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Recruitment Advertisement Analysis


Recruitment advertisements had been one of the methods in which organizations can attract and reach out to potential applicants in the event that they have a job opening. It is an effective method if it is well thought out and well planned (Belch & Belch, 2004). However, not all recruitment advertisements are able to generate a large number of applicants who could actually be fitted for the position. Although these advertisements can result to numerous phone inquiries, application letters and résumé’s which may come from applicants who do not actually meet the qualifications of the job. Most human resource personnel are tasked in drawing up recruitment advertisements and it requires effort and costs which the company has to bear in trying to find the best person for the job. Writing recruitment advertisements is easier said than done, one has to be able to capture the essential qualities of a person needed to perform the job in a few sentences. It also needs a catchy and motivating headline so that it would grab people’s attention as well as provide enough details about the job and the benefits of having that job. It is a sad thing that recruitment advertisements often go to waste and yet companies still invest thousands of dollars into it because the goal of the company is to find the best person for the job which would mean lesser costs in the long run. Moreover, an applicant that is already informed of the requirements for the job and what duties and benefits it entails means that the applicant is willing to work in that position and there is already a psychological contract that can further be harnessed.

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The recruitment advertisement presented in this paper shows a picture of the Arizona prairie and entices the reader to look more at the picture and then to read the headline. When a person reads the headline, one would only get the idea that there is a place somewhere that is beautiful and peaceful and can be yours to enjoy if one would want to work and play in the said picture. The recruitment advertisement was from the Scottsdale, Arizona police who were looking for applicants to fill their vacancies. Of course people would know that police work is hazardous and unsafe, and it is probably why fewer people want to become policemen. The organization therefore had to find a creative way to reach would be applicants and possibly recruit them to try out the force (Breaugh & Starke, 2000). One of the most important parts of a recruitment advertisement is the headline and this one says “This is our backyard. Want to live, play and work here?” This headline is catchy, considering that it is splashed across a picture of the Arizona Mountain View which actually is breathtaking. Moreover, the visual effect easily grabs the attention of the reader and therefore directs his/her attention to the rest of the advertisement.

The next line in the advertisement specifically says that Scottsdale, Arizona police department is now hiring police officers. Then, the succeeding lines outline the salary range, the positions available, the requirements of the job and the contact person. These are all important aspects of the recruitment advertisement because it tells the reader what to expect from this new job, it can be used as the basis in which to evaluate whether to commit to the position or not. It tells the reader whether pursuing this opening or position would be advantageous or not in the light of the present job. Police work is dangerous and what counteracts the danger and the fear of catching criminals is the benefits and paychecks of being a police officer.  This recruitment advertisement was actually good and it has the certain amount of information that would arouse the curiosity of the applicant. It is short but informative and it also gives the reader the contact numbers that the applicant can reach if one seeks to know more about the position.

This recruitment advertisement would likely attract people who really want to become policemen albeit their family’s desires. Thus, one would expect to hear from people who had been pursuing physical training, had experience with police work either as a victim or a witness. Then there are people who think that they are fitted for the job even if they are not and may primarily see them as the only person suited for the job hence building on the tension of finding enough applicants (Rynes, 1991) One of the weakness in this advertisement is that it says very little thing about the description of the job. Well maybe the authors were assuming that everyone would know the nature of the policemen’s work, thus it was not needed in the poster. It is also quite obvious that money is one of the motivator of this position since the advertisement specifically says the said amount of money.

In general, the recruitment advertisement is good and can be effectively used to attract more applicants hopefully; the organization would be able to get the right people even if they were from another state.













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