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Robinson Crusoe Essay, Research Paper

From the beginning of some life, people make many picks that affect their personal growing and support, picks like what they should have on and/or what they should make. Flush the littlest picks that they make could do a large difference in their lives. In the book, Robinson Crusoe retold by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe, while on the island, made many picks, large and little, that affected his personal growing and contributed to why he survived for so long. On the island he made a batch of smart determinations of what to make in order to remain a unrecorded. On his 2nd twenty-four hours he made a pick to travel back to the ship to research what was at that place. He spent a batch of clip constructing his place when he could hold done something more of import. He besides took a hazard and helped out a individual that he did non cognize. These were some of many picks that Robinson Crusoe made throughout his many old ages on the island.

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While on a trip off the seashore of England, unsmooth air currents threw Robinson Crusoe and his crew of 16 members off class. Right after one of the crew yelled out land ahoy the ship hit a stone and went down. Everybody drowned except Robinson Crusoe, who washed up on a nearby island ; he was the lone subsister. The following forenoon he realized what had happened and became scared of death, because without nutrient or apparels he could non last. Not cognizing what to make, he made a little hovel and settled on the island for that dark. The really following forenoon he made a pick to construct a raft and travel out to the broken boat and explore for points he could happen. He was hardworking and smart even in a bad state of affairs. His determination to travel back to the boat and hazard a opportunity of being killed by sharks changed his life span. It besides proved that he was smart. By doing smart determination and believing sagely, it proved that he was a smart adult male. I at one time found some nutrient, for I was hungry ( 15 ) . If he had non gone back to the ship he could hold starved to decease. Robinson needed nutrient and his pick to acquire it made him last for a longer clip. Even though Robinson had nutrient and shelter he had cipher at that place to maintain him company. Even in a clip like this Robinson needed company. I was really happy to happen the ships Canis familiaris and two cats ( 15 ) There was another thing that worried Robinson and that was being killed by wild animate beings or even man-eaters. Robinson knew that he needed arms and some other tools to protect him from being attacked from these wild animate beings so he went back to the ship and got some points that helped him out for a long clip. I found two good guns, two handguns, a pulverization horn, a little bag of shootings, apparels, nutrient, and other tools to assist me ( 16 ) .

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Robinson was smart plenty to expect what the conditions on the island were and how to protect himself. Robinson took some clip and construct a strong place so that a storm wouldn T knock it down. I spent a batch of clip working on my place so that another storm wouldn T knock it down ( 29 ) . Robinson besides had a pick to add more things to his house to do it better and to protect him. It took me all twenty-four hours to set up my fencing, so that no wild animate beings could assail me ( 31 ) . After all the attempt and difficult work he put into doing his place it paid off because when a storm came he was safe and so was his place. He says, a storm came by and my pets and I were safe in my place ( 52 ) .

Sometimes people make picks, where they risk their lives in order to do their lives and others better. One dark Robinson saw a group of man-eaters holding a banquet and there was this one man-eater that didn t want to fall in in, so the other man-eaters tried to kill him but he ran off so two of the others ran after him, Robinson so killed them both and adopted the other. He called him Friday, the adult male he saved, because it was Friday when he adopted him. Robinson risked his life in following Friday into his life. Alternatively of go forthing him on the island and being killed by hungriness or wild animate beings, he cared for him and raised him and taught him the things he knew. The following twenty-four hours I took Friday around the island and showed him how to run ( 90 ) . Besides now it would take Robinson less clip to finish a undertaking and it would be faster to get down one. Robinson s smart determination to take in Friday helped him out and now there was a manner of acquiring out of the island and traveling place. Friday and I began to do a large boat that would transport us over the sea ( 92 ) . Now that Friday had cognition of what Robinson knew, their lives changed from this point on now with Friday assisting, life became more easy. ( 105 )

In our lives we have to do smart determinations in order to acquire through each twenty-four hours. Sometimes these determinations could impact our personal growing. They could assist us or ache us, but that is the hazard we have to take. When Robinson got stuck on the island his picks became limited. Robinson could hold left the boat entirely and gone researching the island to see what he could hold found, but he was smart plenty to cognize that there were still some supplies on the boat that he could us. Robinson could hold besides panicked and lost his cool but he took control of this state of affairs and handled it. Robinson could hold had killed Friday, but he didn T and took attention of him. This shows that he was a smart, helpful adult male who made first-class picks to last and boom in life, despite his hard fortunes.