Refugees seeking employment could facemany problems There could also be problems of speaking the language. Mostrefugees would not know how to speak English, so it will take a while for themto speak English fluently.  According to the UNHCR (United Nations HighCommissioner for Refugees) there are 65.

6 million people who are forciblydisplaced in the world. Of those, 22.5 million have the status of a refugee,which whom half of them are under 18.

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16% of the refugees are hosted in theAmericas. In 2016, only 189,300 refugees were settled worldwide!Refugees canonly return to their same jobs with recertification. However, becoming re-certified  requires a lot of  financial, emotional, and time commitment. Soit will probably be a while till they can start taking care of themselvesfinancially. For them to get used to the new job that could take a while. Imean, if you were a doctor there and a janitor here, it will take a while to getused to mopping floors and cleaning. For some refugees who want to becomedoctors or engineers again, they have to go through a lengthy process of makingtheir degrees equivalent to a U.S degree.

To me I feel that if a refugee had a job in his home that heloved, he should be able to have it here. The reason why, is because if someonewas passionate of doing that job or it was their dream to have that job, thenwhy can’t they have it here? If you were a engineer and had to study 5 hardyears, then forced to leave your country, would you want to go get anotherdegree? No, probably not. For example, this is a truestory.

There is a Syrian refugee who is really struggling to find a job. Hesaid his job was perfect in Syria. Until he came here, here he is struggling tofind anybody hiring for his job. Some people also don’t want to hire himbecause he  doesn’t speak English. Notonly that, sometimes the jobs that they do well over there might not havesufficient market in America. The man has 3 children, and can barely supportthem with an apartment and food. The man was a painter and decorator. Nobodyhere is willing to give him a chance.

I think that is completely unfair.Everybody in life needs a fair chance, so just give it to him. This job doesnot need lots of language or communication skills, but yet he is struggling tofind somebody who will trust him with it. Just think, he could maybe be thebest worker in the business. Now sadly he lives in a refugee camp. The manhimself said that the only trouble with hiring was the language, that’s it.

 A lot of refugees nowwork weird jobs and work late hours for very little pay, and they are gettingno benefit what so ever. Education to get a job for refugees is also hard, somerefugees who aren’t in camps can’t find the money to go back to school and getthere old jobs back.Another really big problem is racial discrimination. Millions ofrefugees around the world have to face discrimination and fear the fear behindit everyday.

Human Rights Watch discovered a pattern of police abuse and otherforms of violent discrimination against refugees. Such practices endangerrefugee lives by exposing them to repeated physical and mental stress. Somediscrimination is not necessarily obvious. That might include restrictingfreedom of travel, limiting employment rights, or denying the expression ofreligious identity; such as the hijab. How can we make refugee lives better and more productive in ourcommunity? We as a community could do fundraisers to help raise money forrefugees that need to go to school to be employed. We as a community can alsohelp refugees with money for education for little kids. Example is languageclass.

We can provide the refugees with a language class to help them getemployed for a job. Because like I said, a big problem for getting employed islanguage. We can even help them with legal support to help them get employedand re-certified. There are many things we can do to help the refugees in theworld, but please try your best to help.