Last updated: April 11, 2019
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When speaking about teenagers attending rated R movies, past president Bill Clinton said, “One can value the 1st amendment right to free speech and at the same time care for and act with restraint”. Clinton was the one who proposed that all people under 17 would have to be accompanied by an adult to a rated R (Restricted) movie. Although some people believe that teens should be able to go to see these movies alone, they do not have enough maturity and good judgment to have this right.

Kids and teenagers should not be allowed to go to a rated R movie without a parent or guardian.Restricted movies have a direct link with violence, smoking, and drinking in teens. Also, content in rated R movies is not appropriate for kids and young teens. To start off, restricted movies are proven to cause more smoking, violence and drinking in teens. First of all, R rated movies cause more smoking in teenagers. “And there is no shortage of experts whose research alleges that violence (and sometimes sex) in entertainment presents proven health hazards analogous to cigarette smoking”(Rabkin).If children and teens were allowed to go to restricted movies alone whenever they want, then smoking numbers would raise too.

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Another point is that violent movies make violence seem okay. “…By making violence seem commonplace and ordinary, by cumulative celebration of the effectiveness of violence, we make violent behavior more likely to occur”(Pitofsky). If a child or teen sees their favorite actor use violence to solve problems they may assume that it is okay to copy that person. On the other side of the argument, people say rated R movies are not the only cause of violence and smoking in teens.Although this is a valid point, if we could decrease the amount of violence at all, why wouldn’t we? Just because it cannot fix the whole problem doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to help out a little. To sum it up, rated R movies are not appropriate for kids and young teens because it can cause more violence, smoking, and drinking.

Another reason that kids shouldn’t be able to go to rated R movies is that teenagers don’t have enough self-control or self-censorship to chose appropriate movies.First of all, many teens go to movies just because their friends do, and the movie may not be appropriate. Teens are very likely to listen to what their friends say or tell them what to do, and this is called peer pressure.

If the movie is inaccessible then the problem of being pressured to see an inappropriate movie reduces greatly. Also, many teens pick movies according to their favorite actor with no thought put into the content. Many people would go to a rated R film about drug dealing if it had Will Smith in it, and large portions of the patrons would be teenagers.And if it were a hassle to get into the movie, teens would be less likely to see the inappropriate film. On the other side, people say that teens are mature enough to see watch restricted films. “He has a friend, he says, who has a computer program to make fake Ids”(Munoz).

If teens are mature enough to respect guidelines, they aren’t mature enough to see a movie with explicit content or topics. All in all, most teenagers are not mature enough to have the right to see restricted movies alone.Last but not least, restricted movies are rated R for a reason, and they are not appropriate for kids and teens.

First of all, many movies have explicit language and content. When mother Rhonni Hoeg rented an R rated movie to watch with her daughter, “she regularly found herself blindsided by language and scenes that made her cringe and want to hit fast forward” (Lotozo). Restricted movies usually have inappropriate language and content that is not appropriate for kids and teens. Furthermore, teens take the inappropriate and violent behavior too far. …A 16-year-old California boy killed his and admitted to investigators that he had gotten the idea from the movie Scream” (Surette) Restricted movies put bad images and ideas in teenager’s heads, and in extreme cases, people get hurt of killed because of it.

On the flip side, teens say that they can tell the difference between movies and real life. Some teens may be able to tell the difference, but what about the other teens? Until they are mature enough to tell right from wrong real from fake, teenagers should not be able to go to R rated movies alone.To sum it up, restricted movies are inappropriate for teens and kids. All in all, Bill Clinton was undeniably correct when he spoke of teens and R rated movies.

Teenagers should not be able to go to movies that were mad for adults to see. These movies cause more drinking, smoking, and violence. Also, teenagers do not have enough self-control or self-censorship to watch restricted movies. Last but not least, the content in rated R movies is not appropriate. If a teenager really wants to see a restricted film, it will be waiting for them at Blockbuster when they turn seventeen.