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Relationships are the way in which two or more people are connected.

The relationships that we make in life are very easy to forge; however they are not so easy to maintain. In the relationships of Biggie and the protagonist in ‘Big World’ and that of Max and Raelene in’ The Turning’ both by Tim Winton, we see relationships forged, and then fall apart very rapidly. Between Biggie and the protagonist we see absolute loyalty resulting in the downfall of the relationship. In ‘The Turning’ a once loving and strong relationship becomes one of violence.Through idiom, simile, colloquial language and irony Winton expresses that relationships are easy to forge but not so easy to maintain. Loyalty is one of the fundamental traits that are present in a successful relationship. Without loyalty doubts of trust and lack of respect begin to come to the fore and relationships begin to crumble.

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Within the relationship of Biggie and the protagonists, loyalty is the most important factor as to why the relationship began. “But I never touched her again. Out of loyalty. ” Winton shows how much the protagonist sacrificed for Biggie.

He would often do Biggie’s schoolwork out of loyalty regardless of the consequences of his marks. This show absolute loyalty towards Biggie and that the friendship was forged easy. However absolute loyalty towards a person is not always the absolute criteria for a successful relationship. Within every relationship some form of loyalty will be present that contributes to the successful relationship. However, absolute loyalty can lead to deterioration in a person’s quality of life and happiness.

We see the protagonist in ‘Big World’ be totally loyal to Biggie regardless of the consequences.He blames himself for Biggie’s inability to try at school in the line, “I feel responsible, like my ghost work stopped him from learning. In a way I ruined his chances”. The idiom shows the protagonist all though at no fault his absolute loyalty towards Biggie leads to his results and happiness being extremely lowered and he realised this when he states, “Friendship, I suppose, comes at a price”. Loyalty is a trait that helps forge a relationship but can also destroy a relationship.

Within every relationship there is an amount of love. The emotion of strong ffection and personal attachment is a trait that without a relationship would exist. Love is present in The Turning between the relationship of Max and Raelene. However this love one that begins out well turns out into one of physical and sexual assault.

“He stared at her like a hungry man, like she was food, and it made her feel powerful. All night she had tingles knowing he wanted her” shows how the love was at first sight between Max and Raelene. The use of simile shows Max’s lust for Raelene and depicts him as an animal. This love that forges the relationship is instant and shows how easy this relationship was formed.

Love can also be a negative aspect of a relationship. One-sided love can lead to problems in a relationship and affects someone’s overall happiness in life. The love that Raelene has for Max is one that results in her being oblivious to the massive change in Max’s behaviour. The line, “Raelene imagined that she still loved Max… Whatever kind of bastard he was, he still needed her.

” Through the colloquial language use of ‘bastard’ we see Raelene’s belief on what she thinks Max is. However the 3rd person narration expresses her desire for his love.Thus, expressing the one-sided love in the relationship and how Raelene manipulates the situation to make it seem better than it is. Love although results in easy forged relationships can often make it not so easy to maintain them. Violence is the expression of physical force against one or more people. It is an act that can destroy relationships and make them very hard to maintain.

Violence is a key theme that is expressed in ‘The Turning’ between Raelene and Max. “Raelene hit the van so hard it felt as though her eyeballs would spurt from their sockets”.The simile expresses the shear force at which she hit the van showing the violent nature and raw strength that Max had over Raelene. This violent behaviour that happened at the end of the story clearly shows Max’s use of power of Raelene and the maintaining of this relationship was no longer existent.

Power balance is a very important factor that contributes to a successful relationship. If both persons involved in a relationship have equal power then it can be forged and kept. This is not present in ‘Big World’ between Biggie and the protagonists. “He’s enjoying being brighter than her… It’s me all over.It’s how I am with him and it’s not pretty”. Irony is used to great effect to show the balance is power change from the protagonists to Biggie.

This shows the unequal power levels between the protagonist and Biggie and that he believes that he is more intelligent making him the more dominate in the relationship. The protagonist often talks about Biggie’s faults with women ironically the protagonists is with left alone like Biggie always was leaving him extremely jealous. The power balance in this relationship inevitably results in the ending of the relationship. Unequal power balances often lead to deterioration in a relationship.The power balance can mean that one person can act wrongly however the other person can do nothing about it.

This unequal power balance is present in ‘The Turning’ between Max and Raelene. “He was crying and she did not pity him. He was gone and it didn’t matter when. Everything was new…She was free”. The use of short sentence structure shows the power balance change between the characters and that Raelene is finally “free’ from his power hold. She states that everything is new; she no longer needs to escape his violence as she no longer loves him and is therefore free.This breaking or change of power is a large reason why relationships fail.

Forging relationships can be an easy task that happens by a single act of defence or love at first sight. However relationships are ever changing and are not so easy to maintain. Loyalty and love are factors that can form and relationship but also can destroy one as well. Violence and unequal power within a relationship result in failure and will not work. The key to relationships is happiness and without happiness and relationship shouldn’t and will not exist.