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“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? ” Says Juliet. (Pg. 820). Juliet says this statement because she has been very anxious by waiting for Romeo. She sits on the balcony waiting for Romeo to talk to her about there love life together. They eventually get onto talking about getting married. Romeo and Juliet have some communication problems because when the nurse tells Juliet that Romeo is coming to see her she gets very excited. (Pg. 814) this is bad to Juliet because Romeo isn’t really coming right now. He had some problems with the nurse on when to come see Juliet on the porch.

The Nurse didn’t tell him the right day and time to come see Juliet, but they could’ve gotten easily caught by the Capulets. The results were that the two lovers talked about getting married, and they are going to get married before Juliet marries Paris. They also had more communication problems. Another one was, when Romeo buys the potion because he thinks that Juliet is “dead”. He then goes out and buys a bottle of potion so that he could die in the hands of his wife. Before he could forget about Juliet he goes to her grave and finds Paris there.

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They start fighting and Romeo accidently shoot Paris in the stomach. (Pg. 900) He wanted to die in the hands of her. After he killed himself Juliet woke up from the dead and found that Romeo killed himself. She couldn’t live with this so she decided to stab her self. Juliet’s overall plan totally back fired on her. Instead of both of them living and living happily ever after. They both die because of there love toward one another. This was the lead to the last miscommunication between Romeo and Juliet. The Friar Laurence sent a letter to Romeo telling him the plan of Juliet’s death. Pg. 878). The Friar had his messenger go deliver it to him, but he couldn’t make it there in time. That means Romeo has no idea that Juliet is faking her death because he didn’t get the letter. If he would’ve gotten the letter they both would still be alive. That is why it is important to be very clear and let people know something very important. For example, the letter would’ve saved both of their lives. The Friar could get the blame for the murder because he was the only one that knew that Romeo and Juliet were married.

In conclusion, although Romeo and Juliet are very happy together there are some problems with there communication like, when the nurse tells Juliet Romeo is coming to see her, Romeo wasn’t going to buy the potion, and Friar Laurence didn’t get the letter sent off in time to Romeo. People can learn from this story is that if you really love someone it is really not worth dying for. If you had just met someone you should get to know them first not marry them right away. Also, the theme if the story is never disobey or it will lead to horrific affects.