Since the European colony of Australia. the Autochthonal people have been represented in a myriad of ways. The Rabbits ( 1998 ) . an allegorical image book by John Marsden ( author ) and Shaun Tan ( illustrator ) and Rabbit Proof Fence ( 2002 ) . a movie directed by Phillip Noyce. are merely two illustrations of this. Techniques such as music. altering camera angles and symbolism are utilised in Rabbit Proof Fence to stand for the Aboriginal people as strong-minded and religious and in The Rabbits.

hyperbole. different coloring material subjects and position are used to portray the Aborigines as technologically inferior and overwhelmed against the Europeans.In both texts. the Autochthonal people are represented as oppressed by the Europeans. The Rabbit Proof Fence uses techniques such as slow gesture close-ups.

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speedy passage camera shootings and intense music to demo the strong-minded nature of the Aboriginals. which are be used in the scene where the three misss are taken by constable Riggs. Just before constable Riggs. we already hear the music edifice up the tenseness with some soft. yet baleful music and as they see the auto. there is a little silence before the intense music slams all of a sudden to back up and symbolize the pandemonium and confusion of this portion of the scene.

This brief reprieve in music and the slow gesture close-up shootings of the horror-stricken looks on the faces of all of them emphasises the pandemonium that was about to go on when constable Riggs pursuits and captures the misss. Even after the misss were obstructed by the auto and constable Riggs was taking the misss one by one. they continued to defy. particularly Molly. who screamed and kicked the door shut as Riggs attempted to jostle her inside the back place.The speedy passage camera shootings that accompany this subdivision of the scene from one character to another. exemplifies the franticness of it.

During this scene. we clearly see the considerable sum will of opposition the Aborigines have because of the fact that. although they were powerless against the Europeans. they resisted to the acrimonious terminal.

On the other manus. in The Rabbits. the Aboriginals ( the Numbats ) are represented as technologically inferior by the usage of techniques such as: coloring material strategies. hyperbole and disappearing points.Colour strategies in this book are used efficaciously to underscore the Indigenous population’s simpleness in life as the Aboriginal coloring material strategies consist of chromaticities that blend good and heartily with its milieus so the general overview of the texture of the picture in smooth. However. when analyzing the Europeans ( the Rabbits’ ) colony in panels such as four and five. the colorss are really crisp and more suitable to the usage of making difficult borders.

which has been done as seen from the geometric building of the objects within these two panels.In the 10th panel. the hyperbole of the wheat aggregators is used to demo the Europeans’ superior cognition in machinery. in non merely size. but besides the measure of objects that are attached like the lights-outs. In the 8th panel.

another representation of the Aboriginal’s lower status in equipment is portrayed in the underside right manus corner by an absolute domination in work force and arms. This is besides epitomized by the disappearing point in that peculiar frame. which fundamentally shows the reader that the ground forces of soldiers is close to infinite.

The spiritualty of the Aboriginal people towards their land is portrayed in Rabbit Proof Fence by utilizing symbolism. music and camera displacements. when Molly and Daisy on the brink of losing hope in the desert. In this scene.

the really slow. keening music gives an audio representation of the two girls’ weariness and hopelessness. utilizing little speech patterns to make so at every measure. When the misss do fall in onto the land.

Molly sees an bird of Jove surging in the sky above them.This bird of Jove. as explained by Molly’s female parent in opening scene. was a symbol of protection and safety in Aboriginal civilization. The visual aspect of this bird of Jove in their clip of demand emphasises how the Aborigines are genuinely bonded. psychologically and physically. to their land and civilization. In this scene.

the camera shifts back and Forth between their seniors back at Jigalong and the misss in the desert. This changeless passage conveys the relationship between the misss ( protected by the bird of Jove ) and the seniors praying in an Aboriginal idiom for the girl’s safety.With these few illustrations. we can see how the Autochthonal people have a particular bond with their land through their cultural faith. which. in return. aids them when it is needed. Powerlessness of the Numbats ( Aboriginals ) against the Rabbits ( Europeans ) in The Rabbits is shown through the usage of words within the mise en scene.

Within this image book. Marsden contributes to the significance of the narrative to the readers through really short. but powerful sentences such as: “Sometimes we had fights/But there were excessively many rabbits/We lost the battles.” The manner these sentences are structured so that it places underscore the appropriate scenario that is happening in each panel. With Shaun Tan. he conveys the powerless nature of the Indigenous by puting the Europeans in the foreground and the Aboriginal’s off from the focal point. For illustration.

in panel 11. the coneies ( Europeans ) arjplaced in the foreground of the scene. keeping up the words. “and they stole our children” and the bantam banded anteaters ( Aborigines ) are away into the far distance. keeping up their custodies in a bootless gesture whilst their kids are being taken off from them.This representation of the banded anteaters in the background shows how the Europeans have gained most of the control in their land. doing a monolithic instability in power. The Rabbits and Rabbit Proof Fence supply audiences with different representations of the Autochthonal civilization by showing assorted thoughts by utilizing ocular and literary techniques to back up them with: music.

altering camera angles. hyperbole and position being a few that were discussed.