Respected Sir/Madam,Time hasengraved education into our culture where schools and academic excellence is a subjectfor all social gatherings. Capital of Pakistan is where I live. This city hasbred the largest number of professionals holding chief offices in public andprivate sector. It has foundations that continue the legacy of producing thebrains that churn the country. The government, tapping this potential, isconstantly rolling out scholarships and promoting programs to extend quality educationto every doorstep. The importance of spreading education is in the air that Ibreathe.

In anambience like this I started my schooling, given a very competitive andmotivating environment in school and ahead, I have been a goal-orientedindividual, with the drive to learn and excel. As I advance in my career, I amcommitted to working hard and using my full potential. The drive in me whichenflamed with competition made me get into one of the top institutes ofPakistan, a delve in the field of engineering and deliver the best in my futureendeavors.Given myappetite for and success with scientific academic pursuits, I feel compelled tocarve out my professional career in areas that involve the application ofengineering and help me to work towards a life time goal of contributingtowards improving the ecological well-being of the planet; subsequentlyimproving the quality of human life.I want toexpress my eagerness to work in such research and fellowship Program.

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Alongwith my experience in technological society, combined with my courses I haveprobed I am an energetic and highly motivated youth possessing excellentproject management skills. Interested in seeking an opportunity where I canutilize my strong communication skills, attention to detail, and engineeringexperience to positively contribute to the research realm with the objectivewhile gaining hands-on professional experience.My field ofinterest through this program would be Earthquake research. The state of art facilitiesyour institute ought to provide in this research helps augment its excellenceand diversity with the opportunity to apply technology to issues and challengesthat require implementation of sustainable strategies and techniques. As anambassador to these campaigns, I long to connect with the sustainability mindedstudents and professionals and capitalize on the exposure to accomplish my keygoals.My legacy combinedwith the evolving technology considerations of eco-construction sets thisoffering as an ideal major to help carve out my goals. I wish to learn the progressivetechnology to build facilities and infrastructure for the needs of the society somethingthat’s good tackle the Earthquake rush. I also covet to inculcate thediscipline and acknowledge the responsibility of the design limitations.

The ethicalresponsibility does not automatically mean serving at the forefront likedoctors or emergency respondents, but it requires thinking deeply about theproblems and doing all that one can to save lives. With an engineering mindset, I wish to work on creating technologies that not only help solve theproblem at hand but also help strive towards making the world an easier and betterplace to live. As give back, I must as the story does not start and end with ‘Me’but it certainly has a wonderful beginning with ‘Us’.Kindlyconsider my application for providing me with the most valuable research opportunityat you institute.Sincerely,Misbah Hamid