January 16. 2013. Wednesday forenoon we went to Polytechnic University of the Philippines ( PUP ) to watch lawn tennis game. Unfortunately.

the lawn tennis game is already done so we decided to watch another game. We heard that there is men’s hoops game in that clip. were so happy because it’s clip to take a image for the reaction paper. The game started. Rizal Technological University ( RTU ) versus Philippine Normal University ( PNU ) . RTU Blue Thunders have the higher mark until the terminal of the game. The concluding mark is 61-55.

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RTU won the game. In the women’s hoops game. RTU besides won the game against PUP.

The concluding mark is 90-44. January 18. 2013. Friday.

we went once more to Polytechnic University of the Philippines ( PUP ) to watch dance athletics competition.In that clip. I thought I can non watch the dance athletics any longer because I forgot my designation card ( I. D ) .

Thankss be to God that I’m with my schoolmate in high school that is current pupil of PUP so the lady guard gave me a opportunity to come in the gate. Here we go. when we went to the gym of PUP a batch of pupils of RTU are at that place with their full support besides with the other schools. When it’s started. the rivals were all astonishing. They are all dedicated to what they are making.

Their passion in dance was so amazing. We felt how they move in every round of the sound. And at the terminal.

the RTU Blue Thunders announced as the over-all title-holder of SCUAA-NCR 2013. From 2005 to 2013. RTU Blue Thunders have their 9-Peat Championship.