Last updated: July 19, 2019
Topic: ScienceEngineering
Sample donated:

“Online Restaurant Reservation System ( ORRS ) ” is web application. This system wake to supply service installation to restaurant and besides to the client. The services that are provided is nutrient telling and reserve table direction by the client through the system online. client information direction and menu information direction and study. Main nonsubjective build the system this is to supply telling and reserve service by online to the client. With this system online. ordination and reserve direction will go easier and systematic to replace traditional system where are still utilizing paper.


This undertaking is based on the JAVA engineering ; the chief aim of this undertaking is that the online eating house reserve system will develop to assist the eating house decision maker to pull off restaurant direction and for client make their online ordination and reserve tabular array. Other than that. this undertaking is to upgrade the manual system and do the concern easy to entree and systematic.

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Based on the jobs stated supra. the aims of the undertaking are: – 1. To develop on-line ordination and reserve system in eating house. 2. To develop usage interface for online eating house direction system 3. To supply on-line bill of fare information for client

This undertaking is developed utilizing the tools. which are most suited for development of the Application Package. These tools are as follows: –

1. jdk1. 6. 0_21
2. Eclipse.
3. My Sql ( For Database Storage as Back terminal ) .

For Application:


Processor Pentium-II or higher

Processor Speed 533 MHZ

Hard Disk Space 20GB ( min. )

Ram Memory 32 MB ( 64 MB recommended )


Operating System Windows XP/NT/7

Front terminal JRE. Net Connection

Process Flow of Restaurant Reservation

Process flow 1:




Process flow 2:






This undertaking includes the undermentioned Forms for development of the undertaking. These are as follows: –
The flow of an activity will be described in term of client enrollment Form. client online ordination and reserve Form. feedback Form. bill of fare Form and generate study Form.

Customer Registration Form: –
Customer enrollment Form contains customer’s information such as client personal information and other information related to that client. Then. all of this information recorded into database.

Customer Online Ordering And Reservation Form: –
Customer online ordination and reserve Form provides a signifier that needs to be carry throughing in term of telling nutrient and reserve tabular array via online.

Feedback Form: –
Based on nutrient or everything about the eating house. client can direct any suggestion or remark to the eating house with feedback signifier. From this signifier. side of eating house will cognize their failings and strengths.

Menu Form: –
Menu Form is nutrient that eating house prepared for client. This Form. client can see the bill of fare and do determination for order.

Generate Report Form: –
System provides an option for generate a study. The contents of the study as the followers: 1. The study of client ordination and reserve tabular array.
2. Customer’s information.
3. Suggestion or remark that client insert at feedback signifier 4. Net income concern for eating house.

Future Scope of Screen Capture
This system will be traveling to assist client and decision maker in eating house particularly portion of online ordination and reserve tabular array. The consequence of online ordination and reserve tabular array will give client easy to do ordination and reserve table online. This system produces a computerized system in specifying the best solution in each ordination and reserve job faces by client and decision maker.