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RoentgeneportIntroductionS & A ; K As a catering companies in New Zealand, has opened in several states, the company now plans to develop concern in the Bolivia, the study covers the following seven hazard will confront, including political, economic, cultural, demographic, nature, engineering and competitory environment.

1, Political Hazard:Hazard Investment hazard is the most hard to foretell and analyse, but besides foreign investors most concern is political hazard. Some underdeveloped states and developed states prone to political instability and government alteration, the go oning cultural struggle, even civil war or sezession, the possibility of the being of political hazard is normally comparatively big. In add-on, the host of the political hazard besides includes the hazard of expropriation of foreign investors, the hazard of exchange limitations, authorities default hazard, the hazard of delayed payment, the hazard of alterations in policies and so on. Bolivia pursues an independent foreign policy of peace and non-aligned, and safeguard national independency and sovereignty, equality of all states adhere to the people ‘s self-government, non-interference in other states ‘ internal personal businesss, peaceable colony of international differences, foregrounding how far diplomatic and matter-of-fact economic diplomatic negotiations ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) . Legal hazard is the hazard of loss due to legal grounds to investors.

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Due to the different political systems of the universe, economic system, history, geographics, instruction and cultural degree, to take economic development scheme, industrial and engineering policies are different ; each state ‘s statute law on the intervention of foreign investing there will be some differences. At present, international and many-sided investing and investment-related economic activity is still no unvarying international ordinances. Therefore, transnational corporations must confront the hazard of multiple legal environment brought about institutional differences. Bolivia ‘s foreign trade direction system presently consists chiefly authorities bureaus, non-governmental organisations every bit good as supervising and review bureau.

“ Constitution ” and “ Trade ” is the nucleus of the system of trade ordinances in Bolivia, Bolivia ‘s foreign trade is the basic counsel and ordinances, but besides the chief footing for the development of the Bolivian other trade ordinances ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .2, Economic Hazard:Economic hazard refers to alterations in foreign exchange rates on international transnational endeavors bring uncertainness. Many factors impact of exchange rate motions, such as the balance of payments, the comparative rising prices rates, involvement rates, foreign exchange militias. ( Fengpin, 2010 ) Bolivian authorities to promote foreign capital into the domestic market, to develop the appropriate legal and policy: to promote and protect national and foreign investings ; acknowledgment of foreign and domestic investors in the intervention of rights, duties and equal protection ; sinks into free capital, Export ; engineering transportation fee, wage freely remit, there is no bound other commercial loans ; currency exchange freedom ; entree port freedom ; signed free-investment insurance contracts ; difference arbitration freedom ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .3, Risk Culture:Culture hazard refers to differences in linguistic communication, imposts, values and attitudes, faith and other facets of the host state to foreign investing endeavors impact of uncertainness.

Chiefly reflected in three facets: First, consumers and their host state differences in consumer disbursement wonts, penchants and buying power ; Second, the differences in the different cultural backgrounds of employees and other facets of the formation of values ; Third, differences in institutional civilization. Bolivia is a multiethnic state, chiefly in Africa, autochthonal peoples and European immigrants. About 95 % of occupants were Catholic, can be seen in the chief town of the church edifice and graduated tables ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .4, Demographic hazardi?sOne hazard populations besides exist in Bolivia is multiethnic, chiefly autochthonal peoples.

Harmonizing to statistics, a sum of 37 within autochthonal communities in Bolivia, Max Mara Aida Quechua people and the population, were 228.1 million and 152.5 million, Guarani adult male 62600. As a nutrient and drink industry, we must understand the local feeding wonts, most people ‘s diet is meat-based, chiefly cowss, hogs, poulet and lamb dishes are common on the tabular array tomatoes, murphies, onions and boodle ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .5, Physical/natural hazard:Bolivia is located in the center of South America, is one of the two landlocked states in Latin America. Northern and eastern boundary lines with Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and southern neighbours, west and southwest connected with Peru and Chile, severally. Spring and autumn are the best clip to Bolivia, warm spring, and rainfall is comparatively little, and low humidness.

Pleasant fall conditions, rainfall is really low, suited for travel. Bolivia is one of the three large states planted in South America, so bask the U.S. , EU and Japan and other developed states to give discriminatory policies for its exports. Regional organisations and bilateral understandings besides provide for Bolivian exports discriminatory intervention. Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .

6, Technical hazards:proficient hazard is the abroad investing endeavors within a limited clip frame ability to successfully develop new merchandises, the uncertainness. Foreign relevant statistics show that the success rate of new merchandise development undertakings merely 1/6, the successful development of new merchandises into the market after the success of merely 2/3. This to the full reflects the greater proficient development hazards, the likeliness of this hazard is non merely from the proficient success, but besides from the economic facet, that after the success of a new merchandise is being developed, but besides the ability to derive economic. It depends on the state of affairs at the cost of the established market demand conditions, market demand, will have income, the antonym will be a loss ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) .7, Competitive hazard:For now, the chief foreign investors in Bolivia, excavation and oil and gas investing in countries ( Chinese Commerce Department, 2010 ) i??such as nutrient and drink industry and hence investing, chiefly adapted to the local people ‘s eating wonts, it is able to get the better of the hazard of competition, as opposed to a individual local diet, the debut of foreign-style diet, for locals, is a daze and enticement.

Bolivia piscaries developed, you can utilize local resources, launch the merchandise in order to cut down competition in this state and the local industry costs, on the one manus New Zealand their ain particular merchandises, on the one manus there are local merchandises.DecisionFor the hazards set forth above: 1, Changes in foreign exchange rates on international transnational endeavors bring uncertainness. Many factors impact of exchange rate motions, such as the balance of payments, the comparative rising prices rates, involvement rates, foreign exchange militias. Foreign exchange hazard species are merchandising hazard, currency hazard and economic hazard classs.

( Wenqiang,2010 ) Hazard of future gross when the volatility of international companies suffered foreign exchange rates occur. It is a possible hazard. Changes in future income depends chiefly on the size of exchange rate alterations on the cost of the merchandises, monetary values, production and other effects of the size. Effectss are long-run, for international companies, the ability to avoid economic hazard is critical, it is related to concern investing or runing consequences overseas. Meanwhile, the truth of anticipation of the possible hazards of this will straight impact the corporate funding, gross revenues and production of strategic determinations ( Fengpin, 2010 ) Exchange rate hazard direction mechanism should be established in progress of alterations in foreign currency market may look to take appropriate countermeasures. 2, through the acquisition of Bolivia ‘s manner, non merely to the rapid addition in the short-run assets, but besides direct entree to identify engineerings, better the technological invention capableness and competitory advantage, cut down investing costs, purchase bing concern webs and societal dealingss Bolivia local concerns, hard to pull off and cut down operational hazards. ( Wenqiang,2010 ) 3, you can analyze the Bolivian people ‘s penchants, production closer to the local people love the merchandise, more efficaciously better the company ‘s corporate image and cut down the bitterness of the local people.4i??Because of the big size of the S & A ; K company and strength.

With combined strengths in the New Zealand market competition excellence. Can trust on its bing trade name or engineering, or a combination of graduated table and other advantages of absolute advantage, dressed ore on the Bolivian market, to make an international trade name for the centre. Promote enterprise-wide work. Ultimate strategic end of going the world-renowned transnational companies. Trade names such intangible assets. Allows concerns to add value beyond the value of higher than normal, making immense commercial net incomes for the endeavor. Enable endeavors to accomplish rapid and sustained development.

Brand should stay in the universe. When companies become universe celebrated trade name development, it means that the broader market, every bit good as a big figure of loyal clients and good corporate image of the state. China ‘s Haier Group is to implement a typical such multinational concern scheme. ( Fengpin,2010 )Mentionsi?sWenqiang, W. ( 2010 ) .International Finance Theory and Practice.Chengdu, China: Southwest University of Finance and Economics Press.Fengpin, Y.

( 2010 ) .Exchange Rate Risk Management in Enterprise.Hubei, China: Hubei Institute of Rural Finance.Chinese Commerce Department. ( 2010 ) .

Foreign Investment and Cooperation Country ( Region ) Guide – Bolivia. Beijing, China.1148631433