Should bike helmets be made compulsory for all bicycler? That is what two simple pupils asked for from their metropolis council. an regulation implementing the usage of Bicycle Safety helmets for kids under 12. So on April 25. 2002. in Richardson.

Texas. the metropolis council had decided against an regulation necessitating bike helmets for kids under 12. Of class they had their grounds for non go throughing the petition made by two immature misss. If they would hold taken a serious expression at the issue. they may hold viewed it otherwise.Assistant City Manager Mike Wanchick said. “A helmet seems to give a false sense of security to the bicycler. who feel less vulnerable and may sit less carefully.

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” He so went on to add. “As a consequence. riders have oning a helmet are more likely to hold an accident. ” ( Post ) Now. the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute ( BHSI ) statistics show four provinces accounted for 40 per centum of bike deceases in 2000. With Texas as one of them.

Yet. Wanchick says that “our basic place is that bike safety is a parents’ primary duty. ” adding ” What hurts childs are autos and we need to be working the traffic commendations out there* people who are licensed to drive autos. non childs larning to sit bikes. ” ( Post ) Even though 10 of the largest metropoliss in Texas have bicycle-helmet regulations including Dallas and Fort Worth.

But. Richardson Texas choose to non move on this issue. but turn a blind oculus to one of the soundless hurts and the bar of it by have oning a simple helmet.

The BHSI says the statistics show about 800 bicyclers die in the US every twelvemonth. Plus another one in eight of the bicyclers injured has a encephalon hurt.The metropolis besides cited U. S.

Consumer Product Safety Commission informations studies that the figure of caput hurts to bicyclers has increased by 10 % per centum since 1991. even with the rise in helmet usage. Cyclist has declined at the same clip. the information indicated. increasing the rate of caput hurts per active bicycler though the decennary by 51 % per centum.

The commission’s informations besides shows a significant decrease in cycling where helmet Torahs are in consequence. “That represents a public and private loss because cycling is an efficient. healthy and environmentally friendly signifier of transit.

” Mr. Wanchick said.Statisticss from the Institute for Traffic Safety analysis supports helmet usage stating.

“Wearing a motorcycle helmet can cut down the hazard of head hurt by 85 % per centum and encephalon hurt by 90 % per centum. ” Sing the odds person would believe it common sense to utilize a bike safety helmet when biking on public or private belongings. Not to advert the fact that we have Torahs and compulsory preparation for driving autos.

Why are bike operators granted so much more room for errors? They portion the same route as autos yet they need no instruction on safety. I believe bikes are about the lone recreational vehicle that by jurisprudence does non necessitate some type of preparation.Despite the facts the metropolis of Richardson. Texas. did what they believed was the right thing.

I would venture to state they where merely playing political relations and the fact the proposal was presented by two kids may hold played a factor in the terminal consequence. Should we hold with them? Well. that is up to everyone separately. I myself do non hold with how this instance was handled.

Since research shows a dramatic rise in use of safety helmets after the statute law was enacted. Plus research besides shows that caput hurts were cut in half with the usage of helmets. ( CMAJ ) But if the two kids can manage the letdown so I should excessively.