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To Me Essay, Research Paper

I feel that Romeo relates to me because he is more set on a way and doesn T admiration, what I mean by this is that when he gets on something he doesn t quit. Like when he locked himself in his room believing about his love for Rosaline for yearss and yearss and did non come out. If I were to of all time be in love I would likely be in love strongly besides and sit and mourn or believe about my love for her and things of that nature. But when Romeo sees Juliet he immediately falls in love and alterations his whole position point about everything he felt towards Rosaline and is in love with Juliet like in act II: i:15 where Romeo says, Can I go frontward when my bosom is here? Turn back, dull Earth, and happen thy centre out. Some times When I see person and like them I will besides experience this manner and like that individual a batch ( non love Though ) and I will desire to seek to go better friends with them and so on. When Tybalt killed Mercutio I felt that Romeo was being betrayed because He told Tybalt How he felt as stated in III: I:63 when he said Tybalt the ground I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining fury to such a salutation. He felt as though they were cousins ( which they were ) and loved him and did non desire to contend And said that he is non a scoundrel and that Tybalt doesn t truly know him. Then Tybalt comes back by making even worse a thing by killing Mercutio. Now I don t know about any one else but when person makes merriment of my friend or seek s to set them down I stick up for them because there my friend. Now If you kill my friend so I will be ferocious and I would allow s merely state I wouldn t be happy. And that relates to Romeo because, what did Romeo make after his best friend was slain by Tybalt? He got retaliation and killed him because of his everlasting battle to halt the battle, and because of Tybalt s hatred Romeo died.


the end of the story Romeo kills Paris because Paris wants to get revenge because of Romeo killing Tybalt and Juliet and thinks he is the cause of both deaths including Juliet. When Romeo killed Paris he places him in Juliet s coffin, as it was his last wish before dying as in the scene in act V:iii:72-73, O, I am slain! If thou be merciful, Open the tomb; lay me with Juliet . I feel that when Romeo did this it was an act of honor and Even after that fight I would have also placed him in the tomb because I am respectful of others no matter what the situation. When Romeo Heard the news from Balthasar He rushed to Juliet s side with the poison as an act of love One of the greatest quotes in the book I think wan when Romeo dreams about reviving Juliet .In V:I:6-10 Romeo quotes I dreamt my lady came and found me dead (strange dream that gives a dead man leave to think!) And breathed such life with kisses in my lips that I revived and was an emperor . I feel that this quote from Romeo is very true in the fact then when I lose a loved one I often wish they would come back and mourn over it. Like Romeo I would express myself in love for the person by wanting to revive them and bring them back to life. I feel this passage relates to me in a very large way and feel it is on of the best quotes in the book. And later in the story it becomes a scene that Romeo seems to mimic in portraying (in the movie mostly). And as Romeo states In V:iii:120 Thus with a kiss I die After kissing Juliet he feels He has no place left on earth because his only love on earth has died and Romeo fades away Knowing this. And Juliet awakes and takes the dagger and does away with herself ending the quarrel that the families have been keeping alive for such a long time When Romeo died I felt it wasn t fair that he didn t know the truth and I think If Romeo were alive he would say the same.