Reflective practice can be used for different purposes.

Some examples: • Helps identify gaps in skills and knowledge and learning needs • Analyse complex and challenging situations • Analyse communication and relationships with colleagues • Examine the way we make decisions. (Bolton, 2001) This reflection paper is going to discuss my experience of the PDAF course. The discussions are based on my feeling during the lesson and the feedback from group members.Through the discussing, the critical improvement I have got in the module will also be presented. In the end, a short conclusion will also be made for this paper. What did I learn/achieve in PDAF and my thoughts/feelings about my career journey In this module, I have learnt various skills not only benefit for my careers but also my social live. First thing I have learnt is the presentation skill. As an assistant accountant, I have seldom done the presentation in the past years and I did not know how to present properly.

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But PDAF provided me a good opportunity to speak out in front of people and the feedback help me recognize my strength and weakness (appendix 1/ lesson 2). A good preparation is not enough for a successful presentation, but also need to present naturally, speak loudly and clearly, that could help to transfer presenter’s ideas to the listeners correctly and efficiently. Secondly, this module also helps me realize the importance of the communication, however, how to make amends for the weakness by exploiting the strengths during the job interview is specially important.As my mother tongue is Chinese and did not speak English frequently before, when I communicate with others in English, especially when talk with the interviewer in the official environment, I was a bit nervous that make me could not speak smoothly and explain my idea clearly. Regarding this issue, my group member suggested me, since the language is my communication barrier, in order to get the job successfully, I should give prominence to my strength to match the job requirements instead of highlight the weakness (appendix 5/lesson 6).Another thing I have learnt from PDAF is listening. Before learn about the subject, I believe that good speaking equals good communication, but actually in practice I have ignore many information when communicate with spouse, partner, children or friends, just hearing but not listening. For instant, after they trying to tell me something, I could not catch what they want to show but ask “I’m sorry what did you say”, that shows no respect to them but actually that was not I want to show, ignore listening lead to misunderstanding in the communication.

After I recognize the importance of listening, I decide to improve my listening skills, every time when I talk with people, I try to force myself concentrate on the conversation even the topic may not interest me. That does not only help me in receiving information but also improving my speaking, because through listening I understand others interesting much better than before. PDAF also help me know myself well. Before join this module, I did never thinking about my personal characters, did never reflect how my personality will influence myself and how to improve myself.But in this module, I have recognize that I am ISTJ type MBTI personality ( appendix 3/lesson 4).

I am thinking carefully, analyze things logically and try to make things done perfectly. But on the other side, it is difficult for me to adapt to the changing environment, do not easy to accept others’ different opinion especially when the opinions against my previous experience. That may due to my job habit, as accounting department normally separate from other department and do not need to contact with others too frequently and need to be independent.

But in reality, the society and environment change greatly, the old role may not suit for the changeable environment, if I still resist to change and too rely on personal experience, I will be out from today’s world. By recognizing that, I try to open my mind to the new items, new thoughts, try new activities and try to communicate with person in different field. The last point but not the end in this paper is the plan for the career.Before join PADF course I do not know how to make a good CV even I have nearly 20 years work experience, and I do never recognize a good resume is so important for the job hunting. (lesson 6/topic 8) As now I have known that a successful CV would not match for all the job application, the CV must be simple, unique and contains the informations which matched for different requirements; this requires to adjust the CV for each application. Not only the CV but more important is, I have started to set up the target for my future career.

I believe that my further development still is on the financial accounting, in order to achieve that, I have tried to discover more about the responsibilities and requirements for the career from different employ groups and industry sectors through the different source, such as job agency, company website, news paper, etc. so that can make myself ready for the coming opportunities at anytime. My follow-up after PDAF and conclusion This PADF module help to identify my strength and weakness.As completer-finisher(appendix 1) type of person matched with Belbin Team Role Theory, my strength is painstaking, conscientious, disciplined, reliable, But my visibility may not be high, and sometimes may focus too much on details. Therefore, I need to learn more of the big picture and understand the rationale and user of accounting information.

Instead of focusing only on accounting itself, I also need to have the knowledge of other subjects like business, management, etc. My major weakness is communication skill. English is not my first language, however, I should not view it as barrier to my communication.Besides improving on my language skill, as pointing out in “Lesson 8/topic 10”, other skills are equally important like confidence, body language and more practice.

Overall, this PDAF lesson does not only benefit my current and future career, keep myself employability and mobilable, but also help me in my daily life like becoming more confident and better person. I intend to reflect annually through the writing of Reflective Dairy , because it is a very good technique to further enable me to understand this ongoing learning process and increase active involvement and make better use of this lesson.