupsPeoples known through public service.

Peoples you do concern with.Friends of friends.


Peoples with influence and prestigiousness, other member of society believe and faith on them.Peoples who have a large circle of relationships: like secretary in societies, president of an association.Peoples who are known to you and are wiling to assist you.Peoples who have contacts with the category of people you want to trades with.Peoples who have faith in your leading.

A Centre of influence is a individual who is in contact with many people through societal, political, spiritual or concern angulationsNormally a respected person with influence over the people with he/she is in contact.

Uncontrolled Beginnings

Job Ads/Inserts

This plan should be on regular long scope footing.Example: Navajeevan sharma who is a relationship officer in bhrati AXA Life Insurance company put an ad in the newspaper, in which he called for the reader to phone him during a specified 2 to 4 hours period on Monday or Sunday forenoonFrom those who called Navjeevan Sharma was able to extinguish more misfits ( who are non qualified ) and arrange for two to six personal visits.

Placement advisers

MOA can enroll a arrangement adviser or registry him self in internet occupation hunt sites to acquire list of chances.

Seminars/job carnivals

Manager of bureau can besides organized seminars atdirection institutes and colleges.ORBharti AXA life insurance company take part in the occupation carnivals and so short listchances and so look for farther chances for them.

Cold Prospecting

MOA can utilize the telephone directory.

MOA and telecaller can utilize the directories of assorted concern and societal organisations.


Primary informations: Direct aggregation of informations of from the beginning of information, engineering including personal interviewing, study etc.Secondary Datas: Indirect aggregation of informations from beginnings can be purchased from the unfastened market and assorted sort of database are available such as telephone databases of assorted studies.

Point to be noted while enrolling the Agents

Mature and responsible household individual.Ambitious, hungry for acknowledgment, challenges.Occupation.Experience and current appellation.For how many old ages he is populating in the metropolis.Greedy individual.Occupation of parent.Family income.Any experience in life insurance sector.Leadership qualities.Social and good-humored.

Beginnings for Recruitment and Selection of Agent

used during Training

Natural MarketMarket SurveySecondary Data ( Telephone Directory )

Telephone Script

Hello sir,

I am Paramjit Singh from Bharti AXA. I want your few minute to talk.Sir, Bharti AXA is traveling to use the Business by enrolling quality people and offering them the potency of a really rewarding calling chance.We have acquired your concern card and we are cognizant of the company you work for and you are one of the selective individual with whom our company want to concern.So I would wish to run into you for java to explicate the exciting and honoring chance. It may hold for you in footings of calling compensation and support..( Excellent I look frontward to run intoing you please May I have your reference and I will corroborate our meeting in authorship )OR( Harmonizing to your convenience will you delight state me when and where we can run into? )Thank You Sir.

Measure 1. Documents Required

Age cogent evidence.Address cogent evidence.Photo – 8.Education cogent evidence.Q mark sheet.Agency application.Form V A.Fill NAAF.

Measure 2. Interview subdivision

During the interview the senior manager/MOA asked following inquiry to the campaigner to judge his ability and cognition.Qualification.Present business.Knowledge or experience in insurance sectorTenor of stay in the town.Number of household member.Household income.Occupation of parent.If selected so the senior manager/MOA O.K. the application.The directors take the aid of hiting Mechanism. Scoring Mechanism was filled at the clip of apply.


Below 25 old ages

Between 25-40

More than 40


Scoring mechanism021Marital positionUnmarriedmarried12Educationtenth criterion or 12th criterionalumnusPost alumnus122Tenor of stay in city/townLess than 3 old ages3-5 old agesMore than 5 old ages012Household incomeLess than 2 hundred thousand2-5 hundred thousandMore than 5 hundred thousandEntire markQ Mark:Acceptable Range of Score Greater than or equal to 7Extra Blessings 5 or 6Rejected application if 4 or lessIf the Q mark is less than 7 so BSM/ARSM remarks and signatures are required.

Measure 3. Training

50 Hours Training and besides supply a text book ( IC-33 life insurance ) for pre-recruitment Examination for Life Insurance Agents, which is based on course of study prescribed by insurance Regulatory & A ; Development Authority.IRDA for short, has laid down that those who wish to go insurance agents will be given licences merely after they complete a class of survey, preparation and base on balls an scrutiny prescribed by it.During this developing the cognition about the full indispensable construct related to life insurance is provided to agent. Insurance companies will hold different patterns and offer different benefits in their programs. All of them will be based on these constructs. The inside informations of the patterns and the programs of each insurance company will hold to be learnt from the several insures.

Measure 4. During developing following things will be Teachs.

What is insurancePrinciples of life AssurancePremiums and BonussLife Insurance merchandisesUnderwritingInsurance DocumentsPolicy conditionsClaimsLinked life insurance merchandisesInsurance bureauLaws and RegulationsIRDA Regulation 2000.IRDA Regulation 2002.

Measure 5. Examination and Code

Examination is the 2nd last portion of the enlisting and choice procedure.It include one hr trial under, which contain 50 nonsubjective inquiries, one Markss each,Base on balls Markss are 25.There are two method of scrutiny.OnlineManualIn instance of online the consequence is declared on the topographic point and in the instance of manual consequence is declared within one month.After uncluttering the test, ULIP preparation of two yearss will be given to the adviser about the merchandise of company and so bureau codification is generated.AimANDRESEARCH METHODOLGYAims of the surveyTo understand the procedure of enlisting and choice of agent in Bharti AXA life insurance.How to enroll agent for Bharti-AXA life insuranceTo cognize about the position of general public about the occupation of agentWhy people are non willing to work with as an agent, particularly with private participant.Research MethodologyResearch Methodology is the probe of specific job in item. At first job is defined carefully for carry oning research. There should be a good research program for carry oning research. No research can be done without informations aggregation. After all this analyze is made for acquiring solution for job.Specifying the jobSpecifying the sampling programCollection of informationsAnalyze and reading

Specifying the job

Specifying the research job is first necessary measure for any research. This work should be done carefully. Here research job is to cognize craft of general populace to work as an agent with private participant or Bharti-AXA life insurance.

Sampling program

The sampling program calls for three determinations.A ) Sampling Unit of measurement: I have completed my study in LUCKNOW.B ) Sample Size: The choice of 20 respondents. The sample was drawn from tradesmans. The choice of the respondent was done on the footing of simple random sampling.C ) Contract methodsI have conduct the respondent through personal interviews

Research Instrument

A close friend questionnaire was constructed for my study. Questionnaire consisting of a set of inquiries made to filled by assorted respondents.

Roll uping the Information

After this, I have collected the information from the respondent with the aid of questionnaire.

Analyze the Information

The following measure is to pull out the pertinent happening from the collected information. I have tabulated the collected information & A ; developed frequence distributions.Therefore the whole information was grouped aspect wise and was presented in tabular from. Thus, frequencies & A ; per centums were to reder impact of the survey.

Presentations of Findingss

This was the last halt of the study.

Data Presentation and Interpretation

Name: – Address: -Location: -Mobile no.Shop Type: – ( Mobile shops, General shop, Chemist etc. Please stipulate


Bharti has expanded into new districts of concern and they now offer the bestin category insurance merchandises. This new venture is named Bharti-AXA.Mr. Sunil Bharti mittal is presenting insurance to Punjab and Chandigarh retail merchants and would wish to give you an chance to gain and setup a new income which can give you 15-20 % border on an norm.In this concern you merely have to reach your known people or regular clients and their mentions to present Bharti ‘s merchandise and acquire an assignment.Post this, director signifier Bharti-AXA will travel, explicate the merchandise & A ; shut the sale for you. You will in turn receive 15-20 % border on sale. E.g. if a policy is sold by Bharti-AXA director for 10,000 you will have 2,000.We are here to understand your involvement in this proposal specially designed by Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal for U.PWould you be interested in taking up this concern chance with Bharti?Yes NoMerely 20 % tradesmans were interested in taking up this concern chance with Bharti. ( 8 tradesman were interested in this activity )How much clip can you give per twenty-four hours for this activity? ( For acquiring Appointments )A? hour 1-2 hour 3-h hour 5 hour or moreFrom the above 8 people, 6 people said that they can pass A? hr for this activity daily.2 said that they can pass A? to 2 hours for this activity.3 ) Do you hold any cognition of or experience in Insurance?Yes No80 % of tradesman said that they have knowledge about insurance.20 % of tradesman said that they have no cognition about insurance.Do you hold Experience as an agent?Yes No15 % of tradesmans have experience in the field of life insurance.85 % of tradesmans have no experience in the field of life insurance.If yes, so delight stipulate the name of the company.Out of 6 people 33 % ( 3 ) of tradesman working with LIC33 % ( 2 ) of tradesman working with HDFC Standard Life insurance33 % ( 1 ) of tradesman working with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.Can you save 1/2 twenty-four hours on preparation to understand to merchandise and how can present it to your client?Yes No10 % of tradesmans were interesting to save 1/2 twenty-four hours on preparation to understand to merchandise.Name: – Address: -Location: -Mobile no.Shop Type: – ( Mobile shops, General shop, Chemist etc. Please stipulate