Romeo And Juliet Why They Died Essay, Research PaperRomeo & A ; Juliet EssayRomeo and Juliet is about two immature lovers born of different equaling households. The two lovers fall in love merely excessively find that their households are enemies. Romeo wants to halt at nil to hold Juliet his love.

The feud shortly causes their deceases and many others hurt.In the get downing the feud is reignited by these simple lines: If you start a wrangle I m ready. My maestro is every bit good as your maestro.

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( I, i, 44 ) This brought Benvolio in to the battle. Benvolio tries to halt the battle but Tybalt the hot headed Capulet attacks him. Montague and Capulet charge at each other blades specifying each other. The Prince arrives and orders them to halt. He threatens the Families with their lives. With this the Feud is rekindled.

In Act II Benovlio, Mercutio, Romeo crash the Capulets party. Romeo spots Juilet for the first clip and is awe struck by her beauty: That I ne’er saw existent beauty until tonight ( II, V, 53 ) Tybalt over hears this and is enraged: That adult male has the voice of Montague. And he tries to assail Romeo but Capulet hold him back. Romeo and Juilet eventually run into and fall in love. Subsequently the Famous Scene between Romeo and Juliet happens. Bing irrational they ran to acquire married. This will do a batch of jobs to come.Act III is the feud flood tide.

Mercutio dies by the lesion inflicted by Tybalt after they meet and fight over Romeo. Roentgenomeo tried to halt them but he couldn T and the blade of Tybalt went under his arm and sliced Mercutios chest. Tybalt ran off after the decease of Mercutio. Romeo is sadden and realizes his love for Juliet has blinded him. Furious over his friend s decease he slays Tybalt when he returns. The Prince arrives after Benvolio told Romeo to run. Benvolio tells the Prince what happened and the Prince orders Romeo s ostracism: Romeo killed him but Tybalt killed Mercutio. Who to pa the monetary value of Mercutio s decease.

All are grieve stricken for now they relize how lifelessly there struggle has become.Act V is the terminal bosom broken from her boies banishment Lady Montague dies. Capulet is coercing her to get married Paris Nobleman and relation of the Prince. Juliet non desiring to get married him goes to the friar Lawrence and asks for advice. The Friar gives ill given advice and tells her to imbibe a potion that will sham her decease for 42 hours.

He was suppose to direct a missive to Romeo but Romeo ne’er received it. Meanwhile Romeo s retainer told him of her decease. Enraged he goes and gets toxicant.

Subsequently Paris finds Romeo and attacks him Romeo Enraged and Saddened putting to deaths Paris. Romeo drinks the toxicant as Juliet aftermaths. Juliet takes her knife and kills her ego with it. The Play is a authoritative the feud was torrent but ne’er to strong to over come for merely after the decease of their darling kids did Montague and Capulet eventually the feud ends.

There killed many guiltless people.