Last updated: March 15, 2019
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This past year has been a huge eye-opener in many ways to me. I can’t believe that my freshman year in college is almost over! I learned a tremendous amount the last two semesters, not only in an educational way but I also learned how to manage my time and to be responsible. It really didn’t hit me that I was actually in college until my English class with Mrs. Bartram. I noticed right away she was my kind of teacher. I knew that I would want to be very successful and try my best in her class. Sometimes teachers just don’t have that motivation or attitude that makes their students want to learn and to try their best.

In my English class, I felt the motivation to learn. This class really made me realize that I need to take responsibility of being a college student. I felt we had good and helpful discussions throughout the semester. Discussions give everyone in the class the opportunity to speak their own opinions. This made me realize that everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs. One of the main concepts I have learned is to never judge other people and to treat others how you would like to be treated. During the first semester, I showed up to class but never really gave 100%.

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I didn’t fell the motivation to stay on top of my work and to do my homework on time. When I showed up in Mrs. B’s English class all of that changed. She gave a good beginning of the year speech that made me think about some stufff. I really took in the things she said and that helped me realize a bunch of new things. As stated above, I learned that everyone has different beliefs. I basically used to like and agree with my beliefs and not so much about other peoples beliefs. I now feel that I have grown out of that and I realize that everyone looks at things in their own perspective.

Especially when it comes to stuff like religion. There is a wide range of peoples beliefs when it comes God and religion. I learned that it’s not right to judge people on there religious thoughts. Although you can disagree or have different feelings, it is never okay to discriminate against others. Another thing I learned in my english class is not to procrastinate. Especially during my first semester I tended to procrastinate quite a bit. I noticed I hardly ever get the grade I feel I deserve when I work on the given assignment the day before it’s due. Sometimes you may feel you can do ust as good if you do it the night before but don’t be surprised if your writing is a little cloudy from doing it while half asleep at two in the morning. Mrs. Bartram’s class changed my mind on procrastinating. She warned us that if we didn’t stay on top of our essays they would all get piled up on top of each other and we would be swamped at the end of the semester. Our first paper came around and I remember I did procrastinate a little bit but not too bad. I still ended up getting it done several days before it was due and I remember how good it felt to know I had it complete.

The next essay came around and I didn’t have any past essays to worry about. I finished my second one not to long after it was assigned and that was a wonderful feeling knowing I was done early. I finally realized that its a very good idea to stay on top of your work and always start early, that way you also have room for mistakes and you will have time to make corrections and make sure it meets all criteria. The most important thing I learned is that their are so many different types of people in this world.

Like stated above, we had a lot of class discussions and I really felt that they helped me grow up and snap into the real world. Even in our class alone, there are about 25 completely different people. Everyone has their own thoughts and own feelings. I have learned not to judge other people because although someone might have different feelings everyone is their own individual person and has their own unique style. You might think someone is weird or something but you have to have enough respect to respect them for the human being they are.

Bottom of the line it’s always good to treat others how you would like to be treated. My English class with Mrs. Bartram was one of my overall favorite classes I have ever had. I have not had any other classes like this one. I actually felt like I learned things about the outside world and life rather than just school work. I really feel like this class changed my good personality into a better personality towards other people. I learned that I need to take responsibility of my assigned work and to stay caught up.

I also learned that I can do good and be successful on anything I put my mind too. This class really helped me be motivated to learn new things and to do good on all of my essays. I feel like I have become a better writer and also a better learner. All in all the most important thing I learned and will follow the rest of my life is to not judge other people. Everyone is different in one way or another and everybody should be treated equally as a human being. This class was a big help to me and I know it also changed my future.