Last updated: April 19, 2019
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My function is within the finance map and I supervise one Team Administrator but I do frequently take the lead within finance undertakings. I presently work in Personal Care and Support within Runnymede Social Care Team. The squad delivers societal attention services for people aged 18 + . .

Duties of a Team Leader

1. To be responsible and accountable for the work and productiveness of the squad

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A squad director needs to be responsible for determinations made which steer the squad to finish undertakings. Decisions are usually made by garnering information and requesting feedback. However. there are clip when it will be necessary. due to short clip restraints that a Team Leader will necessitate to do a determination on the topographic point utilizing their ain cognition and experience.

2. To be cognizant of policies and processs and to pass on any alterations to staff

Team Leaderships need to be cognizant of policies and processs to be able to steer staff to finish undertakings within the remit of the section and County Council. They should besides do staff cognizant of any alterations.

3. Solve issues. struggle within the squad and covering with under public presentation.

Team Leaderships need to set steps in topographic point to cover with underperformance. This should affect treatment with the person involved. puting short term ends and supervising advancement. Any preparation demands should be identified and appropriate action taken to guarantee the person is equipped to finish the undertakings required.

4. Chair Team Meetings

Team Leaderships should chair effectual meetings by giving clear instructions when necessary. listening to and moving upon feed back and publishing a record of the meeting with action points for relevant staff with clear deadlines.

Two illustrations which would necessitate higher authorization.

1. A squad member wants to set about preparation which is non organised by Surrey County Council. The outgo would hold to be authorised by a senior director. 2. If issues could non be solved with under public presentation in an informal footing so a senior director would necessitate to do the determination to take a formal path.

Feedback on ain public presentation

I receive feedback on my ain public presentation within my assessment last April. Goals were agreed and monitored throughout the twelvemonth.

A strength that was identified was my ability to run into tight deadlines demonstrated by my completion on our “month end” procedure by the deadline each month.

An country for betterment is my deficiency of assurance at public speech production. I am required to finish finance initiations with Care Managers and I found myself acquiring flustered and non sounding confident in my cognition.

Establishing Trust

Trust can be established by effectual communicating and moving upon any issues with the squad or persons. Communicating openly and candidly without falsifying information maintaining promises and committednesss.