, Research PaperRomeo and Juliet: The First Balcony SceneThe first balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet is one of the most celebrated scenes of all time written. William Shakespeare had in his head that he wanted the chief characters to demo their fondness in a dramatic-type scene.

This scene is the clip when they proclaim their love for each other and set up the programs for their eventual matrimony. The first balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet is really of import and sets up the edifice blocks for the celebrated elope.In order to acquire into the Capulet s grove and go to the party, there were some obstructions that Romeo must foremost get the better of. First of all, they are most undecidedly walls environing the full estate ; hence, he had to mount them. The forepart, side and dorsum entrywaies are all to a great extent guarded, so the lone manner would be to mount over the grove wall. Romeo is really courageous for put on the lining his life to see Romeo and Juliet. He genuinely loves her.When Romeo accomplishes the effort of mounting over the grove all, Juliet appears high above him on her balcony.

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Romeo says things like But soft what light through yonder Windowss interruptions? / It is the E and Juliet is the Sun. / Arise just Sun, and kill the covetous Moon. / Who is already ill and pale with heartache. ( Pg. 69, lines 2-5 ) Romeo shows Juliet his true feelings to allow her cognize how much he cares about her. It seems that Romeo fell in love with her at first sight.When Romeo is standing outside of Juliet s Balcony, he uses a assortment of similes.

Here is an illustration ; O speak once more bright angel for thou art/ As glorious to this dark O Er my caput. / As is winged courier from Eden. ( Pg. 71 lines 29-31 ) . In other words, Romeo is seeking to state that Juliet is like an angel from Eden. Romeo thinks that she has lit up the sky with her beauty, and he thinks that she bring him of import intelligence. He listens to both words she says, and treasures them.Romeo besides uses rather an array of metaphors during the same balcony scene.

Here is another illustration ; See how she leans her cheek upon her manus. / O, that I were a baseball mitt upon that manus, / That I might touch that cheek! ( Pg. 71 24-26 ) In this dramatical scene, Romeo is comparing himself to the baseball mitt on Juliet s manus. He wishes he could be that baseball mitt and touch her cheek.During scene two, Romeo and Juliet make programs to acquire married. Juliet says that she will direct a courier before 9 clock the following forenoon to finalise the programs of where to run into and when the nuptials will be.

Juliet would so do up a prevarication to acquire out of the house and marry Romeo. It seems uneven to be in love with the lone people you re supposed to detest. They seem driven for each other.

Romeo and Juliet seem like the perfect twosome. They are willing to make about anything for each other, even sneak between feuding households to demo their love for each other! It is merely hope that the two households will halt feuding and go Alliess for the interest of Romeo and Juliet s matrimony.