Romero Essay, Research PaperWhen the film starts off, you are introduced to merely a part of the unfairnessthat the El Salvadorians faced. The new president was supposed to be onethat was elected into office. It was impossible to me that citizens who wereon their manner to vote were stopped. They were merely allowed to continue by pes.There is no manner that any such think could happen here, in the United States.It? s hard for me to accept that things like that really happened, and stillhappen.

It was clip to name a new archbishop. The other priests electedRomero thought that he wouldn? Ts make any moving ridges. This shocked me. Peoples wouldreally usage as standards for archbishop whether or non they would do moving ridges.

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Iwould believe that they would desire the individual in that place to be strong intheir beliefs. It subsequently turned out that Romero would unpleasantly surprise them.This film besides showed a really graphic line between the rich and the hapless.

It washard to believe that they all lived in the same state. The wealthy hardly evenhandle the hapless like people. They are simply plagues that they avoid at all costs.

I know that in America the spread between the really rich and the really hapless is broad,but there is at least some signifier of in-between category, and the hapless have the samerights as everyone else. When the guerrilla started to assail the people, in thesquare when the people were having Communion for case, Romero eventuallystood up. It is non truly the topographic point of the Church to take a political base,but no 1 else in such a powerful place was standing up for the rights ofthe people being oppressed. Romero went to lengths beyond what anyone expectedorhoped he would travel to. Unfortunately, his gallantry was non greeted really good,except by the people he was supporting. It merely amazed me how strong he was inwhat he believed.

It takes such bravery and humor to follow through with thethings that he did. I can? t even penetrate how difficult it was to walk into thatprison and walk out with a captive. If he had been anyone but the Archbishop,he would hold been killed.

I think the portion that made me recognize his religion themost was when he walked into the church that had been taken by the ground forces. He merelywalked right in past the large adult male keeping the gun. He started to pick up theCommunion even while shootings were being fired. And after he left, he came back andgave Communion to the crowd. It was merely so affecting. The people believed in himevery bit much as he believed in what he was making.

I? ve ne’er been faced withanything near every bit large as the battle that the El Salvadorians were confronting. Tohold to populate in those conditions, and to hold no 1 be able to protect you orbattle for what you believe in. It is so impossible to me that they hadvirtually no rights. It made me so sad that at the terminal, Romero was assassinated.It was truly no surprise. Anyone that stood up for what they believed in thatwas antonym of what the people in power were prophesying was killed. Romero wasthe lone individual in power to stand up.

He was protected for a piece because ofhis position, but it could non protect him everlastingly. I know that battles likethis occur in America, but on a much smaller degree that no 1 notices. I guessthat makes it difficult for me to gestate of something like this really of all timego oning. It makes me so sad to recognize that it truly did.