Robber Barons Essay, Research PaperRobber BaronsWhen the names Carnagie, Rockefeller, and Edison come to mind,most of us automatically think of what we saw or read in our history books: & # 8220 ; These work forces were sort and generous and through difficult work and doggedness, any one of you could go a success narrative like them, & # 8221 ; right? Wrong. I am ill of these people being remembered for the two or three & # 8220 ; good workss & # 8221 ; they have done.

Promotion and media have exaggerated the generousness of these work forces, theGovernment has spoiled these names with false prevarications, and people have been blind to see that these work forces were ruthless, sly business communities who were motivated by your money and their battle for power. How many history books teach such in-depth inside informations like these? A premier illustration of the Acts of the Apostless of a robber baron can be seen through the actions of John D. Rockefeller. A image I have late seen shows a group of people watching an old Rockefeller crouch over to accept a flower from a small miss. The caption reads & # 8220 ; John D. Rockefeller, American industrialist and altruist, is caught making one of his good deeds.

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& # 8221 ; No admiration that merely a smattering of people can & # 8217 ; t separate that this old adult male was a carbon black and deserves to decompose in snake pit! With all this positive media attending, the populace had been fed lies! In existent life, this money hungry, greedy scoundrel is the premier ground why the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed. Rockefeller & # 8217 ; s dream was to monopolise the oiling industry, and he so successfully did. Because of his great imperium ( the Standard Oil Co. ) and the wealth it brought, when any other rival tried even to step foot into the oiling industry, Rockefeller dropped his monetary values until the cub industry was forced out. After he regained monopoly, he so jacked up the monetary values. Certain, the people were huffy, but what could they make? Many other industries depended on the oil that Rockefeller provided and besides, the Sherman Antitrust Act couldn & # 8217 ; t be enforced with these large concerns turning larger and larger.Another Robber Baron donated over 2500 libraries worldwide, he helped set up the celebrated concert hall in New York, and he helped finance several colleges in the US.

Can you think who he is? Yes! Andrew Carnagie. Now how about this individual: In the early 1900s, in order to keep control of the steel industry, he bought out rival workss, he ran a ego running keeping company which bough stock in itself in order to purchase control of the industry, and he besides hired kids ( every bit immature as 9 old ages old ) to work 12 hours a twenty-four hours under harsh, unsafe conditions and paid them the lowest rewards possible. Can you think who he is notungsten? As a affair of fact it is our “American Hero” Andrew Carnagie! Carnagie did, for a fact, engage kids because they were “cheaper” ; yet these same kids were sometimes required to run swing displacements which meant occasional 24 hr work yearss. It all excessively much of a commonalty that these robber barons all portion some of the same traits: pitilessness, mistreatment of their workers, greed for money and power, and a Machiavelian manner of making concern. With these traits in head, who can see these work forces heroes? It’s the authorities and the large concerns which want us to believe that manner.

It can merely be them who portray these wicked as saints. But I am educated, and through research and acquisition, I am exhaustively convinced that the people who our America looks up to and admires, are a clump of scoundrels.Although many of & # 8220 ; America & # 8217 ; s Heros & # 8217 ; s & # 8221 ; have turned out to be avaricious Robber Barons, I disagree with anyone who considers Thomas Edison one of these. We have had many great discoverers and Thomas Alva Edison is among them. The Godhead of many innovations including the electric lamp, stock pressman, light bulb, record player, and literally 100s of other utile innovations. Heworked at a railway station when he was merely 12 old ages old.

That is where he was lead to the innovation of both the Stock pressman and the telegraph sender, every bit good as many other patents covering with telegraphs such as the Automatic Telegraph, Duplex Telegraphs, Quadruplex Telegraph Repeater, Telephonic Telegraphs, and Acoustic Telegraphs. When he was working at the trainstation a pick that he had no thought would take to his involvement in telegraphs came approximately. The station operator & # 8217 ; s boy had fallen on the paths. Thomas made a wise determination and decided that he could assist him and ran down and got him off the paths with merely about 15 seconds to save. Because of that the station operator decided to learn Edison about telegraphs. Five old ages subsequently Edison was given aoccupation as a telegraph operator in Boston, Massachusetts. After holding that occupation for a short clip Edison found how he could better how things were done and that is how all the innovations for telegraphs came approximately.

Many other things besides made him such a great discoverer.Edison could hold settled with the occupation as a telegraph operator, which he did for a few old ages but at darks on his free clip he would continuously work on innovations seeking to do things better. Because of that great desire he came up with many new things that made life easier for everyone. So many things in life have been made easier by Thomas Alva Edison & # 8217 ; s difficult work, which brought about 1,093 patents to his name.