Rice disease can ultimately damage and reduce field.

It causes fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It is a fungus infection on plant or rice crops. It is causing a big or severe damage on the rice crop.

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Many parts of a plant is getting infected like the collar that can ultimately kill the leaf or the entire blade leaf of a rice crop, also the stem will turn mostly black and stem can be broken easily, stem plays a big role in a rice crop because it holds mostly of a rice crop or a plant crop.It is a disease that mostly occurs on rice crops or plant crops. The bacteria pathogen is the bacteria that is getting inside the crop and infecting it. Rice disease is harmful to an ordinary person which can make them sick. Rice disease affects many people, some farmers can lose money because of the severe disease that is happening to a plant.

Rice disease is also considered as a major problem of farmers because of the total wide destruction happening in their field.Silver scurf is an omnipresent contagious imperfection sickness of potatoes. It is first noticeable as little shiny dim detects that develop into circles, which may demonstrate a somewhat darker edge. Under ideal conditions (soggy and warm) these circles develop, and consolidate. An example of blending circles is unmistakable however not generally obvious. Amid delayed capacity the shading may “discolor” to a darker dim or darker.Unwashed tubers influenced by silver scurf regularly have a dirty appearance caused by spore improvement.

To affirm the nearness of silver scurf search for small, short, dark strings at an amplification of 10x. These are the particular conidiophores on which spores develop. Spores are effectively brushed or washed off however numerous conidiophores are probably going to stay unless scoured too much.Silver scurf might be mistaken for dark dab, which can, some of the time, seem brilliant. The illnesses often happen on a similar tuber, however, once in a while cover.

Perplexity is more outlandish where the maladies are seen one next to the other.