Romeo And Juliet, Human Ignor. Essay, Research PaperIn the calamity of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare we see the thought of human ignorance. Fictional characters who act without full information frequently trigger the tragic events. In Romeo and Juliet there are a figure of illustrations of human ignorance, which hasten the cardinal calamity, the decease of both Romeo and Juliet. One illustration of human ignorance is the battle between Romeo and Tybalt that ends in Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease. Another illustration of ignorance is Lord Capulet forcing Juliet to get married Paris after Tybalt & # 8217 ; s decease.

Finally, in Act 5 we see an illustration of Romeo moving on uncomplete information when he drinks the toxicant he obtained from the apothecary. All of these events hasten the cardinal calamity.One act of ignorance occurs along with the decease of Tybalt. His decease was caused by a deficiency of information and besides because of his hot pique. Mercutio and Benvolio were speaking on a street corner in Verona when Tybalt shows up.

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Tybalt tests Mercutio & # 8217 ; s pique as a friend. Then, Romeo enters and Tybalt challenges him to a affaire d’honneur. Not cognizing that they are now cousins. Romeo refuses to contend him, and alternatively wishes him good. Mercutio is angered by his friend & # 8217 ; s answer, pull his blade and affaire d’honneurs with Tybalt. Romeo intervenes, but this gives Tybalt the opportunity to knife Mercutio under Romeo & # 8217 ; s arm.

Mercutio is mortally wounded and curses the Capulet and the Montague households with a pestilence on both houses. When Benvolio returned with the intelligence of Mercutio & # 8217 ; s decease, Romeo said & # 8220 ; This twenty-four hours & # 8217 ; s black destiny on minute yearss doth depend ; This but begins the suffering the others must stop & # 8221 ; ( 3:1:105-106 ) . By this Romeo means that darker yearss are to follow and that Mercutio s decease is merely the beginning of the sorrow that will subsequently get. Romeo is right for when Tybalt returns he is slain by Romeo.

The Prince so bans Romeo from the metropolis of Verona. This leads to the cardinal calamity because the Friar and others try to come up with a program that will let Romeo to see Juliet and so take her dorsum to Mantua with him, but their program fails.Another act of ignorance occurs when Lord Capulet arranges for Paris to get married Juliet. He speaks of his girl & # 8217 ; s hurt, believing that Juliet is sorrowing overly over the decease of her cousin, Tybalt. When in bend, she is really sorrowing over Romeo s ostracism. Paris indicates a willingness to detain his matrimony to Juliet during this clip of suffering, but LordCapulet says that the matrimony of Paris and Juliet should take topographic point in three yearss. Juliet is really disquieted by this proclamation and refuses to get married Paris.

Lord Capulet so says “I Tell thee what-get thee to church a Thursday Or ne’er after look me in the face. Speak non, reply non, do non reply me” ( 3:4:166-168 ) ! He is stating that she should either demo up at church on that Thursday or to ne’er look him in the face once more. This leads to the cardinal calamity for Lord Capulet forces her to get married Paris or to ne’er return to their family once more. Juliet gets despairing for she is rushed and has to get married the Count. All the readyings for the nuptials are rushed therefore taking to all the programs for Romeo and Juliet to reunite to be rushed every bit good.Romeo did the last illustration of a character moving without full information. Romeo hears from one of his retainers that Juliet lies dead in the Capulet & # 8217 ; s grave.

On the footing of this uncomplete study ( Juliet is non dead but merely drugged ) , Romeo seeks out an apothecary to supply him with toxicant. He stands over Juliet & # 8217 ; s organic structure, stating that non even decease can suppress her beauty. He kisses Juliet, takes the apothecary & # 8217 ; s fleetly moving toxicant and drinks it while stating & # 8220 ; Come, acrimonious behavior ; come, unsavoury usher! Thou despairing pilot, now at one time run on The dashing rocks thy seasick weary bark! Here & # 8217 ; s to my love! O true apothecary! Thy drugs are speedy. Therefore with a buss I die ( 5:3:116-120 ) . What Romeo said was that he was ready for decease for it is the lone manner he could be with Juliet. If Romeo had waited he would & # 8217 ; ve realized that Juliet wasn & # 8217 ; t really dead.

Just so, Friar Laurence appears and sees that he is excessively late to salvage Romeo from his roseola and misguided self-destruction. He so enters the grave merely as Juliet aftermaths from her sleep. Friar Laurence tells Juliet that Romeo is dead. She takes Romeo & # 8217 ; s sticker from its sheath and knife herself to decease when Friar Laurence is distracted by some incidental noise from exterior.These Acts of the Apostless of human ignorance and uncomplete information all helped rush the cardinal calamity. There are a figure of nescient Acts of the Apostless in the calamity by William Shakespeare. These events that are based on uncomplete information make the cardinal calamity seem even greater, yet it makes the drama more interesting.

These nescient Acts of the Apostless teach the characters to acquire along with each other by the terminal of the drama for if they argue it will take to a great loss.343