Ristorante delle Mitre ( Restaurant of the Mitre ) is the first Catholic-themed eating house in the Philippines.

Opened in 2010. it aims to convey the church closer to the people. It has become particularly relevant when contentions arose that may hold alienated some of its followings. It offers the undermentioned characteristics: * Stigmatization: The name of the eating house is based on the chapeau worn by Catholic bishops.

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which is the symbol of authorization. * Merchandise: Food. a mix of Asian. Filipino.

Italian and American. is served in a simple manner that creates tasty dishes. made in award of the Catholic bishops who shared their favourite dishes ( Cardinal Vidal’s crispy pata. Cardinal Rosales’ noodle dish ) * Topographic point: The reference of the eating house is in historical Intramuros.

looking San Agustin Church. * Monetary value: Between P100 to P500. monetary values are suited to all members of the Church flock. with budget repast every bit low as P35 dedicated to Bishop Oscar Cruz. besides offered to the monetary value witting. * Peoples: Waiters are deaf and deaf-and-dumb person who interact with diners utilizing gestures.

since bishops wanted to give chances to the marginalized. * Procedure: A Theresian nun. Sister Evangeline Paras.

a personal cook of so Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Vidal. supervises the kitchen. * PHYSICAL Environment:* A bookcase incorporating books on the history of the Catholic Church in the Philippines is available for diners.

* Music is comforting with Amazing Grace frequently being played by a piano player. * Walls are decorated with exposure of life and asleep cardinals. every bit good as memorabilia of the Catholic tradition in the state. * A lifesize manikin garbed in a cardinal’s vestment is displayed. * The glass-encased miter joints of three departed Filipino archpriests nominated for blessedness are displayed in a corner. Businesswoman Elvira Go conceived the eating house when she and some bishop friends went on a pilgrim’s journey to the Vatican several old ages ago and collaborated with the church upon their return. The construct of the eating house is non merely to function the elite and the tourer but to convey the Church closer to the Masa ( DE category ) such as “the kutsero.

janitors and workers” . consisting some 90 % of the Filipino population. Recommend alterations in the selling mix and how their coveted market section can truly be served. Should they abandon the elite and tourer section?