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Religion Versus Common Sense Essay, Research Paper

Religion vs. Common Sense

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Of all the things learned and decided in 1s life, the topic of faith is ever considered the most of import. This study really good may upset some of the? Bible belt? Christians, who can non look to let any idea or thought but at that place ain, but it needs to be said. The footing is simple, in today? s universe, and particularly here in America, the construct of faith has taken an unfortunate bend.

The power of faith has been given about entirely to the incorrect people. Priest, Evangelist, Pastors, Cardinals, and all the remainder have been given the power to construe the Bible to their liking. Peoples who attend church believe that they are traveling to Heaven merely for the fact that they attend every Sunday forenoon. I guess they feel that they can so knock everyone for there wickednesss, and bury about at that place ain. The celebrated stating holds true, ? absolute power corrupts perfectly? , and the church has been corrupted to an intolerable extent. Narrative after narrative, the populace is bombarded with intelligence high spots of corrupt Preachers and elevangelists who have embezzled money from the church and 1000s of dollars from difficult working citizens.

But the worst thing that the Christian society has traveling for it is the hypocritical bulk that has saturated the whole population of the United States with the thought that the Church is fundamentally a enchantress Hunt.

Today? s Churches are no longer topographic points of Holy worship and assemblage for survey of the bible, but is alternatively a topographic point for the ladies to demo off there new frocks and to distribute chitchat that they heard throughout the hebdomad.

They call themselves Christians and Americans, but they are far from both. True Christians spread the religion and effort to salvage lost psyches, but alternatively have become involved in political relations of the twenty-four hours. Case in point, when the Christians Coalition-back Kenneth Starr probe began to assail President Clinton, I heard from several intelligent nonchristians that they could ne’er see believing in a religion that allowed such persecution and hatred.

Although they say they teach love, detest seems to be the chief subject of the twenty-four hours. When it comes to the issue of separation of church and province, they are speedy to leap and reason against it. This would be all right with me, but the ignorant fools merely believe in discoursing their ain faith, blind to the fact that this is a direct smack in the face to everyone who worships another manner. Who would desire to change over to a faith so unmindful and asinine?

What about the issue of development? Most believe that it is blasphemous to dispute the Bibles version of the morning of clip and the creative activity of adult male, but I believe that God has a manner to explicate everything that has happened and will go on, such as the terminal of clip. For case, it says that the Heavens and the Earth was created in seven yearss, but do you believe God is running on the s

ame clock we are? On the other manus, for that affair, do you believe he is running on any clock at all? Possibly the seven yearss was in fact several billion old ages. However, to acquire back to the evolutionary treatment, it is science fact that development occurs. Whether societal Darwinism or natural choice, development is the basic inherent aptitude of an animate being to last. To turn out to any individual that it is existent, do person measure outside in the center of winter with nil on but a brace of trunkss and a T-shirt. Next to them, put a jacket and some insulated bloomerss. Reminding them that they can non come inside for 10 proceedingss, literally anyone would set the excess vesture on. Why? Because the individual was, cold and they did non desire to stop dead.

Possibly the most mind boggling thing that today? s people think is at that place take on alleged other faiths. Christians hate Muslims. Muslims hatred Christians. Why? Because they are from different parts of the universe. Not because they worship different faiths, because although no 1 wants to here it, the two faiths are the same.

It is said in the Bible that everyone will be given a opportunity to here the Gospel, but that is about an impossible effort since Christianity is non even the universes largest faith. The two faiths believe and worship the same thing, merely there are little differences because they are so geologically diverse. When you put two mice of the same size in two separate environments, they will turn and accommodate otherwise, although deep down they are basically the same. It is unfortunate that today? s Christians have there caputs so far each others but with all the infighting that they can non carry through anything. How can I aspect them to make out to followings of Islam if they are still quibbling over each religious order, such as Baptist, Church Of Christ, Presbyterians, and so 4th.

So when make up one’s minding on a faith, if one has no already take one, possibly one might follow my way. I believe in my God, who I put entire and deathless love and religion in. I would non believe twice about deceasing for my beliefs, for I know that they are merely and true. I do non fear decease, since I know that a better topographic point awaits me after this short span on Earth is over. I ever remember a few simple things, my God is ne’er short on hard currency, but assisting others is the lone manner. I believe that a individual must truly experience regretful for their wickednesss, and must atone against them. I believe that my positions should be heard for they could salvage lost psyches, but non to coerce them upon others, for it would frighten them off possibly everlastingly. I believe to make on to others that you would hold them make to you, which is the 1 that most Christians have forgotten. I eventually believe ( among several other things ) that about all Monistic faiths are the same, and that if you do genuinely believe in God and have been saved, that you will be welcomed into the Gates of Heaven. But delight do non take my word for it find out for yourself. Thank you, God bless, and goodnight.