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According to Plato, a perfect society is a society that is organized in a superlatively efficient way, a society, which some scholars consider as an aristocratic government (Phylosophypages, 2001). Plato had it that such a society is made up of the rulers, the soldiers, and the people.

In this perfect society, Plato claimed that the guardians of the state are supposed to be people with skills to lead. He was however, incredulous by the fact that this may not be achieved in the future of the perfect society. To this fact he gives an ingenious riposte, such societies will be under the guardianship of the offspring of the current guardians.That means what the future society will be under the guardianship of a not skill but the benefits of inheritance. In such a society, dissatisfaction is possibly the way of the day. Plato maintained that for dissatisfaction an understanding of the nature of the human being is the answer. That is, people are naturally different and they have where they fit in the society (Philosophyprofessor).

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In such a situation, they will be able to rule the society. A perfect society, I believe, is one that is distinctive by leaders who have the interests of the society at hand.That is, a society under the reign of guardians who are in favor of the members of the society and their needs. A society that is simply having rulers who have inherited power is liable to doom. This is because, in most cases, such kinds of people not only lack the wisdom to rule, but they are also corrupted by the benefits of inheritance that they become nefarious with power. However, in a situation where someone who has inherited power is able to stand for the wishes of the people then can lead a perfect society. The wishes of the governed should the guiding factor here.

It defines what the society stands for and what it aims to achieve, anybody going against such things is in contravention to the core values of the society and thus he will create a flawed society A perfect society has rulers to guide the way, the soldiers to protect the state, and the people to be guided. In this society, the people need to follow their private interests so long as they are in line with the goals of the society. Plato argued that in a perfect society, the work of the rest of the people is to follow the leaders (Phylosophypages, 2001). Following leaders can be detrimental if not done wisely.Plato’s version of a perfect society is one the rest of the people subordinate their personal desires to a higher purpose of the state (Philosophyprofessor). Thus, nobody has the opportunity to pursue his or her own personal desires everything is under tight check and thus one can only engage in something that is appreciated by the leaders of the society. I believe such a society lacks the freedom for innovation. This society will limit progress to the discretion of the leaders who might not have the wisdom to comprehend real progress.

Thus, this society may not be the perfect society after some time.A society that appreciates hard work is a perfect society where the guardians do not determine the way for the members but they support the visionary ideas of the society. This is a role model society since the goals of the society will be achieved through the innovations and the investments made by the brainy members of the society. So how can a perfect society are achieved? The main way is to allow for rectitude in leadership. This is possible in a situation where members of the society choose leaders on the basis of candor as opposed to choosing leaders on racial or ethnic grounds.

Such leaders will be espousing all that is for the benefit of the society and anything not in favor they will not endorse. They will provide room for progress and thus achieve a perfect society. In assessing the vision of a perfect society, one should consider the following; are the members of the society happy, and is justice the backbone of every decision on the society. Such information is essential in determining a perfect society and it can be got directly from the members of the society who are ruled.