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& # 183 ; MARCY ( mercutio )

& # 183 ; BONNY ( benvolio )

& # 183 ; TAI ( tybalt )

& # 183 ; ROMY ( Romeo )


MARCY: Like oh my God, wouldn? T this make the coolest accoutrement. It like wholly complements my outfit!

Bonny: Merely play the game

MARCY: ( mumbles ) Like mulct, miss thing, you don? Ts have to be so ill-mannered. Like, okay, I have to state you something else. Guess who I saw yesterday at the promenade acquiring a fro-yo, like, it was so wholly cool amiga.

Bonny: ( false enthusiasm ) Who? OH delay, I don? T attention. So anyhow, what clip is it?

MARCY: Okay, I can acquire this one, like Jeff has been learning me how to state clip? got ta prepare myself, it? s uh, ( looks at ticker ) 14 thousand five 100s and 50 two.

Bonny: Let me see! ( walks over to Marcy )

MARCY: Like mulct, if you don? T believe me you can look into for myself.

Bonny: It? s eight Os? clock, where? s Romy? She should be here by now.

MARCY: I don? T know, she was like, say to run into usage here at 7:45

Bonny: Well I? m non waiting any longer, we won? t acquire any seats. She? ll find us, if she shows.


MARCY: Like, oh my God! It? s so dark in here, you know, like that cupboard game the cats ever do me play.

Spectators: SHHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Bonny: Shut up, you are such a ditz! Common, allow? s travel find seats.

MARCY: There are like, two over at that place behind that wholly hot Baldwin!

( Bonny and Marcy take their seats )

_____ : ( laughs ) ? hour angle? .ha? hour angle? .ha? ..ha? .ha.

Thai: What is that raging noise? ! ? !

_____ : ( laughs ) ? hour angle? .ha? hour angle? .ha? ..ha? .ha.

Thai: There it is once more! ! ( looks at Marcy ) It? s you! ! ! ! ! !

MARCY: Oh my God! ! ( jogs Bonny ) it? s Tai. Hey Bonny look..

MARCY and Bonny: It? s Thai!

Thai: That? s the princess of cats to you!


Bonny: OOOHHH! So frightened, watch me quiver in fright! I? m traveling to acquire something to imbibe ; make you desire something Marcy? ( starts walking off )

MARCY: Certain, can you wish acquire me a drink?

Thai: No, wear? T fuss, here take mine! ( spills her drink on Marcy )

MARCY: Like that truly wasn? t necessary, it? s like oh my Supreme being! ( runs off )

Thai: Oops, did I make that?


MARCY: Like why did she hold to make that, I didn? T ask? Oh, Romy, like oh my God, what are you making here?

Bonny: Yeah, you were supposed to be here for seven 40 five!

ROMY: Sorry cats, I got? ..delayed. Yeah, that? s it I got delayed. What happened to you?

MARCY: Like, oh my God, you know that miss Tai?

ROMY: Yeah,

MARCY: I was like kinda being friendly and all, and like non, I mean minding my ain concern, and so she like spilled her aqua mineral all over me, and I was like HELLO! NEW OUTFIT!

ROMY: Yeah, good possibly it was an accident, it? s O.K. .

MARCY: It? s acquiring all over my places!

ROMY: Well, it? s O.K. , it? s merely H2O, and it? ll dry finally.

Bonny: Oh, we got company, I? m traveling back to watch the film.

MARCY: Like, okay, I can? t believe it, it? s like ruined.

Thai: Hi misss, hey Marcy have a small, accident? You truly should see person about your job.

MARCY: I did, like the physician said the medicine? ..

( Romy nudges Marcy )

MARCY: Oh, like you spilled the H2O all

over me!

Thai: Listen, ( pulls out a piece of paper ) , here? s the figure for Bed Wetters Anonymous, you truly should seek naming them sometime. ( hands Marcy the paper )

MARCY: And, like, why precisely would you hold this on you? Previous experiences possibly? Hello, my name is Tai non merely am I the president and laminitis of Bed Wetters Anonymous, but I? m besides a client.

Thai: Are you dissing me?

MARCY: No really, I? m complementing you courage, I mean it takes a truly courageous miss to acknowledge she has a job and make something about it.

Thai: That? s it


( Austin Powers? oh behave! )


ROMY: Guys, GUYS! Common, allow? s travel watch the film that? s what we came here to make.

Thai: Yeah, Marcy, you can travel, it? s Romy I have to acquire even with for junking my party last hebdomad.

MARCY: Excuse me, are we like wholly blind here? You spilled your drink on me! ! ! ( grabs nail file ) ON GUARD! !

Thai: No, I don? t think so!

( CENSORED? flushing, gargling )

Thai: ( takes Marcy? s caput out of lavatory ) Oops, did I do that once more?

MARCY: ( coughs ) How bad is it?

ROMY: It? s non that bad, truly, it? s non truly that bad.

( Marcy easy gets up )

ROMY: NO! Marcy Don? t expression! !

MARCY: I have to, ( shriek ) , it? s atrocious! I mean, it? s like non every bit bad as Mimi on the Drew

Carey Show, or Tammy Faye Tucker, but it? s plenty, it? s plenty to non do me able to be Prom Queen. That? s like, my lone ground for life! Just assure me one thing ; allow cipher see me like this, like this is a atrocious province. Like that Shakespeare fellow said, a pestilence of bad hair on both your houses. ( dies )

ROMY: Alright, ( screens Marcy with a cover ) , OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED MARCY, YOU BEEP!

Thai: Wait, delay, wear? t expression at me, that was like wholly an accident.

ROMY: You merely killed my best friend!

Thai: Oh damn! And geese, merely before she won the Nobel Prize.

ROMY: Sooner state, so she wasn? t the smartest individual about, but she surely didn? t deserve to decease.

Thai: Oh, acquire over it already.

ROMY: No, you? re traveling to pay for this ( catch Marcy? s nail file ) , ON GUARD! What the.. ? ( throw? s nail file off and grabs speculator )

Thai: Oh, yeah, good thought. I ever knew you would do a good pipe fitter.

ROMY: Yeah, good watch me work! ( hits Tai over the caput with speculator )

Thai: ( falls and dies )

Bonny: ( comes in ) What? s taking you guys so? ? what happened here?

ROMY: I don? T know, I killed Tai because she killed Marcy, and everything happened so fast. Oh my God! What am I traveling to make? I merely killed Julius? cousin!

Bonny: Run Forrest tally! I mean, run Romy tally! Geese, I? ve been passing excessively much clip with Marcy?

( Romy running off? treadmill )

( Manager of theatre comes into bathroom )

Bonny: Hey! Aren? T you the guy signifier Prince? s Put-Put Palace?

Director: No honey, that was my old occupation, I? m now the director here. You can name me the Manager Formerly Known As Prince. There seems to be a small calamity here. What? s traveling on girl?

Bonny: Ummmmmmmmm? ? ? .welllllllllll? ? ..Romy killed her, because she killed her, because she attacked her with a nail file. Get it?

Director: Of class favorite, ( sympathetic ) but geese, that? s kinda sad, oh the hapless thing, good can you state her that ( shouting ) SHE IS NEVER ALLOWED IN MY THEATER AGAIN!



Romeo and juliet by will shakespeare