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Road To The Whitehouse Essay, Research PaperRoad to the White House 2000George W.Bush, presently 54 and Governor of Texas, was born in New Haven, Connecticut. His Political experience includes being the Governor of Texas since 1995.

He was besides a campaigner for U.S. House of representatives in 1978. His military experience is functioning in the Texas National Guard for 6 old ages. Like most Republicans his stance on Abortion is Pro-Life.

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His stance on other issues are as follows: In favour of the Death Penalty, Against Gay Rights in most cases, wants to cut down the authoritiess size and influence, he feels public assistance should be cut off after 2 year. Looking at his path record as Governor of Texas you can state what other issues are of import to him. While he has been Governor he has focused on three simple yet profound issues: bettering public schools with high criterions, strong answerability and local control, reforming public assistance, and beef uping the juvenile and condemnable justness Torahs.Education is rebelliously a precedence for George Bush. As president, Bush intends to better instruction in several different ways.

The first manner is to shut the accomplishment spread between disadvantage pupils and their equals. Giving lower income parents of pupils stuck in neglecting schools with the option of reassigning to another public school, or utilizing their portion of federal support to pay for another option of their pick ( including tutoring, a charter school, or a non-public school ) . Offer grants called Pell grants to take down income pupils who take strict math and scientific discipline classs in high school. Strengthen early acquisition by set uping the Reading First plan by puting $ 5 billion over a five-year period to guarantee that every disadvantage kid can read by the age of three ( ) . One manner to guarantee the success of this plan is by holding answerability systems that test every pupil on reading and math.

George Bush besides wants to put up a wagess system for the provinces and schools that improve pupil public presentation by puting up a $ 500 million dollar fund. On the other manus, Bush will retreat a part of federal support from provinces that permit pupil public presentation to worsen.Governor Bush believes that parents should play a more active function in their kids s instruction ( ) . This includes remaining current with their kids s advancement. Bush wants to print school-by-school study cards on the Internet to maintain the parents informed ( JournalSentinel ) . He besides wants to do it easier for parents to salvage for college by allowing complete revenue enhancement freedom to all prepaid and tuition nest eggs programs ( ) .

George Bush besides wants to better the quality of instructors and resources in our schools. He will make this by increasing financess for instructor preparation and recruiting. Expand Loan Forgiveness from $ 5,000 to $ 17,500 for math and scientific discipline big leagues who teach in high-need schools for five old ages ( ) .School safety is besides a precedence for Governor Bush. He wants to supply pupils that attend schools with a bad path record ( when it comes to offense and force ) with a transportation to a safe school.

He besides wants to put up a plan called Project Sentry. Project Sentry will assist prosecute juveniles who have or use guns and the grownups who provide those guns. He wants to put in a zero-tolerance act when it comes to classroom break. Bush besides wants to allow unsusceptibility to instructors from certain meritless cases ( JournalSentinel ) .George Bush s instruction programs have already started to turn out themselves late in Texas. Texas is figure two out of all the provinces that have made the greatest recent advancement in instruction. Students in Texas have been hiting first and 2nd in the state in composing.

They have been demoing steady betterment on the province accomplishments trials every twelvemonth. Teachersin Texas are rated first in quality. Bush has besides been successful increasing support and teacher wage within the school system.The 2nd large issue on Governor Bush s docket is Medicare. Bush wants to give every senior citizen entree to an low-cost wellness attention program that covers prescription drugs and other really of import benefits. Bush besides will let seniors to remain in their bing Medicare program without any alterations if they so wish.

Governor Bush feels that today s Medicare Benefit bundle is out of day of the month ( Handicapping, ) . It covers neither prescription drugs nor everyday services such as one-year physicals, vision trials and hearing AIDSs ( Handicapping, ) . Bush s new program will allow the senior citizens decide on the program that best tantrums at that place needs.

His program will pay at least 25 per centum of premium costs for prescription drugs for all seniors. It will besides cover the cost of any calamity in surplus to $ 6000 yearly for all seniors ( Money Primary, ) . And it will besides cover any prescription drug costs in surplus of $ 6000 yearly for all seniors ( Money Primary, ) .

George Bush s 3rd issue is diminishing the offense rate. Bush believes in tough punishments for organized offense, drugs, and international terrorist act. He believes that the authorities can make more to better our condemnable justness system ( ) . Under the Clinton-Gore disposal federal gun prosecutions have dropped 46 % ( ) .

Bush will supply more support for aggressive gun jurisprudence enforcement plans. In concurrence, Governor Bush wants to put up a national database to assist province and local constabulary identify, path, and arrest runawaies who move across province lines. Bush besides believes in zero tolerance for terrorist act.In 1995, the 74th Legislature responded to Governor Bush s call to rewrite Texas outdate juvenile justness Torahs ( georgewbush.

com ) . The legislative assembly consequently made some critical alterations and updates. It lowered the age some juveniles can be tried as an grownup to 14 old ages old. It toughened the captivity Torahs for juvenile wrongdoers. It made juvenile records freely available to jurisprudence enforcement functionaries. It created a zero-tolerance policy for juvenile imbibing and drive ( ) . It increased funding for community based plans to discourage immature felons.

These new Torahs were peculiarly difficult on repetition sex wrongdoers. There was the creative activity of the two work stoppages your out jurisprudence, which requires automatic life in prison for any 2nd sex-related strong belief. It besides provided voluntary emasculation for violent sex wrongdoers who meet certain medical standards.Because of all these rigorous Torahs in Texas the offense rate has been systematically diminishing. George W.

Bush non merely provides for the safety of the citizens, he besides provides for the safety of those who are convicted of offenses ( ) . Bush has increased support in Texas for the accused in capitol tests to hold better attorneies so all facets of the instance can be examined.Governor George Bush believes in a moral upbringing of our kids so they can be responsible grownups and do the right picks. He has systematically called for increased character instruction support, abstention instruction, and a dramatic enlargement of after-school plans that will maintain childs out of problem ( ) . Governor Bush believes that a good instruction is the best long-run condemnable justness plan ( georgewbush.

com ) .Can Governor Bush be successful with his programs for instruction, Medicare, condemnable justness? Not merely can he be successful, he already has been successful in his province of Texas. His programs are good thought-out and proven, unlike his opposition Al Gore.

When looking at the major issues, one can t aid but earnestly see projecting their ballot for George W. Bush.334