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As a portion of my FETAC Level 5 Major Award ( QQI ) in Work Experience, I was required to make an assignment divided in 6 parts covering the Business and Office Administration sector by analyzing the vocational country for the assorted influences and tendencies.


The intent of this survey is to acquire an overall position of the Office and Business Administration sector in Ireland. I have tried to acquire every bit much information possible in this sector, which continues to alter and better.

Through this survey I have tried to analyze the sector and highlight the importance in broader footings. I have briefly touched the populace and private sectors in Ireland and studied the calling chances available in concern and office disposal. I have besides tried to analyze the occupation duties and the accomplishments and makings one needs to hold to gain a respectable wage.

Business and Office accomplishments are required by every administration. Schools, colleges, infirmaries, authorities offices, private concerns, medical and legal houses are few to call. These accomplishments help run the administration expeditiously and swimmingly on daily footing.

When taking a calling in any field, it is of import to see the particulars. What types of occupations are available, what are the makings needed for that peculiar place, what is the salary being offered, what responsibilities does the place expect to transport out.

Question 1

Outline the scope of calling chances within your chosen workplace sector bespeaking the makings required at each degree.


As a portion of my assignment I was required to research and analyze the different calling chances and pecuniary growing available to a individual with the right makings and accomplishments in the Business and Office Administration sector.

Public sectorare organisations owned and operated by the authorities autumn under this sector. For illustration county offices, wellness attention Centres, Garda and prison services, local and cardinal authorities sections, fire service, defense mechanism, postal services, educational institutes, coach / dart / luas and many more.

For a individual to do a calling in the populace sector ‘s administrative section

Clerical Officer ( CO ) is the first measure of the ladder.

The following degree is the Executive Officer ( EO ) .

Higher Executive Officer ( HEO ) .

Administrative Military officers ( AO ) are the following in line.

Assistant Principal ( AP )


Secretary General

Third Secretary or Junior Diplomat.

Private sectorare those organisations that are in private owned and non owned or run by the authorities belong to the private sector. These normally include net income and non-profit corporations, partnerships, bargainers and charities. For illustration, retail shops, recognition brotherhoods, and local concerns in the undermentioned sectors – agricultural, building fabrication, professional services – finance, medical specialty and jurisprudence, conveyance, travel and cordial reception, communications, other public-service corporations such as gas, phone and Mobile services, electricity.

There are a figure of places one can use to in the private sector. To call a few are


Help Desk / Call Centre / Support Staff or Customer Service Representative

Histories or Payroll Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Secretary – General Secretary, Medical Secretary, Legal Secretary

Selling Assistant

Human Resource Assistant

Personal Assistant

Office Manager



Executive Assistant

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There are different degrees that one can use for – Entry Level, Middle Level and Higher Level. Each degree requires certain experience, accomplishments and makings. The nature of work varies depending on the type and size of concern and whether one works in the public sector or private sector.

Wages vary as per the occupation degree. Certain standards are taken into consideration when make up one’s minding the salary construction – accomplishments and old ages of experience, educational making.

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Some Job Profiles

Secretaryas an indispensable member of any administration handles all administrative and clerical responsibilities and aids with the day-to-day undertakings, behaviors research for long term undertakings, manages information and supervises other administrative employees. Merely a high school sheepskin or its equivalent is needed to measure up for the occupation ; on-the-job preparation is common. Positions besides exist at the executive degree and in the legal and medical Fieldss, which could so necessitate specialised instruction and/or cognition. Proficiency in English and computing machines – word processing, excel, typing, filing is what makes a good secretary. Good communicating and administration accomplishments are the chief standards.

Get downing wages can run from ˆ12,000 to ˆ16,000 per twelvemonth. Depending on the experience the wage can travel up to 35K.

Receptionistbeing the first individual that clients come in contact with, nowadayss a first good feeling about the company by recognizing, welcoming, and directing the clients, providers and visitants suitably ; pull offing the forepart of an office and maintaining desk tidy ; managing phone calls, electronic mails and mail.

To work as a receptionist academic makings are non mandatory but GCSE in Maths and English is preferred. A professional attack and strong communicating and client service accomplishments are needed.

Get downing from ˆ12,000-15,000 per twelvemonth and can increase up to ˆ24,000 depending on the industry. The mean wage for a Receptionist is ˆ22,461 per twelvemonth.

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Clerical Officergrips general clerical responsibilities e.g. answering/making telephone calls, covering with correspondence, filing, photocopying, response desk, keeping informations utilizing computing machine or manual systems, and other general office responsibilities. Grade D ( or a Pass ) , in Higher or Ordinary Degree, in five topics from the sanctioned list of topics in the Department of Education Established Leaving Certificate Examination or Leaving Certificate Vocational Programmeorat least two old ages old service in an office of Grade III, Grade II, Grade II typist or Grade I is all that is needed. Proficient in word processing accomplishments – Word, Excel and PowerPoint, peculiarly in the country of velocity, truth and presentation ; verbal/written communication/interpersonal accomplishments every bit good as first-class administration accomplishments ; first-class cognition of the Irish Legislation are asked for the place.

Salary is set in the civil service with he current graduated table starting at

ˆ20,859 and traveling to ˆ33,078 ( after 3 old ages on upper limit ) , ˆ37341 ( after 6 old ages on upper limit ) .

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Human Resources Assistant is chiefly responsible for keeping employee records and certification concerning grudges, expirations, absences and public presentation studies. Handle recruiting, engaging or developing new employees, posting occupation gaps, garnering information from appliers, verifying anterior employment, reaching mentions and allowing appliers know whether they got the occupation. Equally good as replying inquiries from employees or the public refering the company is carried out..

With merely a high school instruction a individual can get down a calling in this field. Strong computing machine and interpersonal accomplishments are besides necessary. On-the-job preparation is given.

Alumnus entrants can get down at ˆ25,000 and rise to ˆ40,000 per twelvemonth with experience. The more the experience, the better the wage.Senior forces officers, particularly in big administrations, earn well in surplus of ˆ100,000. Salary degrees for HR officers vary well across sector. Wages in big private companies tend to be higher than those for workers in local governments.

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Selling Assistanthelps the Marketing Manager oversee the advertisement, gross revenues publicities, PR for the concern. Daily administrative undertakings, welcoming clients and fixing studies for the company along with market researching are handled. With accent on computing machine cognition and the ability to multi-task any alumnus can go a selling helper but selling and concern experience is an advantage. Good communicating and organizational accomplishments, good squad participant, are considered an plus.

The salary scope for a selling helper is from ˆ19,000 to ˆ35,000 per twelvemonth.

Histories Assistantgives administrative support to comptrollers, set abouting clerical undertakings such as typewriting, filing, doing phone calls, managing mail and basic bookkeeping.ensuring all histories including disbursals and general shelfs systems are under control and in perfect order. Customer service and communicating accomplishments, and first-class attending to item are really indispensable. Knowledge of low-level accounting and basic accomplishments in book-keeping are preferred, anterior to get downing the occupation. Experience of office-based computing machine systems and package is normally necessary.

One must be qualified holding accounting experience, if possible. A making relevant to accountancy would be ideal, though in-house preparation is frequently available to those working as histories helpers. Degrees ( unmarried mans or Masterss ) in accounting, finance, statistics, economic sciences or maths would be desirable.

The mean wage normally is around ˆ25,000 per twelvemonth.


It is of import to understand the difference between the private and public sector as privateness rights differ as per the statute law the administration is governed under.

Geting into Clerical and Administrative work requires strong written and spoken communicating accomplishments, together with computing machine accomplishments, organizational and clip direction accomplishments, and the ability to finish undertakings to a high criterion.

A big figure of classs relevant to callings in Clerical and Administration are run in PLC and IT colleges throughout the state. Students through these classs gain experience in all facets of the engineering relevant to the smooth running of modern office environments. Courses are normally one twelvemonth in continuance and are full-time with work experience a compulsory portion of their survey. These classs aim to fit their pupils with the necessary practical and calculating accomplishments and the cognition necessary for the dynamic universe of concern. Courses would typically include capable countries such as IT skills ( Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database ) , Business Law, Book-keeping, Communications and Business Calculations. Advanced disposal classs are besides available for specific sector countries. Because of the progressively fast gait of concern life today, all clerical staff must larn how to work expeditiously under force per unit area, and in a multiplicity of ways, in a fast changing environment. The populace who interact with the administration can be really demanding. Front office staff must be able to cover with the populace in a composure, but efficient, friendly mode.

For this sort of calling, you need to hold good written and spoken English. It is going progressively of import to be moderately adept in at least one other European linguistic communication. Qualities such as good organizational accomplishments, keyboard and computing machine accomplishments, competency in pull offing office demands, good communicating accomplishments, a pleasant mode and a neat and tidy visual aspect are besides of import.