Small companies typically have difficulty competing against large multinationals when their governments take part in regional trade blocs. What could governments do to help their small companies compete after the formation of such blocs? Regional trade blocs are intergovernmental associations that deal with and promote trade activities for specific regions of the world.

The small business world has a hard time competing with big business. The business of trading exports and imports is mostly done by small businesses.The United States and Canada have an agreement not to charge small trucking company tariff tax when crossing the border; this will help these companies grow.

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The IFTA helps protect the small businesses that have copy rights on products so their products cannot be copied. Another way governments help small companies with the regional trade bloc is by offering classes on how the trade blocs work and how things need to be done to make them the most proficient and understand the laws of the trade bloc.Many governments offer loans to small businesses that want to start exporting goods with low interest rates, some businesses may even qualify for grants to get the trading process going. Another thing the government can do to help small business is give them tax breaks for a period of time so they can get their business up and going and start turning a profit.

The government seems to have helped big business more than the smaller ones because there is more money involved but that actually is not true the big business only makes up about 4% of the export import trades so that leaves 96% that small businesses are doing. The Obama Administration is trying to get more help for small businesses so the economy will improve and help the small businesses survive the recession.