Environmental factor that Jasper Hennings’s facing is internal environment factor related to elements within the organization boundaries. The factors that Jasper needs to consider when deciding in his course of action are cultures (values, beliefs, understandings and norms), management and employee factor.2. Other subconscious values and beliefs include trust, understandings and norms. There’s a conflict between values and norms. Darger is completely wrong as he violate rule number 1 that Rio Grande Supply Company stressed on which is company’s internet policy. The policy stated that employees are not allowed to use Rio Grande’s computers for anything but business-related activities.

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Besides that, he’s being hypocritical towards himself and his employee as he fired female worker for her wrongdoing. He’s not honest towards himself and the company and it conflicted between the ethical values and the norms as the working culture and professionals accepted that watching porn at the office is strictly prohibited. Failure to follow the rules/norms will hinder the company’s progress.3. If I’m Jasper, I will give chance to both Mr Darger and the employee that had been fired. The employee will be rehired and both of them will be given suspension as the matters haven’t reached the press or other companies yet and it’s better to cover up their wrongdoings. It will save the company’s money and I will conduct a meeting with the entire department leader and stressed out the importance of company policy and further wrongdoings will not be tolerated.

Besides that, company’s internet policy will be reviewed and filters will be applied to all the computers as access to unnecessary websites will be blocked.