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In the Matrix series there seems is quite a bit of philosophy. It has principles like Plato’s cave, Socrates’ “know thyself” and of course free will and fate. In the matrix your mind is being entertained or kept busy to be blinded from the real world. This keeps you from waking up and “freeing your mind. ” In one particular part Neo is offered 2 pills by Morpheus. This tends to imply that Neo always has a choice. He asked the question “Do you want be free? ” Once Neo chooses what pill take he is brought out of the Matrix and into the “real world. The real world is quite different from the matrix, but in the real world Neo finds out that he is “the One,” a messiah of sorts. But Neo does not believe in fate because he doesn’t like the idea that he is in control of his own life. In another part of the movie the oracle says “Don’t worry about the vase. ” Neo then turns and knocks over the vase. He apologizes for doing so but she gives the possibility that if she hadn’t said anything would he have still knocked it over? I don’t think any of us really like the idea that we are not in control of our own lives, but how else are we suppose to explain the coincidences in life?

Predestination and fate have to be the answer, right? The main point is Neo being the ONE…i. e. Fate. While the movie in itself is highly entertaining and filled with lots of great action scenes it also causes you to think about fate vs free will. Throughout the movie Neo has to make choice after choice. Most of the time he is influenced to make such choices but he doesn’t always succumb to what most people want him to do. I suppose there is a bit of determinism when it came to him trying to escape at his office in the beginning of the movie and he thought that the risk of him falling was greater than the risk of getting caught.

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If he falls he dies, if he gets caught he only gets in trouble. For the most part he doesn’t have the greatest options. Morpheus Trinity and all the other need him much more than he needs them. Before he took the pill it wouldn’t really have mattered that much to him. He could have kept living his day to day life but I guess that’s where the Plato’s cave principle comes into play. He could of kept living his life but he would have been void of reality. Fast forward in the movie. Neo is talking to the Oracle who often speaks as the voice of fate.

Neo is told he is not the One, and he is also told he must make a decision between his life and Morpheus’ because one of them is going to die. Here we see fate at work (we could call it soft fate vs. soft determinism) but also a choice must be made where not even the oracle can tell what exactly is going to happen. Ten minutes later in the movie they run into an agent and Morpheus fights him off so the rest, especially Neo, can escape, this is done mostly out of Morpheus belief in fate that Neo is the one.

When they get back into the real world Neo starts to also believe he is the one and that he can save Morpheus. Neo does save Morpheus. And it becomes apparent that Neo is the one. This goes against 2 things that the Oracle said right?. No not so fast. The Oracle actually said Neo has the gift but he seems to be waiting for something, and Neo actually died, even though he was brought back to life. So did everything that was prophesied come to pass? Yes! Fate had its way in the end. It is called fate in the movie but it was personified by the Oracle. Should it then be called predestination?

Are prophets a personal cosmic force or power that determines our actions? No they are just messengers. Fate is an impersonal power or force therefore fate never speaks. So how could fate have prophets? How can there be prophecies? This is a very unusual twist and would be a lot easier to sort out it there were a divine being involved. As I said before, Neo does not believe in fate. After the movie is finished I am still not sure he does. This does get cleared up in the latter movies though. He likes to make his own choices and likes to be in control.

If his theory is true and he is in control than he would not have needed any outside help to get out of trouble or out the matrix all together. Neo needed help…even if is the one. In my short lived life I have often observed how common it for us to reject help because we can do it ourselves. We became independent and stopped relying on people. I think this happens for many reasons but I believe it cripples that person’s ability to do more. Sometimes they just need a little help sometimes from God/Fate and sometimes from other people.