The concern organizational success and long term stableness manfully depend on the manner of pull offing it primary external and internal influences. To pull off that influences foremost of all administration should place, step and react for those factors in proper manner. The administration can used several analytical techniques for placing and mensurating it influences, including SWOT, PEST, and Michel Porter 5 Forces etc.

.. However modern corporate universe if any concern administrations want to go on their compatitevnas and market stableness they should integrations with new concern schemes, for illustration invention, corporate societal duty etc…

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The first undertaking of this study I will briefly explicating organizational external and internal influences every bit good as illustrate and analysed the UK based Lloyds Banking Group PLC external and internal influences through SWOT and PEST analytical tools. Furthermore 2nd undertaking of this study exemplify how Lloyds Banking Group intergrated with corporate societal duty construct.

Undertaking 1


Recently, there has been considerable treatment of the administration primary internal and external influences which known as cardinal facts in organizational map country how consequence to the organizational success and long term stableness. The administration internal influences are governable variables.

However organisation external influences are unmanageable variables, which are capable straight or indirectly impact of the many activates in administration. If the administration able to place or maturate impact of their concern environmental internal and external influences in right manner they can accomplish toward to their aims and ends. ( Robson /1997 ) ( Quick MBA, Strategic Management / 22-01-10 ) . The modern concerns are utilizing several of import tools for mature or analyze their internal and external influences. The most popular and effectual concerns environmental analyse or mature tools are SWOT and PEST. In this study, I will measure and measure the UK based Lloyds Banking Group plc internal and external factor by utilizing SWOT and PEST analyses, every bit good as critically analyse and show their corporate societal responsible ( CSR ) activates in market.

SWOT analyses

SWOT analyse is tool that can be mature and identifies the organizational strength, failing ( internal influences ) every bit good as chance and menaces ( external influences ) .

There are figure of grounds behind that concern usage SWOT analyses in more often, such as identifies administration and its rivals ‘ s failing and strong countries and it will be indicate hereafter concern chance and possible menaces which are confronting in bing market. Harmonizing to Wendy Robson SWOT can specify as “ reminder of the demand for balance and effort to judge the options available ” . ( Robson /1997 ) .

Plague analyses

PEST/STEP stands for societal, technological, economic and political variables. It is really of import tool which administration can maturate their external ( unmanageable ) influences. Such as their market influences. In add-on to that it late been farther extend to STEEPLE/STEEPLED. Because of modern concern much prefer to adding instruction and demographic factors to that analyses.

( Quick MBA / 22-01-10 ) ( Answers. com / 27-05-10 ) .

About Lloyds Banking Group plc

The Lloyds Banking Group plc is the presently UK based biggest retail banking and fiscal services group, which offering a broad scope of banking and fiscal services in the UK and more than 30 other states through figure of good recognised trade names which including Lloyds TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows, Clerical Medical and Cheltenham & A ; Gloucester. Furthermore it has about 145000 employee based in all over the universe.

( Lloyds Banking Group Annual Report / 2009 ) . ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) .

The SWOT analyse in Lloyds Banking Group plc.


Strong and broad presence in UKLloyds Banking Group has about 3000 subdivisions with about 145000 staff based. In add-on to that it has a strong plus base and a good stable web for their operational locations.

Furthermore they have had extremely qualified pool of UK expertnesss and other states. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) ( LSE / 27-05-2010 ) .Strong merchandise portfolioThe Lloyds Banking Group plc offer wider scope of fiscal and non fiscal services. For case wealth directions, retail banking, insurance and investing with current history, cyberspace banking Etc.

.. ( See appendix 1.1 ) ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) .Enhanced productiveness and efficiencyBefore get downing planetary economic crises they were invariably improved productiveness and efficiency.

For case in 2005 they have 69778 employee based. However in 2006 they reduced caput count of their employee to 6200. Equally same as they were better their cost to income ratio witch 50.8 % in 2006 from 52.8 in 2005.

Furthermore during economic crises clip besides there were able to pull off their concern in sufficiently. For illustration during crises clip they were acquiesced Halifax banking group. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) ( LSE / 27-05-2010 ) .


Decline net involvement bordersHarmonizing to research so far I had done Lloyds TSB had a job of it net involvement border. Because of last few old ages they were decline their net involvement border really significantly. For illustration ?5671 million in 2005 to ?5537 million in 2006. The diminution of their net net income margined severely impact for their profitableness. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) .

Inefficient loaning scheme and weak public presentation of the insurance and investing sectionHarmonizing to DATAMONITOR journal study last few old ages Lloyds TSB lost important sum of money as a consequence of inefficient loaning and weak investing determination. Such as in financial twelvemonth of 2006 there were losingss on loans and progresss increased important per centum, which calculate as about 20 % of lone and beforehand payment. It money valued show ?1,555 million.

On the top of that in same twelvemonth their insurance and investing declined by 25.7 % in comparison to twelvemonth 2005. The DATAMONITOR research diary study show in 2006 there were worsen their net income before revenue enhancement 6.2 % in comparison to 2005. Which can maturate as value of money ?1383 million in 2006 from ?1474 million in 2005.

( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) .


Launch of Islamic bankingThe Lloyds TSB Group plc identified they can derive such big advantage of spread in between Islamic banking sector in UK market. Because of in 2006 when they start Islamic banking which are fallow sharia law, ( the legal codification of Islam ) merely three banking services supplier in UK market. However at that clip the UK Muslim population about 2 million. So new entry able to caught large market portion in such a short clip. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) ( See appendix 1.2 ) .Ability to rice assets direction marketThe Lloyds TSB Group plc was able to supply higher degree of assets direction services through their insurance and investing sector.

Because of plus direction and detention Bankss industry had $ 49157 billion deserving plus in 2005. Furthermore harmonizing to their premises that plus worth will increase about $ 68, 210.3 billion in 2010.

So as a leading and good acknowledge fiscal services supplier, Lloyds TSB could lend to really significantly manner to universe plus industry. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) .The emerging off- shore ( out sourcing ) tendencyAs many other administrations Lloyds TSB besides has been trying to out sourcing plan of back office work in India in 2004. That enunciation addition advantage of non merely cost efficiencies but besides that oversees locations nowadayss major advantage for them to better their operating borders. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 )


Addition in on-line fraudsThe rapid addition of on-line banking frauds manfully cause to do defeat state of affairs to banking sector.

It straight affects all banking sector. The association of payment glade services ( APACS ) stated that “ on-line banking frauds has increased 16 times to 5059 in the first half of financial 2006 ” ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 ) . ( See appendix 1.3 ) .High involvement rate governmentThe last few old ages cardinal bank were forced to increase involvement rate as a portion of commanding rising prices. However harmonizing to DATAMONITER research study that dehydration severely influence for retail banking industry. Because of it ground to deter recognition card, concern enlargements and purchases borrowing.

So that ground was adult male cause to current Lloyds TSB recognition services down demand. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 )

The PEST ( STEEPLE/STEEPLED ) analyse in Lloyds Banking Group PLC.

Political factors

The definition of political factors are authorities ordinances, legal issues and both formal and informal regulations under which the house must run. Such as revenue enhancement policy, employment low, environment ordinances…

etc. ( Quick MBA/ 22-01-10 )However as a taking fiscal establishment Lloyds Banking Group must fallow their operation bing states regulations and ordinances in right manner. As an administration they have really flexible political position. Furthermore as a transnational concern there are ready to follow different political positions and state of affairs harmonizing to their concern prospective. ( See appendix 2.1 )

Economic factors

It can specify as “ the buying power of possible clients and the houses cost of capital in the macro economic system ” ( Quick MBA / 22-01-10 ) .

It includes economic growing, involvement rate, exchange rates etc… As an active concern administration Lloyds Banking Group able to pull off their concern activity and administration stableness in different economical state of affairs. For instant resent planetary economical crises clip ( 2008/2009 ) they were able to maintain their company stableness and get Halifax Banking Group despite of as some of other administration became belly-up. For illustration American based Lehman ‘s Brothers fiscal bank. ( DATAMONITOR/ 13-05-2008 )

Social and Demographical factors

The societal factors can specify as “ the demographic and cultural facets of the external microenvironment.

Such as the factors affect client demands and the size of possible markets ” ( Quick MBA/ 22-01-10 ) . For instant influencing factors are people life trends purchasing forms, demographics, people cultural positions, believes and norms etc… As a transnational administration Lloyds Banking group understand and act right manner for above sign of the zodiacs factors. Because I said that it can place through how they located their subdivisions, their employees enlisting policy every bit good as their all operation. For illustration Lloyds TSB has offer flexible work option to it all staff.

The chief ground behind that determination was provide ability understate their employees societal responsible force per unit area. ( The Times 100/02-06-2010 ) .

Technological factor

Technological factors can specify as “ factors can take down barriers to entry, cut down minimal efficient productions degrees and influence outsourcing determinations ” ( Quick MBA /22-01-10 ) . Some of technological factors which are include R & A ; D activity, mechanization, engineering inducements etc..

. The engineering is one of most of import and necessary country of modern concern. Because of it is chief survival factor of today concern. Without sufficient degree of technological influences concern can non retain in bing market.

The Lloyds banking group is in extremely competitory concern sector. If they want to accomplish their chief aim which is “ being recognised as the best fiscal services company in the UK ” , ( Lloyds Banking Group one-year study 2009 ) they must seize with teeth other rivals in market. Therefore they should used engineering ( Information system/Information Technology ) really effectually and expeditiously. Today there are utilizing really advanced technological systems and substructures for their operations. It allows deriving maximal services for their clients and deriving much better advantage as a concern.

For blink of an eye they were became first bank in UK to offer a scope of banking services leting clients to supervise and pull off their money through nomadic phones. ( Web Wire /02-06-10 ) .

Undertaking 2

The Business Corporate Social duty ( CSR )

The construct of CSR appeared beginning of the twentieth century, in the US.

It was consequence of struggle of large corporations and general populace. The significance of CSR is “ a corporation should be held accountable for any of it action that affect people, their communities, and their environment ” ( Lawrence, Weber /2008 ) . Harmonizing to the Commission of the Europe Communities, CSR is “ companies integrate societal and environmental concerns into their concern operations and interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary footing ” ( CEC/2001 cited by Perrini /19-01-2006 ) . During last five decennaries this construct was alteration it focuses many clip. However today huge bulk of good known concern administrations are accepts and activate construct of CSR in corporate universe. Because of they know through that they were able to increase their stakeholders ‘ trust and construct a good repute in the bing market and supply chance to long term betterment. ( Brammer, Pavelin/2004 cited by Perrini / 19-01-2006 ) . Furthermore harmonizing to Bowman houses would wish to prosecute with CSR construct for cut down possible concern hazard, such as authorities ordinance, labour agitation or environmental harm.

( Bowman/1980 cited by Cruz /08-08-2007 ) .

Reason for chosen Lloyds Banking Group plc

The Lloyds Banking Group is the current biggest banking group in UK. Furthermore CSR straight influences for their policies and determinations doing in concern sector. They were illustrate it through their CSR definition as fallows, “ in the market that is now by and large covered by the term CSR we believe that we are a leader ” , “ being UK ‘s figure one corporate giver ” ( making good ) , “ holding award winning policies in the Fieldss of employee dealingss ” ( being good ) , “ taking invention in the direction of alteration and environmental hazard ” ( Lloyds one-year report/ 2003 cited by Caupland /18-10-2005 ) . This study will briefly analyse and exemplify how CSR concept engages with Lloyds Banking Group policies and determination devising airss every bit good as activate with general administration activates.

Corporate societal Responsibility in Lloyds Banking Group PLC

Lloyds Banking Group chief concern aim which is “ to be recognized as the best fiscal services company in the UK by clients, co-workers and stockholders ” ( Lloyds Banking Group one-year study 2009 ) the base of their CSR plan. Harmonizing to their 2009 one-year corporate duty study they were divide their CSR plan in several bomber subjects, such as implanting corporate duty across the group, our stakeholders, our people etc…

Implanting corporate duty across the group

As a responsible concern they are consider single corporate duty issues right through the old ages. They were established new corporate duty direction group, whose are including some seiner executives from across the all over the administration. The chair of that group is Angie Risley, Group HR Director. That group meeting is keeping regular footing to reexamine their CSR scheme, proctor advancement and evaluate consequence of their CSR activates.

( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Most of their CSR activates ongoing their concern divergences. That activates lead by figure of group senior directors whose are active as CSR championess, every bit good as they are the cardinal responsible keeping individuals for administration CSR activates. Furthermore Lloyds Banking Group top direction degrees are demoing true executive committedness to corporate duty. For blink of an eyeChairman, Sir Victor Blank, is an adviser to the Oxford Environmental Change Institute.

Eric Daniels, Group Chief Executive, is a legal guardian of Career Academies UK. ( See Appendix 3.1 ) ( Corporate Responsibility Report /2007 ) .

Supporting concern scheme

Harmonizing to Lloyds Banking Group corporate duty one-year study 2009, their concern scheme is “ constructing deep, durable relationships with our clients in order to present high quality, sustainable consequences over clip ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . On the other manus they believed their CSR activity grounds to construct staff motive, client satisfaction and trade name trueness. As a consequence of their concern scheme Lloyds banking group was rated “ the 6th safest bank in the universe by Global Finance and awarded the Reader ‘s Digest readers ‘ most sure UK bank or edifice society for the 8th twelvemonth running ” . ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) .

In add-on to that in 2009 study they were stated their community investing non merely make economic value but besides increase positive societal parts to. So in 2008 across their foundation about ?37 million was distributed to local charities. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Basically their CSR scheme is to back up bringing of its concern scheme by lending to:increased co-worker battleincreased client satisfactionMore effectual hazard direction ( Lloyds banking group one-year study and accounts/ 2008 )

Lloyds Banking Group stakeholders

They defined their stakeholders as “ those who are impacted significantly by the concern or who might impact on it ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Basically their stakeholders are their clients, stockholders, providers, employees and society and environment which their operation is held.Our people ( the staff of Lloyds Banking Group )As concern they are expect to charge deep and permanent relationship with their clients through effort of their people ( their staff ) .

Harmonizing to 2009 one-year study they are identified and understand their co-workers are most valuable resource every bit good as pull offing that resource efficaciously is the cardinal tool to the success of the concern and hitter manner to accomplish their aims. So for accomplishing their chief aims they identified they must make great topographic point to work for their co-workers and they should pull and retain gifted and high executing people in concern. Harmonizing to 2009 company one-year study Lloyds banking group conduct several systems ( classs ) through administration for constructing a high committedness, high public presentation organisation. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Those systems areCollege battleThey believe that to make a high committedness, high public presentation concern, they need high degree of staff committedness.

So group utilizing extremely confidential online service to derive information about their staff committedness degree across organisation. It step employee satisfaction has a important positive impact on employee keeping, retained cognition and experience, attendant client service degrees, Equally good as that motivated, enthusiastic employees straight influence client perceptual experiences and their experience of covering with Lloyds TSB. In 2009 they were gate highest response rate so far enchantress show as 81 % in overall company. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 )Endowment, enlisting and keepingThe company ever gives higher precedence to recruiting, retaining and developing higher endowment people as an employee. So during 2009 they were full fill 2 different plans, know as organisational capableness reappraisal and alumnus leading which create to derive and retention endowment people to the organisation. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) .Performance Management, Leadership and Management capablenesss.

The company conducts higher degree of public presentation assessment plan twice clip in each twelvemonth and given regular feedback to the staff. It helps to measure their employee skill degree and identified failing. In add-on to that as a concern Lloyds Group ever provide chance to better their employee leading and direction accomplishments. Because of it non merely supply competitory advantage for but besides provide greater advantage per society every bit good.

( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) .Diversity and Inclusion.In a hard economical period Lloyds banking group were believe their success depend on “ edifice strong and digesting relationships with diverse groups – co-workers, clients and providers ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) .Harmonizing to their study they are one of the best diverseness employers in UK. For instant Harmonizing to FTSE 100 their executive direction squad has one of the highest female representations within three female managers. Furthermore harmonizing to lapidate wall ‘s 2009 index they ‘re the best United kingdom employers for sapphic, cheery and bisexual ( LGB ) people every bit good as in 2009 Lloyds Group were name by the charity Working Families as one of the UK ‘s Top 20 Employers for working parents. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) ( See appendix 3.

2 )Lloyds Banking Group clientsAs a responsible administration Lloyds Banking Group have had solid and extremely trusted relationship with their clients. It illustrate by the winning awards in 2009 as a fiscal company, for illustration Lloyds TSB was voted the most sure trade name by Reader ‘s Digest readers in 2009 every bit same as they came 1st in the ace trade names retail bank sector study ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Lloyds banking group are provide figure of support services for their clients except their chief aims. It chief marks are provide excess aid and protection for their clients. In 2009 study they were divided above reference services for several undertakings. Such asPlaying our ( company ) portion in the UK ‘s economic recoveryResponsible loaning and adviceHelping clients manage their barrowingProtect our clients against fiscal offense. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) ( See appendix 3.3 )Lloyds Banking Group SuppliersI n 2009 one-year study they were stated their providers are of import for company.

Equally good as group want to guarantee they handle them reasonably and pay them on clip. In 2009 they were signed new contract with their providers which are show their “ commit to pay providers on clip and non alter the payment footings agreed at the beginning of the contract ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . However bank is sing scope of factors before choosing it providers. Such as their societal, ethical and environmental cogent evidence of ability. That action taken to by ensures their committedness to corporate duty attack in the supply concatenation. ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) .

Lloyds Banking Group communitiesAs a taking concern they want to lend their attempt for improve good being and life status of states. So they are carry oning several community services and raising fund for charities across the state. For instant during June 2008- December 2009 they collect ?2 million fund for British Heart Foundation ( BHF ) . Those financess are already being used for give support over8400 bosom terraces across the UK. On the other manus became official banking and insurances spouse of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics games, addition excess motive and chance for become active ethical and societal organisation ( Beard /04-01-2007 ) . In 2009 corporate responsible study they were illustrate their vision as official spouse of Olympic Games as fallows “ To animate and back up immature people, communities and concerns all over Britain on their journey to London 2012 and beyond ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . As illustration they are provide support for more than emerging immature jocks across the state through their local heroes programme.

Lloyds Banking Group Environmental Agenda.As an administration they have long -term committedness to pull offing environmental factors. They were introduced their environmental constabularies in 1996. Furthermore Lloyds Banking Group to the full committed to UK authorities environmental policy. They understand that clime alteration is the greatest long-run challenge facing universe today. Measures to undertake clime alteration will hold possible deduction for ordinance, revenue enhancement and public policy will transport both hazards and chances for companies and the populace. As a company they announced a mark to cut down their C emanation by 30 % by 2012 based on 2002 degrees. ( Corporate Responsibility Report /2007 ) ( CSR EUROPE/09-05-2007 ) .

For addition excess aid to accomplish their C decrease mark they were introduced new policies and processs, it can taking to account freshly introduced common travel policy in 2009, reduced 143000 journeys compare to 2008 and increase volume of teleconferencings over 1.1 million. As same as they are “ continue to advance practical conferencing engineerings to employee as an environmentally friendly, cost efficient alternate to going ” . ( Lloyds banking group one-year report/ 2009 ) . Furthermore they were published statement which was “ An environmental fund and an ethical fund are available for clients who prefer an attack that excludes investing in companies in certain concern countries. ” ( Lloyds banking group one-year study 2003/ cited by Coupland./18-10-2005 ) for motivate environment friendly investing.


The concerns have many duties.

Manfully those can divided to three bomber subjects. Including economical, legal and societal. The chief responsibility for direction is the full fill those duties without misdirecting their ain concern strategic mark and ends. Above of study I mention how concern administration identifying and mensurating their internal and external environment factors which are significantly impact for their aims and duties. For illustrate above things I used Lloyds banking Group as an illustration in first undertaking. Furthermore in 2nd undertaking I briefly explain and measure the Lloyds Banking Group how intergrated with CSR for full fill their societal duty every bit good as how they used it for accomplishing their concern long clip and short clip ends and marks.


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