Registering Vendor:-Now, we need to register vendor.

Now, I am telling you what is vendor for us. Vendor is master ofwarehouse. What will ERP do with vendor registration? There are following process.1. Define vendor group2. Define vendor profiling3.

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Define vendor trade agreement4. Define purchase agreements5. Creating purchase order6. Define Vendor charge group7. Manage Vendor invoicesVendor Groups:-We can use vendor groups, for example, to set up automatic posting to general ledger accounts forrevenue that's generated by vendors.

Also, we can set up ledger accounts for automatictransactions that are generated from receipt and inventory issue.Vendor Posting Profile:-In the vendor posting profiles, the summary accounts are defined for vendors which control whereinvoices and payments will post that are selected to post to a vendor account.Trade agreements are fixed price or discount agreements set up for one or more vendors who willbe selling individual or multiple products.Create Charges CodesCharges codes are codes you can use to track sales amounts in addition to line items. For example,you might have freight and insurance charges on a purchase order which might be itemizedseparately on the purchase order.

Creating purchase order.A purchase agreement is a contract committing a customer to buy a product in a defined quantity oramount over time in exchange for special pricing and discounts.Manage vendor invoiceA payment schedule consists of consecutive payments in set time intervals, and they can be a setamount or a specified amount of payments in which the amount owed is divided to create equalpayments.

We use a term of payment for calculation of the due date based on the date of the invoice.A vendor invoice for a purchase order is an invoice that is attached to a purchase order.Invoice matching is the process of matching vendor invoice, purchase order, and product receiptinformation.Settle the Vendor’s payment by electronic in payment method.

Registering Customer:Now, we need to register customer. Now, Customer for us who wants to inventory for short timeperiod that is in already parcel. These Customers are like flipkart, Sneapdeal, Amazon etc.1. Customer group2. Trade agreement3. Credit Limit4. Create Charges Codes5.

Create Customer Sales Agreements6. Create Sales order7. Manage customer invoice.8. Electronic Payment by customerCustomer Group:-customer groups can be used to set up automatic posting to general ledger accounts for any revenuegenerated by customers.

Also you can set up ledger accounts for automatic transactions generatedin connection with receipt and inventory issue.Trade agreements can be configured for a specific customer or product, groups of customers orgroups of items, all customers or all items.Credit limit :-you can specify the maximum amount of credit to extend to your customers.Charges codes are codes you can use to track sales amounts in addition to line items.A sales agreement is a contract committing a customer to buy a product in a defined quantity oramount over time in exchange for special pricing and discounts.Create Sales Order.A customer invoice for a sales order is a bill that an organization gives to a customer in connectionwith a sale.Registering WarehouseRegistering Warehouse is very important steps.

There are following steps1. Define Dimension of warehouse2. Distribution of warehouse in Location ID.3. Define Packing slip4. Define Activate warehouse’s PathDefine Dimension of warehouseAll item transactions can be marked with the details of the warehouse, which will then follow thetransactions throughout the system.Distribution of warehouse in Location IDDistribution of warehouse in location ID, divide into small Part, Depend on Size of boxes which isused or more register box comes.

Define Packing slipAfter creating Sales order we register box then define Packing slip.Define Activate warehouse’s PathWhen Packing slip done by warehouse management we define Path by basis of Assignmentalgorithm.Connecting Website of Waring with ERP1. Customer Register2. Item Register3. Vendor Register4. Warehouse Register5. Warehouse availability6.

Warehouse CostingCustomer RegisterRegistration of customers with company’s Address. These data goes into ERP . ERP is controlling byus.Item RegisterRegistration of item with size of boxes. The data goes into ERP.Vendor RegisterVendors register himself with vendor’s Address. These data goes into ERP.Warehouse RegisterWarehouse register with cost.

These data goes into ERP.Warehouse availabilityThe Warehouse availability in that route with cost will shows into warehouse available form afteritem registration. These data comes through ERP.Warehouse CostingThese costing done by assignment algorithm , Which done by machine by using algorithm. When wedo costing by automatically.